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Brainstorming... there's some interest in using PubSubHubub as infrastructure for next major version of OMB rather than continuing to implement the low-level bits on our own.


OMB needs/reqs

  • sub setup/auth
  • push new notices
    • fixed payload params
  • push updated profiles
    • fixed payload params

Features not in OMB 0.1

Things we should probably consider...

  • Info in notices
    • reply-to (for clear conversations)
    • forward-of (for new-retweet style)
    • group subscription
    • private direct notices
  • Subscription management
    • push unsubscription/block events to remote
    • redelivery on failure
    • garbage collection of dead links


  • OAuth
  • PuSH
  • ActivityStreams
  • WebFinger


  • push new entries in feed
    • can embed anything in an Atom feed
      • should we use the twitter-compat api atom output format for notice and profile data?
    • can have one feed of notices, another of profile updates
    • should be straightforward to do group subs
  • can natively push an unsubscribe
  • existing infrastructure for hubs to redeliver, expire dead subs


OMB uses OAuth to set up authorization. How can we integrate this with PuSH? Using tokens in the URLs?

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