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These are some options for real-time updates of the browser view of a list.

Server Supported? Notes
Meteor Yes Inappropriate for private sites since any client can read any notice
Cometd Yes Don't use anywhere but on a private network; anyone can push notices to a Cometd server
APE No...? If this supports Bayeux, may work with Cometd plugin
XMPP No Possible to create a plugin that uses BOSH, anonymous accounts on the Web server, PubSub and to make XMPP work as a technology for real-time updates
Frozen Mountain No Commercial service for realtime; would be useful for sites who can't set up their own realtime server. Seems to support a modified version of Bayeux, so Cometd plugin could be adapted or reused.
Tornado No Realtime server created by Friendfeed. Seems to be more of a high-parallelization server like Twisted than others in this list. May be useful, though.
Orbited No Probably would need to use the STOMP subsystem, which seems kind of hard
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