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Add on this page feature you really really want to see in or StatusNet.


Trending Topics

  • a way to display the trending topics instead of the tag clouds
  • for example the most talked about topic in the last 24 hours or popluar topic, just like twitter
  • very essential
  • a geo filter option to only view news within x miles of x zip code or user location


  • support geo tagging of statuses.
  • support PubSubHubbub (PuSH) for feeds
  • Create user using API (statusnet is not twitter!)
  • is_logged API check. check if thereis a log session for the actual browser user.
  • dunno if its feasiable, but a synch tool, like statusnet_user_id=anotherapp_user_id, this setted make synch if the email is changed in the another app, for example.

Broader/better federation

  • make nicknames/tags clickable in remote notices


  • Allow conversations to be pageable.
  • Provide RSS/API access for conversations or at least add a link to the conversation page in the main RSS 2.0 feeds when one is available.
  • Option to allow direct messagaes to everyone instead of subscribers. Important for in-company use.
  • Not sure if "pageable" would fix the problem with the longer (and often most interesting!) conversations, which is that they load and move extremely slowly. A thread with upwards of 20 responses often makes my browser freeze up. Granted, I'm usually on a netbook but that's probably not too unique of a situation.


  • in reply to should link to the post one really replied to, and not to the last one sent by that person. --March 17:07, 1 March 2009 (UTC)
It is suggested this is done in StatusNet 0.8.1.
  • Replies sent on should not double post to twitter by default (or maybe ever). The assumption that everyone has the same screen name on both services is inconsiderate at best.


  • LDAP integration - a plugin's being worked on in 0.9.x codebase
  • apache authentication - Use the REMOTE_USER variable to authenticate users and auto-create their accounts
  • A simple way of start a log session, instead of auth each api request. not oauth way, but a external login (form) tool.

Social networking

  • Subscription recommendations - Like Facebook, propose users to subscribe to. If several of my subscriptions are subscribed to a user I am not subscribed to, the system should suggest him to me. suggestions could also include users whose most used words are similar to mine. Other heuristics can be thought up, but the ergonomics of the Facebook suggestion system seems a good start.
  • Find your friends from other networks - Trawls your contact lists from sources such as Facebook friends, Twitter subscriptions or Google Contacts, look for them on service and suggest them as subscriptions.
  • Add genders and have a male/female default avatar.


  • Please reintroduce the display of long URLs while mouse-over short URLs. --March 18:51, 1 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Ability to use ajax for easy use of openID or plugins from 3rd parties like Authenticate users via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or other OpenID provider to increase site registrations.


  • Auto refresh the public timeline and allow the refresh period to be configurable. Would prefer if this was implemented like Twitters search page where the number of posts since your last refresh is displayed in a bar at the top and when you are ready you click the bar and the posts are redisplayed via AJAX/JSON call.
  • Provide a way to delete unused groups.
  • Do not allow the last/only admin to leave a group, or at least warn them that they are orphaning the group.
  • Have lib/error.php raise StartShowHeader and StartShowFooter events instead of performing an internal showHeader/showFooter function.
  • Some of those suggestions to make Twitter better could be applied to StatusNet: 10 features that will make twitter better --Payo 15:28, 2 March 2009 (UTC)
    1. Enable grouping of friends and followers
      • This suggestion seems to be for grouping your contacts the way you want so you can get filtered views of subsets of your subscriptions; StatusNet's current group feature works differently.
        • You can tag your friends, sort them by these tags and send notices to people tagged by you, maybe that is what you want? --Bavatar 05:02, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
    2. Auto Complete in Tweets
    3. Text links in tweets
    4. done Tweets-threading
      • A threaded view is implemented with the 'in context' feature
    5. Allow Tweets directed to a group of people ("group tweet")
      • We have the ability to send to other people in a particular group, but they have to join the group; you can't define your own group of contacts to send to. (see #1)
    6. Display meta data through hover tooltips
    7. Use the sidebar more effectively to display information
    8. done Add a page that displays tweets mentioning your username
      • StatusNet's replies page already works as suggested here.
    9. Highlight specific users, deemphasize others in feed
    10. done Add a Built-in URL shortener
      • Already done transparently for URLs that don't fit.
  • Administration interface that lets administrators see what users are there, what they posted, their post log, and moderation panel of posts. (I run StatusNet in a server that kids may see some coments and some words could be filtered, even if it has to be done manually.)
  • Ability to enable captcha's at the register page.
  • Protect my updates/dents. Only those you approve will receive your dents and will not appear on the public timeline.
  • Ability to Stop and Resume public timeline. Stop means stop pulling in dents at all from the server.
    • Allow to make this default by storing in cookie.
    • Stop by default if mobile devices are detected. Continuous running js can drain battery.
  • Provide ability to make a group private:
    • When sending a message to this group, it will only show up for the group members
    • Enter a group is permitted to Invitation or password

More subscription options

More subscription #tags

Federation options


  • It would be nice if there was a way to run StatusNet on a private network. That is, make sure things are not being broadcasted to the world, and only people allowed on the network can access it.
    • You can install StatusNet software on a private network
    • following successful installation and configuration you are advised that content and data are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license but I guess that the license for StatusNet software allows you to choose a license other than Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 for your content and data
    • highlights from StatusNet blog re: private microblogging using the hosted service: and
    • Get your status private as on Twitter. "Why Google should index all my status?!"
  • Is it possible to choose either a message to be public or only visible by my friends ? I want my message not readable by every body but only by my friends. ( kind of private conversation ).


  • Add RSS 2.0 and Atom as options for all search pages.
  • Publish the user name as author-property in RSS-items - currently, no author is given
  • Subscription option to rss (http:/mysite/rss.xml)
  • When applicable add a link to the conversation page in the RSS 2.0 feeds.
  • Be able to handle multiple RSS strems to mirror
  • Be able to add tags to that RSS streams without use external apps
  • Be able to update/publish the content of RSS streams manually

Hardware Gadgets

  • StatusPad - a digital picture frame that has its own account and display @ messages you send it. Use one of those for every meeting room. As a post-it board on every desk
  • StatusWall - the same electronics as StatusPad but with a VGA/HDMI connector so you can use a projector to display all messages on a big screen. Use clutter to have fancy effects
  • StatusPlug - A small wall-socket computer which runs as an embedded server. The server runs an instance of StatusNet as a status/microblog page.
  • StatusBox - A box containing 5 or 10 StatusPads, 1 or 2 StatusWalls and a StatusPlug. Barcamp/Conference kit out of the box.


  • Make a self contained virtual machine/appliance with + Ubuntu LTS Server + XMPP Chat + Sphinx Search + Twitter Bridge + Facebook, preconfigured. Something like the Turnkey Linux Project Appliances @ There will be two options to install, run it as a virtual machine on free software like VirtualBox, VMWarePlayer etc., or have it get installed as is from the ISO image
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