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StatusCampLA is the first StatusCamp in LA.



Come one! Come all, to the first StatusCamp unconference in LA. It will be held on Friday, February 19, 2010 at the SCALE conference venue, Westin LAX in Concourse B, from 10 AM until 5 PM. @Brion, @Zach, @Nate, myself (@rejon) and Emma (@emmajane) will be in attendance. Come on out! Lead a session and join in the fun! Since this is an unconference, please arrive at start-time to help set the schedule for the day. Topics for StatusCampLA will be general from technical discussions to micro-blogging standards to general software development practices in usage of Status.Net. We hope you will come out to the event! Please RSVP to this FREE event by sending your name to or email We want to know how much coffee and snacks to bring. I made up a rap for our event: "StatusCheck on the left, who's on deck? StatusCheck to the right, hacking day and night!"

StatusCheck at 5 PM

Also note, for all those attending, at 5 PM we will move over to the hotel bar to have the first big StatusCheck drink meetup in LA. If you can't make StatusCampLA, surely you can come and relax at do a StatusCheck!

Raise Your Communities Status

This is the first StatusCampLA and is the third StatusCamp after our successful StatusCampMontreal and StatusCampSF. We want to do more StatusCamps globally and encourage anyone interested in hosting their own StatusCamp. If you are interested, please do message or email I will personally help you get going and will even send you out some shirts and stickers to get started. You might even get Brion, Evan or another StatusNet'r to your city special delivery for the event.

What's your StatusNet? The hashtag for this event will be #statuscampLA

For more information please visit:


  • Friday, February 19th, 2010 from 10 - 5 PM



Los Angeles Airport Westin
5400 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90045
Phone: (310) 216-5858
Fax: (310) 417-4545
Hotel website

Concourse B,




Please E-mail to RSVP about your attendance!


  • @rejon
  • @brionv
  • @zach
  • @emmajane
  • Ryan Singer
  • raj
  • n8
  • Michael Fair
  • Add yourself!!!

Also see the facebook group page (what's the URL??)

External links

  • announcement coming soon!

Possible Topics

  • Status.Net Scalability
  • OMB: OpenMicroblogging (
  • Future of the StatusNet api
  • Other Free Network Services: building on or making new service
  • How micro-blogging (aka is changing the web & the world
  • Using to make change
  • Documentation sprint: we'll create a list of all the "pain points" that need to be documented
  • Microblogging and the Digital Humanities
  • Let's talk pain: in this session we'll brain storm a list of things that need to be documented for StatusNet admins, users (and other roles too)
  • Building #hashtag based communities of action, ie, (Peter Deitz)
  • Exploring the application of tags, micro-urls, and for change (initial idea: - Michael Lewkowitz)
  • Building Bots and agents that use
  • Location location location
  • Privacy
  • Third party integration (Plugin extention and)
  • Application for change use cases
  • Video integration
  • Language
  • Client developer advocacy
  • SMS
  • Bots
  • Themes
  • Virtual appliance
  • Micro syntax
  • Federation
  • Adoption
  • Support of IM networks
  • Open data application
  • Business and as a collaboration tool
  • Third party access to status stream feeds/firehoses - polling/streaming/api/atom/activity streams/?


We have 12-14 slots, so we need to plan them out!


10 - 11 AM Main Room

  • Status.Net + Daily Structure, organization, rejon (50 min)
  • Coffee & pick your sessions (10 min)

11AM - 12 PM Main Room

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12 - 1 PM

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1 - 2 PM Main Room


2 - 3 PM Main Room

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3 - 4 PM Main Room

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4 - 5 PM Main Room

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Hotel bar StatusCheck in the Westin lobby


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