No more new registrations on

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As part of the previously announced changes coming to, I've just disabled new registrations on Existing active accounts will continue to operate, but new accounts are no longer allowed.

If you'd like to use a federated social web server, we suggest trying You'll get a new account on one of the 10 free public servers available (with more coming soon). You won't be able to connect with users right now, but when switches over to the new software, you'll be fully compatible.

You can also download StatusNet and install it on your own server. If you think there's some emergency reason to create a new account, send an email to, and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks to all the users who've encouraged others to join the network. I hope that getting people onto the pump network will be as fun and rewarding.

Comments clearly sucks now

I totally miss the old, and I could bet that most people feel the same way. I was lucky to be able to dig up an old account, but there's no stream of people to view status updates.


Who makes a site with a login page that has a "new user" link with fields to choose a new username and password, that hasn't been taking new registrations for 5-6 months?

And then when a "new user" fills in the fields it says"an error occurred"

"Maybe the password was the problem," I'm thinking. It does say not to make my password stupid. Maybe my password was stupid...

What a jerkoff site. Like this comment will show up anyway.

What's in a name?

It doesn't matter what you call it, as long as you call it the same thing everywhere. I just tried to join, found out I had to join instead, did so and got sent to having an account on - now am completely confused about what social network I'm supposed to tell people I'm on? How do I invite people to join something with four different names that you can't even be sure of where or which one to join?
Yay, techy dev guys - pat yourselves on the backs. Nobody else will.

Facebook added millions of users so quickly not just because they were one huge company, but because they had one easy to say, easy to remember name and a seamless, simple registration process. My experience signing up with.. eventually, ..made me lose hope in this decentralized social network platform's future.

Think about it - really, if you say "TORRENT" to anyone remotely savvy, they know exactly what you're talking about; "download stuff". If you say "", they think "oh, well, that was that thing I could join but they just quit taking new users and it kind of runs on other sites by other names.. are they connected? I don't know..."

Try explaining to them that it's part of some federated social networking movement and you'll lose their attention halfway through the sentence.

Please, get real; give the public a catchy name that works everywhere, even if no one owns it, and a big shiny button they can press to sign up. Otherwise it will fail.

No so good

I wish would continue, but well now seems the way to go.

Bad News

When will the new registrations begins. I wanted to get my identi account.

Please summarize features lost/gained

I started test-driving StatusNet a few years ago but had many issues that precluded opening it for public usage. One of the main issues was the vulnerability to spam accounts and bots. Another issue is the cumbersome UI which isn't intuitive, causing users and admins to have to hunt for functionality. I felt I'd be spending too much time trying to explain how to use the environment and policing the membership, rather than focusing on content.

There's something in your head about what was wrong that needed to be fixed, and a new vision for fixing it. Please share that with us so we can go for the ride.

From where we were, could you please summarize why you decided to move on to What faults couldn't be overcome with the StatusNet base?

And from here forward, can you tell us more about what StatusNet features are not going to be available and why, what does support, and where you see the feature set moving in the near-term?

I don't have enough information to understand how you define the terms "stream server" and "pump". If you can make those concepts more clear, and get us to that "oh I get it" moment, I think you will be able to attract more support over time.

I'm guessing this can occupy a whole new blog entry. Thanks!

Is this because of spamming

Is this because of spamming issues? A couple of years ago it seemed to be becoming a real problem, but recently I've seen very little. But then again, perhaps you guys are having to do a lot to keep it at bay?

API-compatible for 3rd party tools

I access with KDE Choqok and Emacs identica-mode. Will the site based on be compatible without changes to these tools?

That’s critical for my use of - regardless of the backend.

Great JOB!

Thank's a lot for your great JOB, Evan!

Amazing news :)

Amazing news :)

thanks for

thanks to you all for services, software is evolving with the thinking and experience of its developers thanks for new pumpio and older statusnet ->

when will switch to is it right, that i have to do nothing, and my account at will be transferred?

Cool URI's

As nobody answered to Bob's question (above), I'll ask it again. Will the URIs continue to exist? Remember, cool URIs don't change.

Jonas disabled new accounts

Such a shame has disallowed any new users to register, I've been a member for a short time and notice this site gets a fair bit of traffic and currently ranks pretty well as an authority site. I wonder how much the changes will effect the current users?

too bad..

Damn... I like your site a lot, and brought so many people! Now i lost my acount for some not know why... I wish you all luck, will check pump website. greetings!


You say:

> You won't be able to connect with users right now, but when switches over to the new software, you'll be fully compatible.

So, pump has a new kind of protocol or does it simply do the protocol-stuff just a little different than

Does this mean that the

Does this mean that the URL will live on, running a engine in the future?

Also, I'm seeing a number of groups that have no admin. I'll volunteer to admin some of them if you can re-assign them: (OpenMicroBlogging) (Creative Commons)

--Bob @bobjonkman

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