15 Alternative Ways to Say “As per Our Conversation” at Work

Exploring Best Alternatives for “As per Our Conversation”

Sometimes at work, you might want to refer back to a conversation you’ve had with a colleague. Instead of using the phrase “as per our conversation,” it can be helpful to have some alternatives:

  1. According to our discussion:
    You mentioned that the report should include more data, according to our discussion.
  2. Based on our talk:
    We decided to change the meeting time based on our talk.
  3. Following up on our chat:
    I wanted to follow up on our chat and confirm the new deadline.
  4. Per our conversation:
    Per our conversation, I’ve updated the presentation as you suggested.
  5. As we talked about:
    I’ve included the budget information, as we talked about.
  6. As mentioned earlier:
    The meeting agenda now includes your feedback, as mentioned earlier.
  7. In line with our previous discussion:
    I updated the project plan in line with our previous discussion.
  8. Reflecting on our communication:
    Reflecting on our communication, I’ve implemented the changes you recommended.
  9. Taking into account our exchange:
    I made the necessary adjustments to the proposal, taking into account our exchange.
  10. As discussed:
    As discussed, I’ve forwarded your feedback to the team.
  11. In accordance with our chat:
    In accordance with our chat, the deadline will now be on Friday.
  12. Pursuant to our talk:
    I made the revisions to the document, pursuant to our talk.
  13. Considering our conversation:
    I added the new data points, considering our conversation.
  14. Following our dialogue:
    Following our dialogue, I’ve scheduled a follow-up meeting.
  15. As we agreed:
    As we agreed, I have delegated the task to another team member.

These alternatives can bring variation to your communication and help you come across as more friendly and approachable.

When Giving Assignments

Instead of saying “As per our conversation,” when assigning tasks, you can use alternative phrases. For example:

  • “As we discussed earlier, please complete the report by Friday.”
  • “Following our talk, prioritize the client’s request.”
  • “As we agreed upon, you’ll be presenting at the meeting.”

When Soliciting Feedback

When you’re asking for feedback after discussing a topic with a colleague, you can opt for phrases like:

  • “Based on what we talked about, what are your thoughts?”
  • “Taking our discussion into account, any suggestions?”
  • “Considering our conversation, do you have any feedback?”

When Clarifying Instructions

To ensure everyone understands their responsibilities, you may need to clarify instructions. Use these alternatives:

  • “In light of our discussion, let me clarify your tasks.”
  • “Given our conversation, let’s review the steps.”
  • “Considering what we went over, here’s a recap of your duties.”

When Referring To Past Conversations

Sometimes, you may need to remind others of a past conversation. You can say:

  • “As we previously covered, the deadline is next week.”
  • “You may recall we talked about reaching out to the supplier.”
  • “As mentioned before, your performance review is coming up.”

Replacing “As per Our Conversation” in Emails

Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to refer back to a previous conversation in a follow-up email. Instead of using the classic phrase “as per our conversation,” try some of these alternative phrases to keep your emails fresh and engaging:

  • Referring to our recent talk:
    Example: “Referring to our recent talk, let’s move forward with the new marketing strategy.”
  • In line with our discussion:
    Example: “In line with our discussion, I have updated the sales projections for next quarter.”
  • Following up on our chat:
    Example: “Following up on our chat, I’ve completed the project outline and sent it to your inbox.”
  • As we agreed:
    Example: “As we agreed, I’ll handle the client presentation next week.”
  • In accordance with our conversation:
    Example: “In accordance with our conversation, the team will prioritize feature development for the upcoming release.”
  • As mentioned in our previous call:
    Example: “As mentioned in our previous call, we’ll need to reschedule the meeting to next month.”
  • Building on what we discussed:
    Example: “Building on what we discussed, I’ve devised a plan to streamline our internal communications.”
  • Taking into account our prior conversation:
    Example: “Taking into account our prior conversation, I’ve revised the proposal and incorporated your feedback.”
  • Touching base on our discussion:
    Example: “Touching base on our discussion, did you get a chance to review the budget proposal?”
  • Based on our recent exchange:
    Example: “Based on our recent exchange, I’ve reached out to the supplier for more information.”
  • Following up from our talk:
    Example: “Following up from our talk, have you made a decision on the software upgrade?”
  • Recalling our conversation:
    Example: “Recalling our conversation, I wanted to follow up on the progress of the database migration.”
  • From our last discussion:
    Example: “From our last discussion, I understand that you’ll be out of the office during the upcoming conference.”
  • As we touched on earlier:
    Example: “As we touched on earlier, we’ll be revising the project deadlines to accommodate the new requirements.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternatives to ‘as per our phone call’?

You can try using one of these alternatives:

  1. Referring to our phone call…
  2. Following our recent call…
  3. As we discussed on the phone…
  4. In light of our phone conversation…
  5. Based on our call yesterday…

How can I rephrase ‘as per our discussion’ in the meeting?

Consider the following options to rephrase this phrase:

  1. In line with our meeting discussion…
  2. As we agreed upon during the meeting…
  3. Building on the points from our meeting…
  4. Pursuant to the discussion we had in the meeting…
  5. With reference to the meeting conversation…

What are some friendly ways to say ‘as per our conversation’?

Here are some informal yet friendly alternatives:

  1. As we chatted about earlier…
  2. In regard to our chat…
  3. Remember when we talked about…
  4. Picking up from our friendly talk…
  5. Following our casual conversation…

How to refer to a recent conversation at work differently?

You can use these expressions to address a recent conversation:

  1. Per our recent discussion…
  2. In light of our latest conversation…
  3. Stemming from our previous talk…
  4. Given our recent exchange of thoughts…
  5. As mentioned during our last conversation…
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