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I'm Zach Copley (@zach) the developer relations manager at StatusNet. I'd like to take a few minutes to reach out to developers of third party clients and services in the Twitter ecosystem.


By now you've probably heard that Twitter is in the process of acquiring and developing its own line of Twitter clients. It's still up in the air as to what this will mean going forward for the clients and services built upon Twitter's API, but it's clear that this change will have an effect on most if not all applications that interact with Twitter.


There has never been a better time for the micro-blogging developer community to diversify by adding support for other services -- especially StatusNet.

A Little About StatusNet


If you're not already familiar with StatusNet, we're an Open Source micro-blogging platform similar to Twitter. But we're not just a Twitter knock-off: while StatusNet has similar features to Twitter we also have additional functionality, including groups, media attachments, private instances and federation. StatusNet is fun and interesting for developers to work with!


Some key points:

  • StatusNet is open -- we're rooted in Open Web technologies and have pioneered the development of the OStatus protocol.
  • We have an established user-base -- there are roughly 1.5M users on tens of thousands of sites worldwide.
  • We play well with others -- Many people and brands ( and, for example) use their own StatusNet installs to run focused communities and to push status updates to other services.
  • We're Enterprise-friendly -- StatusNet is increasingly being used internally by large corporations, such as Motorola.



An easy transition for Twitter developers


StatusNet sites all have a built-in Twitter-style API. For developers who are familiar with Twitter, it's pretty easy to get started with StatusNet's API. Many applications have even been converted to work with StatusNet by simply doing a string replace on the root of the API URLs (replacing "" with ""). We support most of Twitter's core API, but also have some additional methods to support unique StatusNet functionality such as groups and private instances. We also support a slew of other ways for getting data in and out of StatusNet, such as OStatus, XMPP, FOAF, RDFa, microformats and more.

Enterprise Micro-blogging Clients


The enterprise market is mostly untapped by independent client developers. There's a great opportunity for developers to provide clients and services that work well with private StatusNet instances, and instances running behind the firewall. There's also a lot of interest in branded, white-label clients. It's a huge potential source of income for developers, and we'd like to help you connect with these potential customers.


Documentation for our API is located on our wiki:


Our developer mailing list is here:


StatusNet (@evan, @rejon and I) will be attending Chirp, the Twitter developer conference next week, and we'd love to talk to you about adapting your client or service to work with StatusNet. We look forward to meeting with you and answering any questions you have about StatusNet and our API, as well as brainstorming ways to work with us. In the meantime, If you have any questions or there's any way I can help get you started using or developing for StastuNet, feel free to send me email:


Go StatusNet!

With most 3rd party devs getting pissed with the way they're being treated by Twitter, I think this is a great opportunity for StatusNet to come in and save the day!

Enjoy the Twitter developer conference!

Just wanted to give a shout out and say that these guys are way cool!

Paul Booker


I signed up for StatusNet a few weeks ago, after seeing something about it on one of the tech blogs. I'm still exploring. I'll be at Chirp if you want to meet, although I'm guessing I'll be pretty busy.

meet up

sure ed, email me at to set something up...we are having a pre-chirp party tomorrow night and then a statusnet party on friday too if those work out better! 

Premium Plans

That is great! DealsVista, please email me about this specifically, but for now, I'll say this is one of our top priorities to get out the door. We'd love to hear more from you about what you desire. Also, we have our Enterprise Network right now depending upon the scale of your solution. Please email us!

Do you have any update on the schedule for Premium Plan ?


I am from DealsVista team. We have tested the Community Plan for the StatusNet Cloud service, and we are really happy about it.

Do you have any update on the schedule and the pricing for the Premium Plan?

We are debating whether we should host our own or just wait for the Premium Plan. I guess it totally depends on the schedule and pricing ...


Best regards,
DealsVista team

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