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We are currently moving addons to a new people-powered section on our website for Addons.
You can email @jon and @derek about this if you have a new AddOn, or own one below and can't find it here.


XMPP (Jabber)

  • XMPP Bot - Allows interaction with via XMPP and also on networks (if it is installed).


  • Laconica2IRC - Posts your dents to IRC. Based on an RSS to IRC script customized for the Identica microblogging service.
  • Twirssi - A Twitter script for the IRC client irssi that also supports


  • Any.IO - Finger interface service for reading statuses and other user info on


  • Mu-Feeder - Basic replacement for Twitterfeed, posts items from an RSS feed to

Badges, Widgets, Plugins

  • atb_twitter - Textpattern plugin that displays feeds from microblogging platforms (Twitter and sites based on StatusNet, including on your website, using a Textpattern form for formatting.
  • IdenticaWidget by derschreckliche - displays personal or friends timeline using MooTools


  • Tools — An inclusive project store for small projects that supplement your StatusNet experience. Projects hosted here are:
    • smsToLaconica
    • Identiger — RSS filter to display timelines in Liferea
  • feed2omb
  • microbridge — An rc shell script posts to one microblog service (e.g. from another microblog service's rss feed.
  • IdentiCurse — A CLI client
  • Share — Share with you want to send

Want to see and StatusNet supported in more apps? Please contact the developer of your favorite app and please see this list of developers already contacted and the places where you can vote for support with only one click.

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