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Developer / Development Notes

I created this page with the thought that it could serve as a "News" page for anyone interested in the state of development, progress towards milestones, etc. Perhaps we could top post to this page so you it's more obvious what's new? -- kshep

8/13/2008 - Evan : Queues

Start the process of talking about Queues.

8/11/2008 - kshep : Trac Take II

All the tickets in the DB up through 499 have now been categorized by component, wiki markup has been converted where necessary, and duplicates have been further consolidated.

8/10/2008 - kshep : Trac Update

I just took a pass through the ticket list and did a lot of pruning, recategorization etc. Specifically...

  • Closed any tickets flagged with 'Closed', or marked with '[Patch]'
  • Assigned components to everything marked Priority 1, and many other tickets in the system
  • Consolidated a number of duplicate tickets, adding appropriate notes to the original tickets
  • Added 0.6, 0.7, 1.0, and 2.0 milestones. Moved everything with "Version: 0.6" to "Milestone: 0.6"
  • Cleaned up some of the wiki markup imported from PmWiki. E.g. generates a "macro error". Correct Trac syntax is

I also made a couple of arbitrary, unauthorized, possibly ill-advised judgment calls based on past projects I've been on. I assume everybody will have a different opinion on these, and I'll defer to the Powers That Be to revise/reverse them:

  • If a Bug is marked P1, it needs to be fixed by the next milestone (a.k.a release). If it doesn't need to be fixed by the next milestone, it's not a P1.
  • The component list is currently: API, Core, Documentation, OpenID, Trac, UI, and XMPP. The partitioning is somewhat arbitrary and overlapping, but seemed to work as a first cut.
  • It's assumed that Trac milestones will correspond to Laconica milestone for the time being. That is, the same set of milestones are used for all components.

I did not... (a.k.a TBD)...

  • Set dates for milestone 0.6, 0.7, 1.0, and 2.0
  • Make sure all open P1 tickets are assigned to someone
  • Make a comprehensive effort to categorize, componentize, and dedupe all tickets
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