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I was happy to see that the new version of TweetDeck supports alternate API endpoints. That means that StatusNet users can use TweetDeck as their primary desktop system, or use TweetDeck as part of a multi-service approach.

To set up TweetDeck with StatusNet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the latest (0.34.1 or later) version of TweetDeck for Desktop.
  2. If this is your first install, you'll be asked to set up a new account. Choose the "Twitter" type. If you already have TweetDeck, you can add a new account.
    Add more accounts
  3. Choose "Add New Account" and then use the Twitter account type.
    Choose Twitter account type
  4. In the account details, enter your username and password. Click the "Advanced Options" link, and add the API root of your StatusNet site to the text page. The API root is usually at "/api/" on your server, either with or without an https://. So, try "" or "". You can check to see if you've got it right by clicking the "Verify Details" link.
    advanced options for TweetDeck
  5. You can add StatusNet columns like replies, all your friends, etc. just like with Twitter. There you go!


I've started using it as my primary desktop StatusNet client; it's working well.

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Android Version?

It would be great if the Android version of Tweetdeck would support accounts... I prefer Tweetdeck to Seesmic, but Seesmic does!

Saved but then lost all accounts and other preferences

Using 0.35.1 on Mac OS X:

I added one Twitter and four StatusNet accounts, arranged columns, set other preferences.

All seemed OK until I closed the window then quit, then re-opened the application: all accounts and other preferences were silently lost.

I added again the one Twitter account … that seems to not be lost when I quit, but I don't think I'll trust 0.35.1 with StatusNet accounts and other preferences.

it seems in Tweetdeck 0.34.3

it seems in Tweetdeck 0.34.3 version, this is no advance option for twitter base url.


Please, first sorry for my bad English :)

Install the latest version of statusnet on my linux server and I tried to configure a desktop client to access my account but I see everywhere I talk about the API directory eg: https: / / / api, but by no side on my server I can see, or my installation settings, I could help with that please.


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140 character limit

Unfortunately, they have a hard limit of 140 characters, which doesn't play nice with's capabilities there...

Yes, progress on TweetDeck's

Yes, progress on TweetDeck's part, but still needs ironing out. In addition to the hashtag issue above favorites also don't work yet, and reading conversations also.

Nice going statusnet & tweetdeck

Very pleased to see this.

Of course it would be preferable for it to be a little bit simpler to set up.

I've described it a bit more simply in a blog post I just put up:

How to set up @tweetdeck to support your StatusNet ( account

Very glad!


This is a good start. They

This is a good start. They still need to use that endpoint to discover how to write certain URIs. For instance, clicking on a hashtag brings up a column with Twitter results. And, of course, it is closed course (with a really wacky ToS, wherein they refer to their application being part of their site).

Besides all that, it will help me miss Gwibber less when I am using MacOS X. ^_^

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