Google Summer of Code 2010 Student Luke Fitzgerald Windows Messenger and IRC Plugins

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This is a new series of posts that are written by our Google Summer of Code 2010 Students. First up is Luke Fitzgerald being mentored by the super-great Craig Andrews.

Hi, I'm Luke Fitzgerald ( and this summer I'll be developing Windows Messenger and IRC chat interface plugins for StatusNet. Quickly about myself; I'm a 20 year old Computer science 2nd year undergraduate at the University of Bristol in the UK. Despite only recently discovering StatusNet, I've quickly become passionate about it and can't wait to bring some new features to this fantastic platform.

The new plugins will be designed to accept the same commands as are used by the existing XMPP plugin to allow for easy use by those already familiar with the commands. In addition to implementing the plugins, if left with enough time, I will be extending the IRC plugin to allow the bot to sit in channels and answer general queries from any user. Offered will not only be existing queries which are not specific to the user
querying, but also new additional ones which will be implemented specifically for this feature. My final extra aim is to move configuration of IM plugins from configuration files to the Admin Panel.

So, what's my plan of attack? The Windows Messenger bot will be written using phpmsnclass ( and once the bot is built, I'll be writing a wrapper which will allow the bot to integrate with StatusNet's existing IM architecture. The implementation of the IRC plugin will have a similar approach; write an IRC bot and then a wrapper to allow the bot to integrate with the IM architecture.

The bot will be based upon the actively developed Phergie IRC bot ( Upon completion of my two main tasks I will work on extending the IRC bot to handle general queries from IRC channels in addition to private messages. If this is also successful, I will finish up by working on moving the configuration of the IM plugins to the Admin Panel.

You can actively track Luke's progress on our public Gitorious account and hack on other Summer of Code tasks. Anyone who completes a challenge, contact me and we'll get you something cool in addition some praise up here :)


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