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My previous blog post on changes in the service caused some worry among some users. I'd like to reassure users that will continue to run.

Changes are coming, although not as fast as I'd hoped. Here's my rough chronology for the next few weeks.

  • I need to finish the 0.2.0 release of . This is taking longer than I hoped, but that's the way it goes over the holidays.
  • Once it's released, I'll make a few sites available running the software. I think there are some other people chomping at the bit to run it, too, so there should be lots of opportunity to get onto the new system.
  • After there are new sites, new user registration will be shut down on, and I'll direct new users to one of the new sites.
  • I will spend some amount of time porting the data from the MySQL database to a NoSQL database (I'm considering MongoDB and Couchbase, since supports both. Your opinion welcome.)
  • All accounts will be backed up and made available for download (actually, you can do this now, but the new backups will be offline on and available forever.)
  • Only accounts that have been active in the last year will be ported to the new database. That's about 20% of all accounts on Older accounts will be backed up but not ported.

Don't panic. It's gonna be OK. This is a process of months and not days. I'll have more detailed dates once I know them; but I'll definitely make sure that people have time to make choices.

If you're worried right now, make a backup of your account. Even better, set up a StatusNet site on your own servers and start using it.

Finally: the future of the StatusNet codebase is really exciting; it's not at all "abandonware" and I'll have good news to share once the 0.2.0 version of is out.


So. What happened? I've tried

So. What happened?

I've tried this pumprock thing and ... well ... nothing really.

It keeps on giving errors, I can't see how to use it for anything and the user search returns nothing, nada, nowt, zilch ever.

I would have liked to try it, but it's impossible even all these months after this post (9 months approx).

For this identica died?

(btw. Your captcha stinks, though no-one will see it if I never get past the stupid thing - 5 tries so far.). Users

I haven't used the network in a while, and when I returned I noticed that a lot of things changed. Is there a reason I can't find any other users on either or pump dog? It seems rather closed off.

How is it?

When is your site planned to function actively? It seems that I am not part of the 20% of accounts on Should I have to subscribe again? I look forward to receiving the dates. Thanks!

New login with my nick…

… fails. Great.

ostatus and openID

I have two questions on the change of’s backend:
1. Will I still be able to login via OpenID?
2. Will I still be able to communicate with Status.Net/Friendica/diaspora/other-ostatus-software-friends?

Great was swimming in spam. Looking forward to the good news, and I'm sure its all gonna be okay.

Looking forward to it

I hesitate to "try out" right now because just what I need is yet another place to sign on. Hopefully your transition to instead of *software* will yield no change in the *URL* of [off-topic rant: Thing is, I'm trying to prune the number of places in the world that have a clutch on my email address(es). Dang! I keep losing track. Bane of the modern web. I suppose the solution is to use a temporary email address and then trash that address... /rant]

Thank's for great job anyway,

Thank's for great job anyway, Evan!

So is this the reason...

... why the site doesn't seem to offer any possibility to post a message for me? The text box in the public timeline which is mentioned in the help is simply not there for me.

I've registered my account on 2012-12-24, but haven't actually posted anything - and I'm now at a conference which favors over Twitter - but this might have to be reconsidered if many others would not be able to post anything, either.


I've run a couple of SN instances on MariaDB, and that worked great, imho.
In any case, I'm dedicated to SN, although I do look forward to seeing what develops with I've played on jpope's instance.
I do find it a shame that there haven't been more federated SN instances. seems to me similar in concept to what Mike Macgirvin is building with Red (federated, decentralized authentication and streams, although he calls them "channels").

graceful switching

Would it be possible to test the database conversion on a backup and minimize the downtime?

And is compatible with Will it still federate with other instances?

Yanking the nose ’cause ðe mirror is broken

If MySQL is bad, and it is, just go PostgreSQL. NoSQL means very little; it is just a collection of prerrelational stuff trying go capitalise on frustration wiþ MySQL by using some clever storage technique already incorporated by Postgres.

I love...

...the inactive account cleanup. Would be great to kill some spam-accunts along with the inactive accounts as well.

Cheers - Jonas

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