"Mirorring" feature down on Identi.ca

"Mirorring" feature down on Identi.ca

Issue ID:3581
Issue Category:bug
Keywords:Mirorring, mise en mirroir

On this page http://identi.ca/settings/mirror when i try to add a "RSS or Atom feed" i get :

Internal Server Error
Could not subscribe to feed.



I am having the same problem. I tried it last night (Feb. 27) and got the error mentioned above. Today, Feb. 28, clicking on either "Twitter" or "RSS or Atom Feed" within the "Feed mirror settings" doesn't even bring up the form to enter the feed URL.


I had the same issue last night (Feb. 27). Today, Feb. 28, clicking on "Twitter" or "RSS or Atom feed" doesn't even reveal the form to enter a feed URL.


Same problem!


Bordel est-ce que quelqu'un a quelque chose à foutre des rapports de bugs ? Ca fait deux mois et demi que j'attends que ce bug soit corrigé, et on ne peut toujours pas republier des RSS sur nos comptes ?!

Chiote, vous êtes irresponsables, Identi.ca est aussi instable que frustrant. Quand c'est pas ca c'est le formulaire de recherche qui est HS pendant trois mois. Et quand c'est pas ca c'est l'API. J'abandone.


Keywords:+Mirorring, +mise en mirroir

Same problem.
If I want to add on my account a rss/twitter that doesn't works!
But on my other account where I add this feature before, that still working.

Please resolve it!

@Influence PC

Je te comprends ! :-)


As far as I know, Twitter does not provide any RSS more.
So, you shall use TwitterBridge to import you Twitter timeline.

For "regular" (other) RSS, I'll try to have a look into code. Bu since I do not use this plugin myself, I won't give you any garantee. Will just try to do my best :)


@influencepc if you really need this feature, feel free to have a look into the code and fix it.
After all, that's only PHP :)


OK. Had a quick look into the code. Now understand how it does (not) work.
When subscribing a RSS or ATOM feed, you have 2 ways getting updates: poll the feeds or get notified.

StatusNet uses the second way.
For that, each subscribed feed needs to either push itself updates to its subscribers (using PubSubHubbub), or get polled by a service like superfeedr which will handle the notification process (still PubSubHubbub).

StatusNet code seems to include "superfeedr" like support as fallback if no native PubSubHubbub has been found.
I don't have such credentials on my instance. Therefore, registering feeds fails.

It *seems* that the problem is somewhat different on identi.ca (different error message as a start). But I can't tell for sure because I don't have any shell access to identi.ca servers :)


I'm trying to subscribe a Wordpress feed in identi.ca:


The answer is the same:

Internal Server Error
Could not subscribe to feed.

Any alternative?

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