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StatusNet 0.8.1 ("Second Guessing") is a minor bugfix and minor feature enhancement over its predecessor, 0.8.0. It is the first version of the software to use the "StatusNet" name.


The latest version of StatusNet is 0.8.1 ("Second Guessing"), available at:


These are some of the major changes in StatusNet 0.8.1:

  • Laconica has been renamed StatusNet. With a few minor compatibility exceptions, all references to "Laconica" in code, documentation and comments were changed to "StatusNet".
  • A new plugin to support "infinite scroll".
  • A new plugin to support reCaptcha <>.
  • A new plugin to auto-complete nicknames for @-replies and !-group references.
  • Configuration options to disable OpenID, SMS, Twitter, post-by-email, and IM.
  • Add an Openid-only mode for authentication.
  • Support for lighttpd <> using 404-based rewrites.
  • Support for using Twitter's OAuth authentication as a client.
  • 'lite' parameter for some Twitter API methods.
  • First version of the groups API.
  • Can configure a site-wide design, including background image and colors.
  • Improved algorithm for replies and conversations, making conversation trees more accurate and useful.
  • A script to create a simulation database for testing/debugging.
  • Sanitize HTML for OEmbed.
  • Improved queue management for DB-based queuing.
  • More complete URL detection.
  • Hashtags now support full Unicode character set.
  • Notice inboxes are now garbage-collected on a regular basis at notice-write time.
  • Attachment and notice pages can be embedded with OEmbed <>.
  • PostgreSQL schema and support brought up-to-date with 0.8.x features.
  • The installer works with PostgreSQL as well as MySQL.
  • RSS 1.0 feeds use HTTP Basic authentication in private mode.
  • Better (=working) garbage collection for old sessions.
  • Better (=working) search queries.
  • Better error handling when updating Facebook.
  • Considerably better performance when using replication for API calls.
  • Initial unit tests.
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