GROUPS_PER_PAGE is not being defined

GROUPS_PER_PAGE is not being defined

Issue ID:3605
Issue Category:bug
Keywords:1.1.0alpha, group lists

This is concerning the 1.1.0alpha.

It seems that GROUPS_PER_PAGE is not being defined anywhere, causing the group lists (both site wide and at the user level) to not be populated.

On my instance, I added:
define('GROUPS_PER_PAGE', 20); to lib/grouplist.php to recify the issue.



After digging around a little, the proper place for this fix is lib/framework.php. Looks like it was there for 1.0.x but dropped off for 1.1.x.

Anyway, the fix is here.


I can confirm this bug! No definition is in any of the files for 1.1.0alpha1. Among other things, this causes a problem when listing groups for a user, like so:

In 1.0.x, this was defined on line 37 in lib/framework.php as such:

Oddly enough only this one definition is missing there.


Priority:normal» major


Status:active» fixed

This has been fixed with this commit:


Assigned to:Anonymous» jpope
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