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I'm going to be rolling out some new software over the next few weeks, and part of that process will be winding down our existing services to make resources available for the new ones. To start off that process, I'm announcing today a wind-down of the status.net service.

TL;DR Active accounts on identi.ca and status.net sites will continue working. Inactive accounts will be shut down, with backups available. All accounts will port to new software.

My goals are to keep people's valuable information available to them, maintain the integrity of links and subscriptions, and make transitions reasonable and efficient.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Effective immediately, we'll no longer accept registration for new sites on status.net. Users can still register directly for new accounts on community and private sites on status.net, however.
  • Effective immediately, we'll stop billing for premium sites.
  • Effective immediately, we won't allow upgrading to premium sites.
  • As of January 1, 2013, single-user sites and accounts on public status.net community sites that have been inactive for more than 12 months will be archived and closed. Downloadable archives will be made available for all accounts.
  • If you want to keep an old account available, log in and post a quick message to that effect.
  • Site owners can get full database downloads if they want to run StatusNet on their own servers. Send requests to service@status.net with specifics about the site.
  • As of February 1, 2013, the remaining active status.net sites will begin porting to the new service. If we're lucky, it should go pretty smoothly.
  • The StatusNet software remains free and available. It's never depended on the status.net hosting service, and it won't in the future. The software you download today will remain operational for as long as the LAMP stack is available.

Finally, this site ("http://status.net/") will be winding down as the face of StatusNet Inc. The company name will be changing, and I recommend people who want to keep informed sign up on the placeholder site at http://e14n.com/. This site ("http://status.net/") will continue to be the hub for the StatusNet open source software.

Thanks to everyone who's put time, energy and attention in this Web site and the status.net network.  Special thanks to Sam Doherty who's taken care of this Drupal site since it started; to James Walker for making the software-as-a-service aspect work, and to Brion Vibber for making the whole multi-homing daemon system actually work (kind of) efficiently. Also big gratitude to Nate Prodromou, Aric Gardner, Jordan Conway, Chris Murtagh, Chris Vollick and Martial Ndeko for their work over the years keeping the servers spinning and customers happy. Thanks to anyone else I'm forgetting, especially for not getting PO'd that I'm forgetting you.

It's been fun doing this, and I'm going to miss the status.net domain, which might be the best one I ever registered.

Also, spoiler alert: Identi.ca will be going through a similar process (turning off new registration, disabling and archiving unused accounts, and transition to the new platform), but I'm not going to actually do those things until I have public sites running pump.io that I can direct people to register on instead. So, y'know, don't freak out.

If you have questions, please ask them in the comments and I'll try to update here if I can.

UPDATE: A couple of people have pointed out that I didn't thank my friend and colleague Zach Copley above. Zach deserves kudos for the awesome work he did on StatusNet (the software), StatusNet Mobile (the mobile clients), but he never really worked on the status.net software-as-a-service offering directly as far as I remember. Still, he's always done great work and deserves a shout-out all the same.


Broken links

Kia ora Evan

I really like Pump.io. From a user POV, it's a much less cluttered interface, and I like the G+ style ability to easily target particulary users or groups with my 'notes' or 'pictures' (will more options be added?). The only problem I've had is that posts I made under StatusNet as 'Bookmarks', rather than straight posts, seem to have gotten lost in the migration to pump.io :( Is there any way these can be recovered? Obviously I'm not expecting you to spend time fixing this just for my account, but if it is a general problem, which could be fixed for all users with a bit of tweaking to the server, that would be much appreciated!

Keep up the great creative work.

He mihi nui
Danyl Strype

Comments on OStatus?


Pump.io sounds like a great idea, though the plaster still shows a bit behind the wallpaper (:

However, I'm curious about the decision to not support OStatus. It seemed like a good standard (though perhaps a bit tightly scoped) with growing support (e.g., GNU MediaGoblin).

What is the rationale behind providing another API? Is OStatus inherently broken? If so, in what aspect?

path going forward?

Congratulations on the progress. What's the best strategy going forward? Continue to use identi.ca or immediately switch to pump.io?

How long will identi.ca stay up?

I am confused please help

Hi i am a little confused, i am looking for an open source mirco blog script. i was thinking of downloading status.net as a solution. I am now a little confused after reading this post. So is status net software going to contunie development or is this pump the new software replacing status.net? Should i wait for pump. Can someone clarify this for me as i don't want to set up status.net script to find it is no longer developed.

Thank you

Amazing to see updates and hoping to see these new softwares.


Will pump.io support federation through Tent? I've always seen you as someone who truly understand the importance of true federation (not only distribution) across as many services as possible, so I take it for granted that it will. But I have to ask. Competing protocols will only fragment and hurt the movement to a Free and federated social web future.


I don't have any plans to support tent.io's protocol, but it might be possible with a bridge.

Why not? Will that not just

Why not? Will that not just fragment the federation movement and make it less likely that either pump.io or any others will succeed in the competition against Facebook and Twitter?

Here's why not

First, writing software and building additional features takes time, attention and money. I'd have to write the code, write documentation, and handle ongoing bugs.

So the question isn't "Why not?" but "Why?"

And the "why" is pretty obvious. Prodromou's Law says that a network doesn't join an internetwork until that internetwork is bigger than itself. And tent.io doesn't have the numbers to force my hand. I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

I'd contrast the PubSubHubbub + RSS/Atom network out there. There are hundreds of millions of PuSH-enabled feeds on Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress.com. Literally hundreds of millions. So, it's probably worth having some way to follow them remotely.

I think it's possible with the pump.io API to build a bridge between the two networks, if someone finds it worth doing.

Keeping identi.ca

Hello , i would like to keep the identi.ca up and running

How many servers does it takes and it is possible to take over the maintainance burden
and how much does it costs per year

We are a big company and we are used to this type of scaling issues for php/rails/node


My plan is to put back the xmpp server
I would migrate it to nginx and more

Identi.ca transition

So ... my current account on identi.ca will eventually be automatically converted to a pump.io account?

And pump.io is an alternative/something different than Tent and app.net?


I'm a little confused too. Will identi.ca data be lost?

Condolences and congrats!

Sad news, but also great news on the future of StatusNet as E14n (and pump.io) and on you continuing to work in the space! Thanks for everything you've done for OStatus, #fedsocweb, and so on. Can't wait to see what's next!

Glad to see progress!

These are excellent news, evan. Can't wait to test it out :)

pump.io federation?

Will sites currently running status.net software be able to federate with new pump.io sites?

Will pump.io be F/LOSS? I think I see an Apache License on pump.io (Yay!)

Sorry to see Status.net disappear, but I understand about scarce resource allocation.

Thanx for all the work so far, and I'm looking forward to new stuff.


/me is off to download status.net software while /me still can

/me wonders what E14N stands for. Best guess so far: EvanCodeMagiciaN

Is this change to status.net

Is this change to status.net and identi.ca roughly equivalent to "we will be doing an account registration freeze before deploying the new major version, and drop unused accounts in the process" or does this involve More Things™?

That's about it!

THANK YOU for the succinct summary. Probably the big thing that's different is that pump.io is much smaller and simpler than StatusNet. I'm trying to push some features out to the edge.

Tell us more about new

Tell us more about new software, and pump.io, etc if you can.

I'll make a big announcement when 0.2.0 drop

I'm working pretty hard on 0.2.0, and I'll probably put up a presentation about it when it drops.

Looking forward to new service

Evan - most new enterprises end with a whimper, few with a bang. It's good to see Status.net end with a Level Up and you continuing with the core idea of 'the status'. I looked at the source of pump.io and am looking forward to seeing the web interface.

- Keith Erskine


A couple of notes: the company remains operational. I'm changing the name because StatusNet won't be the only software E14N produces. The status.net service (the place you can run free StatusNet software) is going to stop running, but sites like http://evan.status.net/ and http://freelish.us/ will still run.

why not two sites?

But, Evan, why change identi.ca? It makes sense to me to keep identi.ca as the showcase of SN, and open a new site for the new pump.io platform.

I'll still be running my SN (stat.tonyb.us), anyway. I dig this stuff.
Might play with pump.io, eventually, too, but I'll probably wait until npm makes debian stable (since that's what all my servers run. Right now, seems npm is only just in sid).

Will the two platforms federate? As in, when you change identi.ca, will I lose or keep connectivity to my contacts from my SN?


Running identi.ca on StatusNet takes time, attention, and a whole lot of money. I am getting considerably better performance out of pump.io than I did out of StatusNet, and I think I can run identi.ca for somewhere between 10 and 25% of the current operating costs (which are considerable, for me).

StatusNet the software will continue to be developed and supported. StatusNet Inc. has commercial agreements with some companies using the software and I intend to honor those agreements.

StatusNet and pump.io should federate, I think. It might be more based on pump.io's API than OStatus, though.

Status.net software

Hi Evan, firstly awesome software and rather ironic that I'd discover it only now, on the day you post this.
Out of interest though, will the status.net software I downloaded, will it still work on my server? Will there be any issues continuing to use it? Many thanks and I look forward to your next platform. Kind regards Brad


The StatusNet software you download today will continue to run for as long as there are servers to run it on. It doesn't depend on our SaaS service. It's like if you download WordPress -- you don't care whether wordpress.com is up or not.

Statusnet obsolete?

Obviously StatusNet will continue to work on a LAMP stack, but could you please clarify if you are no longer interested in StatusNet (and/or the OStatus protocol) as a technology? I'd appreciate knowing if StatusNet should be seen now as abandonware (even if you continue to issue security fixes for your clients) and if the Pump.io API represents a major break with the progress of OStatus.

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