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Jotting a few quick notes from IRC chat we had with the Diaspora folks on general future interop plans & ideas... --brion 20:53, 14 May 2010 (UTC)

The basics

  • OStatus-compatible server-to-server federation for microblogging, replies
    • webfinger for end-user addressing (foo@example.com)
    • ActivityStreams-over-PuSH as prime server-to-server data flow
    • Webhooks for easy extensibility? (bridge to XMPP servers, etc)


  • Need to consider best how to do these and how we can make StatusNet, Diaspora, and other similar things have interoperable groups
    • (Not yet a solved problem, but a known important one!)


  • GPG/PGP for end-to-end encryption on private messaging?
    • key exchange over webfinger
    • with large number of receivers there may be issues
    • some initial thought of pushing encrypted private messages into the public stream for simplicity
      • though this is a bit scary; sounds positive on the idea of using PuSH extension for private feeds in addition to the public feeds, should integrate well
  • Fetching of personal information from another server: requires permission to be granted
    • Use the GPG/PGP key to sign request? Challenge-response & then use a key. Minimize requests needed if possible.
  • privacy info in server-to-server communications
    • What's the state of discussion in activitystreams etc areas? Need to look into that, make sure everybody can send info around well

Apps and games - everyone loves dancing cat videos

  • D team considering making permission approvals work similarly to friend approvals
  • look into OpenSocial widget hosting as a possible quick-step-up
    • existing docs aren't very clear on doing a host implementation
    • what would be a really good interface for getting info cleanly?
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