Status of upgrade to StatusNet 1.0.0 on and StatusNet Cloud

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We're using this blog post to keep status updates going for StatusNet 1.0.0.

2011-09-16 15:20 EDT: Made a blog post (yay)!

2011-09-16 16:50 EDT: Sites still live till 10AM EDT

2011-09-17 12:15 EDT: about to push new code to StatusNet cloud, which will take down all sites.

2011-09-17 12:30 EDT: all sites are off-line. Splitting some of our database clusters into smaller clusters so we have enough room to do upgrades. Also, getting some PFK.

2011-09-17 13:30 EDT: some sites are moved to their new homes, so we're going to start doing in-place upgrades, and they'll start coming back online. Also, PFK turned out to be delicious! Who knew? Hopefully our fingers don't slip on the keyboards.

2011-09-17 14:30 EDT: some sites starting to come back on-line. Discovering interesting bugs, and fixing them.

2011-09-17 15:45 EDT: a lot of sites coming back on line; Event plugin (on by default) throwing some errors due to using PHP 5.2.x on our production machines. Checking that out now.

2011-09-17 16:45 EDT: Fixed some bugs, some sites (like ) are up.

2011-09-17 18:30 EDT: Many sites are up; some sites are still moving to their new database servers. We're doing post-upgrade processing on big sites like, which will probably run overnight.

2011-09-18 11:30 EDT: Still going! We're starting to bring some of our second cluster of sites back on-line. is still processing ALTER TABLE statements, but it's fairly far down the list. Sites that are on-line are having problems with Salmon slaps.

2011-09-18 15:00 EDT: We thought we had done, but we'd just had a first part of the table upgrades complete. Still going! Sites on cluster 2 should come online again soon.

2011-09-18 17:00 EDT: We've discovered a major bug in our upgrade script that set seriously sub-optimal suboptimal flags in our database. We are pretty sure we can recover without a problem, but it will probably be many more hours before sites will be re-enabled.

2011-09-18 17:00 EDT: If you're really in need of StatusNet, maybe this is the day you download the code and set up your own site?

2011-09-18 20:40 EDT: We've recovered all the problems with sites that had already been upgraded with the upgrade script., which has our biggest database, is busy swapping its 75M-row table from MySQL to InnoDB. We think it should go overnight just fine. Slave servers are lagging considerably, but we think they'll catch up quick.

2011-09-19 09:00EDT: We've completed data conversion for; we're going to run some tests and then start bringing the site online later this morning. Other sites are coming on-line at a pretty fast rate.

2011-09-19 17:00EDT: Most sites are now reenabled. We had up for a while, but heavy load and slave lag made us shut them down for a while.

2011-09-19 23:00EDT: is back up. We had some poor performance due to exceptionally hard queries on the database slaves, but we managed to disable the optional functionality for those queries, and slaves are caught up or catching up. Almost all sites are up to date now; the rest will be online tomorrow. We'll also start re-enabling extended functionality.

2011-09-20 09:30EDT: We'll be gradually bringing other functionality back on-line on and other sites. see Service status page for updates.

Comments is now the is now the posterchild for why you can't store data in the cloud and expect it to be there.

Are we ever going to be able to export out bookmarks out of there and go elsewhere? or is it all gone forever?

I have posted a couple of

I have posted a couple of questions to support and not had any reply. Hope you can get your data out soon.

// Paul Booker

TWiT Army Still Down is still down as of 20:47 EDT 2011-10-05.

Help! Cloud site still down!

Hi I administer which is still down. Can you please help us? BTW we have a spam problem.


The same question...
is it gone? Gone?

I just read about yesterday and wanted to take a look. But it's been down the last two days (ok, one full day, but...), with a link pointing to this page, which doesn't seem to have been updated in a week. I also, so far, have found very little (if any) mention of on your site since the original announcement back in April.

So... Is gone? Was it ever up/viable? Also, I'll try looking some more, but are there any directions on how to set up to perform in the same manner did/does?

I was interested in finding an alternative to delicious that I might be able to extend a bit, so this looked interesting to me. But now, I'm not so sure.

Re: was up and operational prior to the StatusNet upgrade, I was using it regularly in parallel to Delicious. The initial interest did seem like it may have died down or waned. Not sure why it's taken so long to come up after the upgrade, if it's in the queue for upgrade or if plans are to not revive it?

Thanks for the updates

Great, time to updrade our own instance to 1.0.

Is the theme coming back?

Is the colour scheme and theming currently present on going to stay, or is the old look coming back? had developed a strong brand, and it would be a shame to throw that away.

Service status — StatusNet

Folks, for reference, in the sidebar of the wiki:

(The page might have been deleted, but then Evan decided to keep it.)

Why is it trying to look like

Why is it trying to look like Facebook?
It's even mimicking some features of Facebook.

Replication functionality

No replication fuctionality to twitter yet? My dents used to be replicated to twitter automatically. Will the option be available again?


No replication fuctionality

No replication fuctionality to twitter yet? My dents used to be replicated to twitter automatically. Wish it could be so again

All Features Online Now?

I just wanna ask if all features are available already? I miss the theming functionality and the twitter support.

Will both options become available again?

Keep up the great work.
Regards - Jonas


will be xmpp support for identica?

Impossible to confirm mail after update on

Don't know if it is the right place for this, but just after update of, i changed my e-mail adress and couldn't confirm it because the mail i received was missing the confirmation code.
I just received this :
So now i can't use my account ;-(

email confirmation

you're not alone. i filed a bugreport:

please contribute there. rulez !

Dear all,

thanks for upgrading : the new interface looks beautiful, and yet is cleaner than most in the market.

Our beloved was already the most stable of all social networks. Now it is also one of the most beautiful.

I'm sure the technical abilities of the crew will make stable again. No problem for me to stay away for for a while. It is healthy.

The other microblogging is always down, and nobody complains about.

All the best,

How much longer?

Any idea how much longer?
I am having serious withdrawal symptoms.

It's Monday

It's Monday, and I'm still getting a Not Available message on . What's up?

Oh how I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu all my identi-comrades.
Thanks to all Evan and the others! ...and: PLEASE, PLEASE get it online again ;-)

Good luck with the upgrade guys!

I'm sure you guys are pulling your hair out (save Evan, of course :D ) with some of the bumps you hit with this upgrade. Don't worry about it, everyone will be just fine until you guys get things ticking along again!

Besides, I've found loads of comments from friends on this blog post - it's like retro

give back identica :((

give back identica :((

4 Days already

I can understand that something goes wrong with an update. But 4 days is a little bit hard. Maybe you should rethink your update process? Split into smaller pieces if possible. Updating of parts of a big community, e.g., so the community can run while there are updates, the users can migrate to the new version and the rest of the pie will be merged afterwards?!

I have no clue about the system in the background, i must admit. It just seems not running great at the moment. :(

I hope it will get done soon. Sorry for complaining - your services are great, but... well... that update seems to be a bit out of control... ;)

Greetings from a happy user.

The real WTF...

Is "why MySQL" here. PostgreSQL for the win.


that was another question that came to my mind already...

version 1.0.0

You have arrived! Version 1.0.0! Even at 0.9 you were worlds better than that other site that so many people seem to love so much, you know, that one with the fail whale. I just know that 1.0.0 will absolutely rock!

One problem though. I can't download the 1.0.0 code. As the StatusNet sites, including are being upgraded to 1.0.0, I thought the release version would be available. However, I only see 0.9.9 and 1.0.0beta3 on Is there another place to download the 1.0.0 stable code? I want 1.0.0 for a new website I'm bringing online. About how long after the upgrade will the 1.0.0 stable code become available? Thanks for the great work!

looking good

I don't know when the new look was given to personal sites, but they're looking good — thanks! primer for users?

Evan, seriously, looking at the questions here on the blog, you ought to publish some simple web guidance on (a) how to run a statusnet instance so it can happily talk to & partake of the chat threads -- like you do with your own -- and (b) crossreference methods, such as, if I post to or about @evan in my own instance, in which cases does that get associated with @evan as displayed in
Saying "let them eat", in the middle of downtime -- still going at noon Monday, eh? -- makes sense, but only if people who are avid customers, but not full time multiplatform code geeks, readily can take the advice.
Cheers & good luck with the InnoDB migration. JBC

Every "cloud" update is a

Every "cloud" update is a disaster. This confirms my feeling that many cloud based services are out of control. They start mean and lean and they end up bloated and useless.
Hours offline, and now almost everything from the site is changed. I just lost 30% of my customers.
Back to using my own "virtual" machines.

GMT time

Could we have time in GMT time please? It would help for worldwide user…


> is busy swapping its 75M-row table from MySQL to InnoDB

It's 2011 and people are still using MySQL tables? Are you *completely* mad? ...glad it's being fixed though. =)

Next thing you'll probably say you're not using PHP's PDO or mysqli, you're still on mysql. I mean, ahahaha, hahaha, who would do such a thing in this day and age... =)

This crazy! How long we have

This crazy! How long we have to wait till back again?
Big websites doesn't stay unavailable like this for days, you will make your users run away!!


lol, these comments like dents! even better, you can write more than 140 characters. WE WANT OUR IDENTI.CA :)). mmmkay...

Note to self

Set up own statusnet server!

Missing identica so much!

Identica also posts to my twitter and I like people seeing tweets using that as a reference. I am now starting to miss it too much!!!! Twitter is only part of it, fills that void! Please, I hope it's back up soon before monday or tuesday.


Thanks for so detailed updates about the upgrade process.

still broken navigation?

looking at it seems the navigation is STILL broken. boo. when will we get *links* to (other's) all/replies/favorites back?


Good luck with the update.
Hope the service is back up soon.
I am getting withdraw symptoms. Thank


Hi guys.

Thanks for your jobs and upgrade feedback. Hope that SN 1.0 will increase its popularity. Sure you're working hard for that. The best thing we can do to support the team is waiting. Good luck, see you level 1. \o/

Set my own site up once

I set my own site up once and made a VPS fall over. If I can get my hosting provider to cooperate, I may do so again eventually. Having my own small shared site was really cool...while it stayed up...

Eagerly Waiting....

I am pumped for this update, good luck evan and crew!

Solicitud de uso

Por medio de la presente envio saludos asi. Quisiera me autorizaran el uso de la informacion para publicarlo atraves de la red y sitios sociales.

Pedro Reyes Alejandre
Director de Operaciones
Organizacion Mary paz.

Hombre, no es necesario pedir

Hombre, no es necesario pedir permiso. Como este blog tiene licencia CC-BY, basta citar la fuente y enlazarla.

Atte.: Carlos Solís

"2011-09-18 17:00 EDT: If

"2011-09-18 17:00 EDT: If you're really in need of StatusNet, maybe this is the day you download the code and set up your own site?"

Asking a normal user that kind of thing is SOOOOOOOOOOOO UNPROFESSIONAL ....

AFAIK identica is a testing

AFAIK identica is a testing ground used to extend the core functionalities of the statusnet component but still it's open source. To ensure it's operations it often requires a lot of maintenance work and that's where Murphy kicks in... I really appreciate teams who keep their users posted at all times especially during such situations which are tricky to handle.

But the most essential question is if you've ever been contributing anything else than that? If you're searching for somebody to blame the best thing you could do is to start with yourself in first place for the missing respect ...

Spot on

I couldn't agree more, specially with the last paragraph. Respect is paramount.

Given that a lot of

Given that a lot of users (I can't speak for other StatusNet sites) are involved or at least interested in open source software and the primary reason for StatusNet's existence is as a base for individuals to start their own microblog clients, this is not such an unprofessional message. More a reminder of the possibilities of running a StatusNet instance.

thanx a lot!

hey guys,

thanks a lot for your work - my live doesn't depend on those offline hours :) i'm looking forward to see a great new and send best wishes ;-)!!!

good night - from a german user - drink a cup of coffee and lay back!


Read-Only Version?

Why isn't reachable in a read-only mode?

I was finally able to enter

I was finally able to enter, once... although there are no messages to be seen, and all theming is currently the default.

Twitter guys having a good laugh at Open Source micro-blogging

So sad but truth while they look at a 2+ days downtime. Which basically means death for a real-time communication website. Pity.

I agree. This is the worst

I agree. This is the worst thing that can happen to a service like this. is dead! :-(

How is it dead? I'm going

How is it dead? I'm going back to using it on Monday, so are many of the people posting on here.

Maybe you will stop using it but I wonder if 2 days planned downtime for upgrades which a) bring new features and b) we all had notice about and are being constantly informed about is the reason you leave or will it be something else?

Read Original Post

The original plan was for the site(s) to be down until Monday. This isn't unplanned downtime (as Twitter had multiple times during its "New Twitter" rollout). This is a planned outage.

Evan and crew, take your time. Make sure it is good.

How are the twitter guys

How are the twitter guys "having a good laugh"?

They have long, unexplained, downtime regularly. It's become a joke with twitter users. "Oh it's the failwhale again!"

Here we have the creator of StatusNet giving users advanced notice, AND keeping us all well informed during the upgrade.

The whole StatusNet team are also active in the community and quickly resolve problems that are brought to their attention.

Furthermore StatusNet has functionality that twitter hasn't implemented yet.

I don't care about twitter

I don't care about twitter anymore, I left it more than 1 year ago without regret. Even if there was no FLOSS micro-blogging software & portal, I still wouldn't use twitter.

Keep it up Evan & statunet, good luck and see you soon online.


Don't be talking to me about Twitter. New Twitter is garbage. And something that was never needed.

How about twitter

At least it is far better than twitter which is over capacity all the times ;)

thank you

همش تقصیر این ایرانی‌هاست اینقدر دنت کردن که این آیدنتیکا خراب شد!
اه اه اه اه
ما هم متشکریم از شما بابت زحماتتان
از طرف جمعی از پارسی زبانان آیدنتیکا

thank you 2

هیچم تقصیر ایرانی ها نیس
اصن از همون روز اولش خراب بود ... این مارمولکا توش وول می خوردند

We're waiting

how long does it takes webmasters, we wait for tne new

How much longer :'-(

What's the ETA of coming back?


Our ETA is Monday morning EDT. It looks like we'll be live for all sites then. See:


Where's the ChangeLog for the versions of StatusNet that you're upgrading from and to?

The upgrade of is

The upgrade of is taking more or less forever in computing time... At least that means that a new major and exciting feature will be added to as well, ain't that right?

I hope would be up soon :D

Yeah, I hope it would be back soon, I'm spreading the word about open source microblogging and it's hard to convince people who are used to proprietary stuff when they see some down times. :D

while we're waiting ...

may i ask all of you to flattr @statusnet [] and add content to

Upgrading on Software Freedom

Upgrading on Software Freedom Day. #fail


I've got to got a strong point there. :)

However, ain't that that something we've all learned from free software?
What's more important?
Being the spearhead of a software revolution or be available all the time?

I go for the spearhead. :)


I know that is free and so I am not going to complain - but rather thank you guys for being up .... jeez, like 2 years straight as far as I can tell. Thanks for all the updates as you upgrade and I'll be at it as soon as you are back. is the best!

bad idea to for upgrade

It seems the method you used to upgrade the database was not so good!
It seems it was better to setup a clean database and then move old entity to new database so it was possible to have live while upgrade is in process!
We miss our friend, community, ... in so much!

kidding me?

Man where are you? C'mon we miss Identica so much :( status?

Any latest update on's status after the overnight post-processing tasks? :) rocks!

this blog text are hard to

this blog text are hard to read ,

Should be better now.

Should be better now.

Need help about


I need the help of the customer service of

I wrote to them but still didn't have any answer.

I asked help on the post
My pseudo is "Help" on this post.

The post (and article) is in french.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you :)

Good luck - looking forward to the result

Even though I miss and a lot, then it is really for the good.

I really love your service - you and your team deserve a good vacation after this :)

Site Still Off Line

As Of 6:25 AM EDT Sept. 18, 2011

HELP :'-(


virtual dents

still no (that I can see)... continuing doing my virtual dents in notepad ;) I may actually post them once is back ;)


Thank you guys very very much for your great work. :-)

Updates posted to twitter ? ;)

Why not have tweeted these updates instead so that we can follow it ? ;-)

Updates Posted to Twitter

probably another instance? :D is a replacement is a replacement for Twitter, so why would they use Twitter to post?

How long more?

How long more we have to wait to see new Identica?

Keep up the good work

A bet you're having a well deserved nap right about now. Regardless, thanks for keeping running smooth.

It's down

Still down y'all ? Stoked for the new version.

This blogs text is hardly readable on for me.


Just pushed a change that should fix the text readability issues!

Future faster?

Evan Prodromou run, run.


Duuuude, I didn't think that

Duuuude, I didn't think that "overnight" actually meant "all night long"...


Glad to hear that the poulet was wonderful and eagerly waiting for the restoration of Identica.

Looks like this comment area

Looks like this comment area is while the real is down.

Thanks for the updates @evan. :)


Thanks for the hard work and giving the community such a great social network.

identica down

Miss my feeds

My life

I have my real life back!

I don't like it - please make come back... when it's ready of course.

nice I willl be following

nice I willl be following

"No dent" day

Guys, in such times i realize how i'm addicted to

... where is my daily dope ?? 0-0

Thank you

Thank you very much for your hard work making and :)
Looking forward to see the servers up :)

Beat the bugs!

Evan, thanks to you and your team. I know it is a lot of work to get here, and there's still more ahead. Hoping you beat the bugs whenever and wherever they appear.

Incidentally, it appears that logged-in users see no content on new versions of either 280 or Firefox or Chromium, 32-bit GNU+Linux. Empty timelines.

Numbered SN Sites Working Well

Progress report: numbered sites {280, 300} are working well. Identicats, I think you're going to like the new interface.


Sweet like candy!! :))

شاید امروز بیاید شاید ....

شاید امروز بیاید شاید ....



Take your time to do it right

We miss you and We know you are all working hard, so take your time to do it right and get all those little buggers outta there. See you soon, everyone.


finding myself making 'dents' (with timestamp) in notepad, haha. but don't hurry guys, get those bugs squashes before going live!

I mis my friends

I need friends.
I must have friends.
I require friends.
Give me friends.

I need friends.
I must have friends.
I require friends.
Give me friends.

How much longer :'-(

I need
I must have
I require
Give me

I need
I must have
I require
Give me

I need
I must have
I require
Give me

I need
I must have
I require
Give me


Its amazing how disconnected I feel with down. Its like part of the internet is dark!

I hope everything is going smooth with the upgrade. Keep up the good work guys!

I'm excited to see the

I'm excited to see the updates! Thanks for making this wonderful service! (I hope ya'll aren't losing too much sleep with the update!) <3

PFK is delicious? I know you

PFK is delicious?
I know you guys are busy and all but I think you're losing it. Take a break :p


ok please come back :'-( please come back :'-( is still down :-(

ERROR: Couldn't establish connection: Couldn't access, it may well be down.

Give me back ;-p

The update of to Statusnet 1.0.0

Good luck with the update.
Hope the service is back up soon.
I am getting withdraw symptoms.

Groups between StatusNet instances


It's great to read about the StatusNet upgrade, congratulations to arrive to version 1.0.0 ;-)

Totally off-topic, is it possible to refer to another group between instances of StatusNet, for example in is the group "example" so you can use "!example" in, but if I want to refer to the "example" group in from another StatusNet instance, how can I do it? (!example doesn't work because refers to the group example in that instance and not in

Thanks a lot for your help in advance and sorry for the OT!


I guess denting on a working

I guess denting on a working StatusNet instance would be the best way to keep us updated!

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