October 2008

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Identi.ca in the news

Two new media references worth reading in the last week:

Definitely both worth adding to our clippings file.

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Sysadmin Job in Montreal

Control Yourself, Inc.

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Laconica 0.6.1 delayed until Sunday night

Brief notice: Laconica 0.6.1's release (a minor release with some bugfixes, optimizations and API enhancements) will be delayed until Sunday, 5 Oct at midnight EDT. This should allow us to incorporate any optimizations that are made during Codefest 2.2.

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OpenMicroBlogging meeting on Monday, 8 October 2008, 21:00 UTC

We'll be having a meeting of all parties interested in OpenMicroBlogging on Jabber IM on Monday, 8 October. The meeting room is openmicroblogging@conference.jabber.org.

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Podcast coverage roundup

It's been a while since we had a roundup of coverage of Identi.ca. I wanted to specifically link to podcast episodes where I've been talking about Identi.ca and Laconi.ca.

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Identi.ca upgrade at 12:01AM on October 4th, 2008

I'll be upgrading identi.ca to the latest version of the Laconica software just after midnight on Friday. The next version, 0.6.1, features better support for commands in posts (like "d nickname direct message" sends a direct message to "nickname"); has API support for direct messages and faves; and has considerably extended memcached support, for faster response.

At the same time I'll be reconfiguring storage of PHP sessions to use memcached (another optimization), which means that users who are online before the upgrade may need to re-login after it.

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Codefest 2.2 this weekend

I'll be participating in the Montreal Codefest 2.2 this weekend, October 4 and 5. Codefest is a weekend hacking event where people who love to code get together in a room with good wifi and easily-accessible coffee, beer, and food and just hack like crazy. I've done two other such events here in Montreal, and they were great. A big chunk of Laconica was written at Codefest 2.1.

Interested people are invited to participate either locally (if you're in town) or remotely on the #laconica channel on freenode.net.