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StatusNet has a plugin architecture which allows new functionality to be easily added.


How To Install a Plugin

You'll need to be running your own installation, with access to the server. It's not available on a StatusNet cloud account (though those with Premium accounts may be able to request a plugin).

See Plugin installation interface for details.

HOWTO Make a Plugin

Its fun to make a plugin! Please read our HOWTO Make a Plugin guide.


List of Plugins

We are currently moving addons to a new people-powered section on our website for Addons. You can email and (Derek) about this if you have a new AddOn, or own one below and can't find it here.

The most up-to-date list is our active code listing.

Many important StatusNet features are implement as plugins including Facebook, Twitter, LDAP Integration and more.

Here are some fun plugins and how they work.

How does one submit a plugin for inclusion in

Gallery Plugin

Provides per-user, per-group and public gallery of files (pictures, videos, bookmarks and more) shared and uploaded by users (screenshot). Checkout the gitorious repository, read the readme and bug g0.


Autocomplete allows users to autocomplete screen names in @ replies. When an "@" is typed into the notice text area, an autocomplete box is displayed populated with the user's friends' screen names. For setup instructions, see plugins/Autocomplete/readme.txt.

Note: This plugin doesn't work if the site is in Private mode, i.e. when $config['site']['private'] is set to true.

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