StatusNet Cloud Service Launches Public Beta

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Montreal, Tuesday 9 March 2010 – StatusNet Inc launched the StatusNet Cloud Service (SCS) for public beta today. The SCS allows anyone to quickly setup a status update site at with one of three different plans: single-user, community, and private. Over 10,000 organizations from the Sacramento Kings NBA team to software provider Mozilla are currently using the StatusNet cloud as their social platform of choice.
The StatusNet Cloud Service is based on the recent release of StatusNet 0.9 server software. It implements the OStatus ( standard that lets people on different social networks follow each other. Chris Messina, Open Web Advocate at Google says, "OStatus, and its component parts, form the basis for what's coming next, and it's thrilling to see, in particular, put these technologies to effective use — driving forward the next generation of online social experiences."
Evan Prodromou, CEO and founder of StatusNet says, "With StatusNet Cloud Service, we're providing a powerful simple solution that fits the needs of individuals and organizations on both the public and private Web. StatusNet Cloud Service provides all users an unprecedented level of configuration over updates, connecting to different networks with OStatus, controlling brand and image, while allowing connections to different social networks."
Organizations like Mozilla and wikiHow are using the community cloud plan to provide an easy way to enhance their community. "wikiHow is adopting StatusNet to bond our community together," says Jack Herrick, founder of wikiHow. "Communicating in efficient, real time bursts is fun for our community and brings them closer to our wiki. We selected StatusNet because they had leading technology based on open standards." Mark Surman, Executive Director of Mozilla Foundation says, "I love how is really about giving people more freedom in the cloud. It will be interesting to see how the new Mozilla install helps us stay connected as a community."
Others, like Bite-size Edits and Creative Commons use the StatusNet Cloud for private communication. "We're a small start-up, and we have team members all around the world, in different timezones," says Hugh MacGuire, founder of Bite-size Edits. " is an invaluable tool for keeping on top of things, and for maintaining that team spirit and cohesion when everyone is scattered all over the place. It's more informal than email, more social than a project management software, and much better for asynchronous communications than chat and other similar real-time tools. It's really an ideal way to keep a dispersed team working well together."
Mike Linksvayer, Vice President of Creative Commons, states, "StatusNet has filled a communications gap for Creative Commons that we didn't know we had. With a team distributed by time zone, travel, expertise, and use of various communications methods (email overload, IM, IRC, phone), StatusNet is accessible and usable by the whole staff and has become an invaluable tool for keeping us all in sync."
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About StatusNet Inc.
StatusNet Inc, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, provides the Open Source microblogging server StatusNet, popularly used on and thousands of other websites globally. The company provides support packages, custom development, and a hosted cloud service.
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Jon Phillips +1.510.499.0894

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