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Montreal, Tuesday 6 April 2010 – StatusNet Inc announced the launch of Shit My Dad Says website (http://shitmydadsays.com/) running on the StatusNet Cloud Service (SCS). Justin Halpern, author of the popular microblog, now shares outrageous quotes from his 74-year-old father with millions of followers through his new, dedicated broadcasting platform.

"We're excited to bring Shit My Dad Says to our service," said Evan Prodromou, founder and CEO of StatusNet Inc. "Justin has shown that the microcasting model can bring together artists and audiences in massively distributed ways."

"Setting up the site couldn't have been easier," says Halpern. "With my book and TV pilot, I'd never have had the time to put together and host the site on my own. StatusNet made it easy to build my own site, and I'm able to better control my brand. My StatusNet-powered site allows me to reach out to audiences on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and to bring attention back to my domain."

The StatusNet Cloud Service allows anyone to quickly setup a status update site with one of three different plans, including the single-user plan used by Halpern. Other options include a community-based SCS like Mozilla Foundation has launched, http://mozilla.status.net and a private installation like Canonical, Motorola and several other groups operate. 12,000 organizations and growing, from the Sacramento Kings NBA team to Shit My Dad Says use the StatusNet cloud as their social platform of choice.

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About StatusNet Inc.

StatusNet Inc, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, provides the Open Source microblogging server StatusNet, popularly used on Identi.ca and thousands of other websites globally. The company provides support packages, custom development, and a hosted cloud service.'

About Justin Halpern and Shit My Dad Says

The Wikipedia article about the project states:

Shit My Dad Says is a Twitter feed started by Justin Halpern. It consists of quotes made by Halpern's father, Sam, regarding random subjects. Justin started the account after moving from Los Angeles, back to his parents' house in San Diego. Justin started tweeting on the account on August 3, 2009. Within less than a month, he got shout-outs from "The Daily Show's" Rob Corddry, a popular San Francisco blog called Laughing Squid and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star Kristen Bell. As of April 2010, the feed has about 1,260,000 followers.

The project has released a book of the quotes and has upcoming TV pilot starring William Shatner on CBS.

Wikipedia Article "Shit My Dad Says" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shit_My_Dad_Says

Press Contact

Jon Phillips

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Really cool

This is great! @shitmydadsays@twitter is one of the most popular twitterers there is, with more than 1.2 _millions_ subscribers. This will be noticed by the heavy-weight twitterers out there, and more will surely follow.

He has started using it, btw. The newest tweet is signed "12:21 AM Apr 6th via ShitMyDadSays.com". :) Congrats.

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