Problems with

Evan Prodromou's picture, the URL shortener used by default by and other StatusNet sites, has been having technical problems over the last few days, which has caused performance problems and errors for those users who depend on it.

The server is on Amazon Web Services, and the underlying hardware is scheduled for replacement. I/O is failing or timing out.

As a workaround, users should configure their URL shortening to use the internal shortener; see for details.

I'm moving the server to RackSpace along with our other servers; it should be up again soon.

UPDATE: The new server is up; however, the domain has a long TTL, so it may take a while to propagate. Should be working by Saturday night PST.

Comments works fine with Mozilla Firefox

Dear all,

at least when i last tried, some days ago, was working fine with Mozilla Firefox, but not with Google Chromium.

All the best,

URL Shorteners are bad

Hi Evan,

I always thought that at least should not use URL Shorteners. Last year I wrote a short article on why I think they are bad and should not be used. - Maybe it can inspire you / devs to find a better solution to serve short URLs instead of using (3rd party) shortened URLs.

Keep up the good work.
Cheers - Jonas

It appears the database

It appears the database download is still broken...

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