StatusNet 1.0.0: It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

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I'm pleased to announce that StatusNet 1.0.0 has just gone golden. We've released the 1.0.0 version for download, and it's running now on all StatusNet cloud systems.

This is by far the biggest change to StatusNet since its inception. Notable changes include:


  • Support for private updates, including private-to-groups, private within a site, and private to followers only.
  • Conversation mode in streams; notices appear along with all replies.
  • Microapps -- post different types of activities to timelines, with interaction. Events, bookmarks, Q&A, and polls included by default.
  • New 3-column layout in 'neo' theme by default. Older, 2-column layout themes have been removed.
  • Alphabetical, searchable user directory.
  • Alphabetical, searchable group directory.
  • Groups can require all posts to be private ('private groups'), and limit members to the group.
  • Users can make all posts private to their followers ('private stream'), and require authorization to follow.
  • General plugin for IM support; added AIM, IRC and MSN to existing XMPP code.
  • Support for Twitter-like lists, to follow other users without interfering with the home timeline.
  • Subscription to searches.
  • Subscription to tags.
  • Drupal-style schema system ("schemax") allows in-place database upgrades from various software versions.
  • Fine-grained control of URL shortening, and an internal URL shortener
  • Extended profile for private, enterprise sites.
  • sites are private by default.
  • Blog plugin for extended posts.
  • Plugin to restrict all users of a site to a single email domain.
  • Plugin to send a daily email summary to site users.
  • Deeper integration with Activity Streams ( format.
  • Automated upgrade script.

I want to thank and congratulate our lead developers who pushed this particular release forward: Zach Copley, Brion Vibber, and Sam Doherty. Other developers from the community did tons of work; Shashi Gowda did great work implementing lists, and Luke Fitzgerald did a very nice job implementing IM plugins for AIM, IRC, and MSN. Also a great job by Siebrand Mazeland and the team at TranslateWiki who made the software accessible in over 50 languages.

Special thanks to our beta testers on StatusNet OnDemand, our great community on the StatusNet Cloud and, and all other participants who make this software wonderful.

(Note: We'd originally planned to code name this release "Sounds of Science", but with REM breaking up last week, and with the discontinuous change in this software and we hope in the social web, we thought this made a better code name. Thanks, REM, for all the song titles.)

Update: doesn't it always happen that you get a bug right after release? We had a bad one with our new URL mapper, which was killing new installs. So, StatusNet 1.0.1 is out today!


Good work

excellent, in my university we are trying to use this software to optimize our work, ¡good work Evan!

Congratulations Evan

Congrats to you and your team.

We need more like you in Mtl ;-)

Congratulations / video not available in Germany

Congratulations to that release!

But the video is not viewable here in Germany "because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respctive music rights".


XMPP still broken?

It was released with the XMPP plugin unfixed?
I for one cannot give it a try until it works...


Congrats all,

Very nice, i will get the hands on it soon.

let the new world begin! \o/


Let's hope everyone gets on the federated bandwagon now.

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