StatusNet Inc Launches StatusNet Enterprise Network

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Commercial support program for companies using Open Source microblogging tool

Montreal, Thursday, 25 February 2010 – StatusNet Inc, makers of the StatusNet Open Source microblogging server, launched the StatusNet Enterprise Network (SEN), their support program specifically tailored for corporate clients. Initial customers include Motorola Corporation and Canonical Ltd.

"StatusNet's uptake in the enterprise has been phenomenal," says Evan Prodromou, founder and CEO of StatusNet Inc. "IT departments love that our Open Source software installs easily inside data centers and integrates well with directory servers and other enterprise systems. The StatusNet Enterprise Network is a business relationship that gives the reliability and support that customers expect from enterprise-grade software."

The StatusNet Enterprise Network program offers three plans, priced from US$1000 to US$10000 for an annual subscription. Customers can depend on guaranteed response times for support requests by email and phone, including 24-hour support. The StatusNet Enterprise Network also includes several hours per month of one-on-one best practices consulting for developers, administrators, and community managers, and pro-active notification of upgrades and security alerts.

Enterprise Network members participate in StatusNet's exclusive on-line enterprise community, where they can get advice from other enterprise users and interact directly with StatusNet architects and engineers. The StatusNet Enterprise Network also includes access to publications showcasing how to best use StatusNet technically and professionally within the company.

Rami Levy of Motorola Inc. says that their StatusNet installation has "revolutionized internal communications at Motorola." In addition to daily company communications, Motorola used their StatusNet installation to organize their corporate effort at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 in Las Vegas.

For details on SEN plans, see

About StatusNet Inc: StatusNet Inc, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, provides the Open Source microblogging server StatusNet. The company provides support packages and custom development for the platform as well as a cloud service (now in private beta).

Press Contact: Jon Phillips,, +1.510.499.0894

Press Kit:

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Comments Cloud

Where can I find more information (price) about the single-user cloud?

StatusNet Cloud Service

Please see for more information about the StatusNet Cloud Service. The basic single-user, private, and community sites are free; our Premium plans are not yet available but will be coming soon!


Hey best of luck to you saw you speak at OSCON last year cheers!! Hosted Service

Please, any estimate of when hosted service will begin? Hosted Service, The StatusNet Cloud and OStatus

Probably answering my own question, announces 'The StatusNet Cloud', which I /guess/ is the evolution of what was previously known as ' Hosted Service'. There's also to get my head around then if there's any doubt I'll turn to for clarification.


> I wish you good luck and plenty more clients!

vote + 1,000 :-)

Great News

That's great news. I always thought "why not offer this to large companies?" The integration of communication between the various networks using StatusNet is the best part of it.

I wish you good luck and plenty more clients!

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