Clarify that you must confirm email to post.

Clarify that you must confirm email to post.

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Issue Category:enhancement

As per

Suggestion: leave the textarea there, mark it disabled and place a message in it: "Verify your Email to start posting"



I made this patch to inform users about the need to validate an email address. It shows up onStartMakeEntryForm, which is shown for each tab when interacting with the status/bookmark/event fields.

diff --git a/plugins/RequireValidatedEmail/RequireValidatedEmailPlugin.php b/plugins/RequireValidatedEmail/RequireValidatedEmailPlugin.p
index c14ace1..8cf57c5 100644
--- a/plugins/RequireValidatedEmail/RequireValidatedEmailPlugin.php
+++ b/plugins/RequireValidatedEmail/RequireValidatedEmailPlugin.php
@@ -240,18 +240,20 @@ class RequireValidatedEmailPlugin extends Plugin

- * Hide the notice form if the user isn't able to post.
+ * Show an error message about validating user email before posting
+ * @param string $tag Current tab tag value
* @param Action $action action being shown
+ * @param Form $form object producing the form
* @return boolean hook value
- function onStartShowNoticeForm($action)
+ function onStartMakeEntryForm($tag, $action, &$form)
$user = common_current_user();
- if (!empty($user)) { // it's a remote notice
+ if (!empty($user)) {
if (!$this->validated($user)) {
- return false;
+ $action->element('div', array('class'=>'error'), _('You must validate an email address before posting!'));
return true;


Component:core» ui
Assigned to:Anonymous» mymmn

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