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I'm happy to announce that the StatusNet client for Android recently hit the App Market for Android systems. I think it's a really nice piece of software. I'm proud that the hard work of our great development team -- especially Zach Copley who's led our client development, Brion Vibber who's worked on the client platform, as well as Sam Doherty's excellent UI design -- has paid off so well.

If you're impatient, check out the Installation instructions, and let us know what you think. For others, I'd like to give an overview of our strategy around Android and other mobile platforms.

We've been lucky to have such great third-party support for our StatusNet software since we launched our Web API more than two years ago. On Android, in particular, Twidroid, Mustard and Seesmic have been great resources for our Android users. I also believe strongly  (thanks to advocates like Jason Grigsby of Cloud Four)  that having a good mobile Web interface is as important or more important than having platform apps.

But having a branded mobile app that we know is always up-to-date with StatusNet server code, and that shows that sofware's best features, has become more important to us as a company and as a project. With social messaging software like StatusNet, as with almost no other software, having a working mobile application that can take full advantage of the native platform is key.

Like other StatusNet software, the StatusNet Android client is Free and Open Source software, available at We've made it available under the extremely liberal Apache License 2.0, which allows incorporation of the code into most other projects. Our hope is that this codebase can be useful for others to study, adapt, and re-use. We will soon offer customized versions of the software to customers in the StatusNet Enterprise Network.

We've used the Appcelerator Titanium platform for both our mobile and desktop clients. This has meant that, to some extent, we've been able to share a lot of code on the client side, and we've been able to roll out to multiple platforms faster. We've submitted a client for the iPhone App Store, and we're looking forward to supporting the Blackberry, Palm Pre, and Windows Phones in the near future.

Please try out the software and let us know what you think.


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