StatusNet Inc Launches Open Source StatusNet Desktop Client

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Montreal, Wed, 30 June 2010 - StatusNet Inc. announced the launch of its Open Source multi-platform client StatusNet Desktop today. The new software runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows (2000/XP/Vista/Win7) and can connect to any StatusNet social messaging server.

"StatusNet Desktop gives our users a default, Web-standards-compliant desktop client," says StatusNet Inc. founder and CEO, Evan Prodromou. "Our enterprise and community customers want an easy way to stay connected from their desktop. They can count on the StatusNet name for a no-hassles, high-quality desktop social-messaging experience."

With StatusNet Desktop, anyone can connect to multiple StatusNet sites, including secure and private installations. It is simple to post new notices and replies, and view public, user, friends, replies, tag and group timelines. StatusNet Desktop lets you directly manage your user and group subscriptions, manage your inbox of direct messages, search for notices across all timelines and have an auto-refreshed timeline with new status updates.

StatusNet Desktop is built using Appcelerator Titanium that allows for more rapid development across platforms. StatusNet Client is licensed under the Apache 2 license with the code in a public place. Anyone may download, modify and help make StatusNet Desktop better.

For More Information

About StatusNet Inc.

StatusNet Inc, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, provides the Open Source microblogging server StatusNet, popularly used on and thousands of other websites globally. The company provides support packages, custom development, and a hosted cloud service.

Press Contact

Jon Phillips, Community Director
San Francisco, +1.510.499.0894


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Status Net client+Twitter

Why is there no support for Twitter? I do not install two or three separate clients to get all the service! This client is a good solution to clean and does not require Adobe Air support urgently from Twitter with ... please .... I need to find a solution for Windows opensopurce. Under linux I use Gwibber

adding accounts

can you add a twitter account? great look looking client, keep up the good work


No, you can't add a Twitter account. Or, if you can, it's not supported.
The StatusNet Desktop software is intended to be a simple, featureful desktop client for StatusNet servers.
There are literally hundreds of Twitter desktop clients available. Nobody needs StatusNet Inc to write another one.
There are also lots of multi-site clients; Tweetdeck is a good one.

No need for Twitter support?

I think you're wrong about this, Evan. I use Twitter,, and other services regularly, and having to use separate clients is a deterrent to posting to any of them. TweetDeck isn't open source, and Gwibber is next to worthless. If the desktop client supported Twitter, I'd use it, but till it does, I have no interest.

well done

when will the iphone app come?

iPhone and other mobile apps

We're aiming for a few weeks from now.

Evan: is the iPhone version

Evan: is the iPhone version built internally or contracted out ?


We have been building it internally, but all the source is and has been public in our gitorious repositories.

Andy, what system are you

Andy, what system are you using? And, where are you located at?


I'm on OS X 10.5.8. The initial attempt I made was to my self-hosted, running 0.9.3, at (also tried adding http:// in front and /api on the end), but I also tried connecting to my account and still got the same behavior.


Andy, would you mind sending me the log file (zach [at]  Another user had an issue with 10.5.8 as well.  The log file will be located here: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Titanium/appdata/net.status.desktop.client/tiapp.log Thanks!

You bet, sending now.

You bet, sending now.

Titanium, really? Eew. Oh,

Titanium, really? Eew. Oh, well... better than a webapp :)


Why "eew"? It's a great platform for building mobile and desktop apps. Development uses Web technologies -- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
We've had nothing but success with this platform.

connection timeout

I've tried a number of permutations on the site field when I add an account but it just spins and spins. Anyone else seeing this, or want to share what they're using in that field?

.deb, PPA?

Cool, congratulations!

Will there be .deb's soon, and how about a PPA to keep it updated on Ubuntu? That would be very nice.

Debian package

We still haven't got our Debian package for the server out yet!
Seriously, I think we'd need to have the Titanium build tools available in Debian before we could include this client.


The links to the PDF and ODT work just fine. I tested them.

Also, on the spyware issue. We don't think that is the case. We are very sensitive about this type of thing, and evaluated the Appcelerator solution closely. We will look into this more.

Not Titanium...

The desktop client will be a spyware... (I tested Titanium one time and i realize it introduce spyware in the software).

Not spyware

Hey Dd: We don't use any of the optional usage monitoring features of the Titanium platform. The current build of StatusNet Desktop has analytics explicitly turned off.


I'd also point out that the Titanium platform is no more "spyware" than your typical Web application. It tracks sessions, locations, etc. I'd say it's more about "analytics" than "spyware".


The link to "Press Release PDF" is dead... but ODT is better :)

(It's surprising but good :), I use Gwibber)

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