Hey Microsoft: take OUR code!

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We at StatusNet were interested to see that developers working for Microsoft China apparently copied code from microblogging site Plurk without permission.
We wanted those developers, as well as their clients at Microsoft, to know that we're more than happy to let them copy our code. StatusNet is available for download to everyone, with all source (server and client side) available for free.
You can get your Juku service running again quickly using StatusNet. (We even have a Chinese translation!) Please feel free to contact us; we'll be happy to help you out.


Any Reply

Has there been a reply? This was so funny but I never got an update later.

It's always interesting when

It's always interesting when a big conglomerate gets caught stealing code, an accusation Microsoft is probably used to by now. Maybe, in addition to this post, you should send a physical CD copy to them; they might have a "steal code later" bin to put it in.

also...the normal 0.8.0

also...the normal 0.8.0 version of statusnet is like" xxx.net/XXX/xxx.
but in my website, it will be xxx.net/index.php/XXX/xxx

it is really strange.

hello,when i change the

hello,when i change the config to link the twitter to the my statusnet(it is 0.8.0 version).it shows that
The database for utalk isn't responding correctly, so the site won't work properly. The site admins probably know about the problem, but you can contact them at to make sure. Otherwise, wait a few minutes and try again.

it is bug or the limitation of the service. thanks for reply.

They'd never do that.

They'd never do that. Otherwise their product would be open source (a big no-no for MS).

Except, of course, that they

Except, of course, that they couldn't really do that either. The hacks in the AGPL make it illegal for them to host a derived service without releasing all touched code, which M$ is not going to do.

Are you sure?

Microsoft's getting more and more Open Source-friendly. If they're providing what's essentially a commodity service (microblogging), why not release any changes they make to the public?
In particular, we need Microsoft Messenger integration -- something they seem to want with Juku. We have a good architecture for it, and it would be beneficial to Microsoft to share that integration code with others.
I think that the SFLC's opinion on the applicability of the GPL to WordPress themes might be applicable here, too. All the work that MSN China would need to do to theme StatusNet could be done with images, CSS, and config options. I don't think they'd need to share that theme, nor would it materially affect the autonomy of their users.

oh, you're joking

you don't honestly believe that microsoft is getting any more "friendly" to open source do you? (you have read the walrus and the carpenter, right?)

or just read what christopher smart has to say about it... http://www.linux-mag.com/cache/7439/1.html

pithy and cheeky comment.

pithy and cheeky comment. excellent.

China and Code

Good call, and nicely strident, too. I'd like to see Microsoft China take you up on that offer. But I'm concerned about whether we'd be trading copyright violations for AGPL violations.

AGPL violations *are*

AGPL violations *are* copyright infringement :-)

& HORIZONTAL Timeline too is at emote.in (a status.net instance)

Just to add,

if they want a horizontal timeline better that plurk ;), its available at status.net instance www.emote.in !

sample at www.emote.in/gaurav

unknown pointer Jenny.

in the face!

Hahaha.. good one!
It's a shame for those vendors who stole Plurk's code, and a shame for Microsoft for letting it got away to launch.

Love this post! IN THE FACE!

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