Scheduled downtime 18 March 2012 10:00AM EDT

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 I need to migrate one of our static content virtual servers before the end of the day tomorrow (18 March 2012) or it's going to get migrated without me. So, I'm going to schedule the process instead of having it just happen.

The migration process apparently takes about 30 minutes, but I'm going to do a backup while the server is down, too. So expect about 60 minutes for the process.

Some StatusNet sites will remain up during the downtime.

Update (10:19AM EDT): sites are down now.

Update (10:33AM EDT): backing up the static server.

Update (11:07AM EDT): I've been having problems with the imaging-based backup so now I'm just doing a manual backup with rsync.

Update (12:15PM EDT): Stiiiilll backing up. Think we're almost finished, though.

Update (12:56PM EDT): Moving, finally.

Update (13:29PM EDT): Still moving.

 Update (15:01PM EDT): I thought we were done, but we weren't. Still moving.

Comments for community not company?


I was introduced to and I think it's great. I was hoping to use it to connect members of a community group but we do not have a company Email address - everyone is a volunteer and work for different companies.

Is there a way to use without having a common company Email account?


when will be possible again

when will be possible again to send "dents" trough a jabber/xmpp account? i used to do this, sending to the contact in my roaster

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