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These are some self-contained jobs that may be worthwhile for novices to do. We also have some other ideas at our Summer of Code page.

  • code style clean up - install phpcs and check files in the 0.9.x branch on git, modify to comply with code style standard.
    • NOTE: a lot of the style problems are documentation problems. --Evan 15:08, 1 October 2009 (UTC)
  • statusnet to automagically work out database type from $config['db']['database'], instead of needing $config['db']['type'] = 'pgsql'
  • IRC Plugin -- make a plugin to send and receive notices to/from a configurable IRC bot on a configurable IRC network.
  • AIM Plugin -- ditto.
  • AMQP queue manager. Make a QueueManager implementation class that uses the AMQP protocol for talking with the actual queue server.
  • Gearman queue manager. Ditto, for Gearman.
  • Strophe.js plugin -- make a subclass of the RealtimePlugin that uses Strophe.js
  • Pastebin/snippets -- figure out how to make a pastebin or snippets server by making an extension of StatusNet
  • Frozen Mountain plugin -- a plugin to use the Frozen Mountain realtime update server
  • Amazon SQS queue manager -- a queue manager implementation class that uses Amazon Web Services SQS service.
  • Yahoo! Geo location provider -- a geographical names provider that links to Yahoo! Geo (see plugin for model)
  • OpenStreetMap location provider -- a geographical names provider that links to OpenStreetMap
  • Update themes (other than base/default/identica)
  • Plugin to integrate location with Google Latitude (per user)
  • Plugin to integrate location with Yahoo! Fire Eagle (per user)
  • Plugin to schedule notices for later delivery. Would need a UI for scheduling the notice, and then some kind of daemon (like a cron daemon?) to post the notice when it's time.
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