StatusNet Google Summer of Code Student Implements Lists!

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In continuing with our Google Summer of Code Wrap-up, today we will be hearing from Shashi who was mentored by Zach Copley. Here is what Shashi had to say:  

Hello, StatusNet world!

This is Shashi again, this summer was a blast, with a lot of fun-filled learning and programming, thanks to my mentor Zach and the StatusNet folk. I am super-excited to be writing the final report of my Google Summer of Code project, Twitter lists for StatusNet. Below is a brief description of what has come out of it:

Unlike twitter's lists, we have used a new concept we call people tags. People tags are self-descriptive keywords that you can associate with one or more profiles (including your own). People tags are easy to create and maintain, just browse to a user's profile and click on the edit button next to the existing tags to edit them. You will be presented with a list of tags you have already created to choose from or you can go ahead and type a new one. Clicking on "Save" then saves the tags. Each people tag by a given user has a timeline of updates from its members. If the people tag is not private, you can subscribe to it. Each people tag also has its own editing interface where you can remove existing members or search and add new ones.

Like every other aspect of StatusNet, people tags are federated! This means you can tag and untag anyone on another StatusNet instance (running a version with people tags support), subscribe to a people tag created and maintained by a user on another instance, send a notice to the attention of all your subscribers you have tagged using the (@# syntax) etc.

To bank on the large pool of twitter clients out there in the wild, we support a Twitter-compatible lists api. This means, if you have a twitter client which supports twitter lists, you can use the same with your StatusNet instance to create, edit and delete lists in the same way as you do with twitter. A "list" in the API is a disguise for a people tag, adding a member to a list, in actuality, tags the user.

We are working to release people tags in StatusNet 1.0.0, we need users to beta test the current code which is live at please check out the wiki page too. You can always bug me on identica too :-)

Have fun! - Shashi

Thank you for the update Shashi! On behalf of the StatusNet team, I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project and wish you good luck in the future!

This is Derek reporting to you from StatusNet in Montreal. Make sure to keep an eye open for the next StatusNet GSoC Wrap-Up blog post that will be posted soon!


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