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Annotations, as name implies, is a Plugin to do Twitter-style Annotations (arbitrary custom semantic metadata that can be attached to notices).

Twitter Annotations are described at but they're not in production at Twitter yet.

Browse the code for the plugin here:

Author: Julien Chaumond <>

Implementation details

Right now, submitted Annotations are only accepted in JSON format (see scripts/createnotice.php in the plugin's folder), either from the API or from the Web interface (set $demo parameter to true to add sample annotations to the Web interface's notice form)

Annotations are stored directly in JSON in a custom table (annotations).

However, they can be displayed in either JSON or XML depending on the API call (see scripts/shownotice.php in the plugin's folder, or just call any API call containing an annotated notice, for example http://EXAMPLE.COM/api/statuses/public_timeline.xml)

Additionally, for selected Annotations types/attributes couples, the plugin stores their values directly in a specific database table, where:

  • the table name is the annotation type,
  • the column name is the annotation attribute,
  • and the value is the annotation value.

As an example, this is implemented for review-typed annotations (saved to a review table), see the data class in classes/Review.php

Also on GitHub

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