StatusNet is ready for SWAT0 Testing!

James Walker's picture

One of the most exciting outcomes from the Federated Social Web Summit in July was the formulation of the Social Web Acid Test - Level 0 (or SWAT0). As an excited group of developers eager to build a decentralized social web, we gave ourselves a deadline of September 30th, 2010 to implement a first basic usage scenario. The use case includes a mix of following, mentions, replies - the kind of actions we are accustomed to on current social networks - happening across three separate social networks. For full details, see the SWAT0 description.

With the release of StatusNet 0.9.5, we are ready to do SWAT0 testing with other developers. The screencast below demonstrates the SWAT0 flow between three separate StatusNet installations using OStatus. We are inviting all Federated Social Web hackers, hobbyists and fanatics to begin testing their implementations against ours!

We'd like to continue to use the OStatus mailing list to work out SWAT0 workflows with other OStatus developers.


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