250+ Best Core Values: Examples for 12 Industries



Part 1
Innovation & Media


1. Be your own customer
2. Empower individuals
3. Design is not a luxury
4. Good work takes time
5. Optimize towards ideals
6. Simplify


1. Innovation – that makes a difference
2. Caring – maintain respectful relations with customers, partners, suppliers, Digimarc employees and communities
3. Loyalty – work collaboratively with Digimarc employees, partners, suppliers and customers to solve problems and achieve goals
4. Integrity – exhibit honesty and integrity at all times
5. Commitment – dedicated to the success of our customers, partners, Digimarc employees and shareholders
6. Knowledgeable – be experts in our fields


1. Judgement
2. Communication
3. Impact
4. Curiosity
5. Innovation
6. Courage
7. Passion
8. Honesty
9. Selflessness


1. Champion the mission (by living the mission)
2. Be a Host
3. Simplify
4. Every frame matters
5. Be a Cereal Entrepreneur
6. Embrace the adventure


1. Innovative
2. Collaborative
3. Sincere
4. Passionate
5. Playful


1. Self-Improvement
2. Integrity
3. Idealism
4. Courage
5. Honesty
6. Unselfishness
7. Self-Discipline
8. Self-Respect
9. Accountability
10. Dedication to Others

Continental AG

At Continental, all employees share four fundamental corporate values. They form the roots of our corporate culture: Trust, Passion To Win, Freedom To Act and For One Another. We are convinced that only in an environment shaped by those values can essential and pioneering services, solutions and input be created.

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Our Values: Tech, Yeah!

We say YES to PEOPLE

We recognize the unique value and creative potential in everyone. Through programs, exhibits and events we commit to honor and support this potential by inspiring the innovator in everyone.


We value challenges because they produce innovations. We commit to approaching problems with enthusiasm and optimism.


We celebrate the power of technology to transform lives. We commit to helping people use technology creatively and ethically.

We say YES to FUN

We are passionate about our work and about working together. We can’t help but share this joyfulness with everyone.


We value the trust and respect of our community and coworkers. We commit to becoming a place where we do what’s right because we love what’s right.

Schibsted Media Group

We have integrity

Our company is based on a long tradition of independent news, information and transparent marketplaces. Trustworthiness and quality are absolutely essential – people must be able to trust all our products and services.

We are innovative

We embrace innovation, it’s at our core. We always put users’ needs first – we go the extra mile. Innovation can be anything from a brilliant new concept to a minor, but no less important, improvement in how we do things.

We are a team

We believe in a friendly and open attitude. We also believe in the strength of people and competencies coming together to achieve something great. The companies in our group can reach far better results together than alone.

We are here to win

We must always strive to be better than our competitors at understanding our customers and markets – that’s the key to our continued success.

JB Media Group

JB Media Company Values Defined


We’re dedicated to having a positive impact. We believe in a fair economy, social justice, and a healthy environment—and we bring passion to our work to advance these goals. We work with clients who are aligned with this vision. We strive to be the change we want to see, by creating a healthy and empowering workplace culture and by giving back to our home community of Asheville, NC.


We look for opportunities for growth, for our company and for our clients—and we go for it! We embrace change as we constantly learn, try new things, and connect with new people. We’re innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers, collaborating with our clients to find opportunities within challenges.


We strive to do the right thing for the client. We see ourselves as part of the client’s team, and we’re highly motivated to help them succeed. For every project, we align our strategy with the client’s goals, needs, and budget. If we’re not the best fit, we recommend vendors that can better serve the client.


We cultivate positive relationships with our team members, clients, and partners. We show respect, stand up for our own needs, communicate with courage, and show gratitude in our words and actions. As a team, we support each other through challenges and celebrations.


We are thoughtful about how we spend our time and energy. While we pursue excellence on the job, we also support each other to live our best lives—pursuing personal projects, spending time with loved ones, and recharging our energy. We are passionate and purpose driven; at the same time, we stay grounded, respect boundaries, and avoid burnout.


We’re always looking forward. We invest in the future we want for our company, our clients, our environment, and the communities we serve. We track trends and position ourselves at the leading edge of a constantly changing industry. We sustain our company’s success by building strong relationships and an excellent reputation. We work toward a vision for a better world.

Variable Media

We regard for our clients’ business as our business. We analyze and behave like business partners, not agency advisers. We share our clients’ aspirations, work vigorously to understand their reality, and align our incentives with their objectives — so they know we’re in this for the long haul.

Integrity & Transparency

We are a company that offers media and analytics services for client partners from initial audit to the campaign analysis recap.

Operational Excellence

The devil is in the details and ensuring our advertising operations are tested and re-tested before a dollar is spent is imperative for a successful campaign launch.

Staff Experience

Continue to educate internally as well as externally on experience-driven case studies and new platform creative and targeting strategies.

Data Analysis

Campaign variables are the connective tissue of every campaign. Variable Media evaluates all these critical data points generating valuable insight that improves campaigns.

Quality Service

Pride ourselves in our media quality and service to ensure our advertising partners are our best advocates for new clients.

Continuous Innovation

The digital ecosystem continues to evolve with each campaign. Variable Media is set to optimize with this evolution to provide the best marketing tools and strategies to our agency partners.

Dubai Government Media Group



Bell Media

As Bell Media grows and evolves, it’s important that we state and define our core values. Our core values are meant to be a guiding light in an ever changing business environment and will define how we conduct business for the next 100 years. We believe that in an effort to stay ahead of the curve, business strategies will always shift but these values should remain the same to help shape our culture, develop our team and define our company.

— Integrity
— Results
— Innovation
— Education
— Collaboration

Flow Communications

Integrity, Reliability and Transparency

We pride ourselves on our integrity
We pride ourselves on the quality of our work
We deal with our clients, our stakeholders and our people with the utmost transparency
We acknowledge mistakes honestly and without defensiveness, and rectify them promptly

Our People Are Our Most Important Asset

We treat each other with dignity and respect and acknowledge each other’s unique skills sets and contributions to the team
We support each other and behave as a team
We deal with conflict promptly and fairly
We recognise and appropriately reward our people

Leadership and Innovation

We are a restless organisation that is never satisfied and continually looks for new and better ways of doing things
We are willing to take risks to innovate and remain at the cutting edge
We are proactive in helping clients to identify, scope and integrate their communication needs to leverage the maximum benefit

Right Stuff Media

Right Stuff Media isn’t your ordinary online marketing services company. We take pride in our unique approach to our clients and follow a core set of values to ensure the most amazing experience for development and execution of your projects.

Personal Touch

Right Stuff Media focuses on the human touch that’s so often lacking in these high-tech times. We treat each client as part of the ‘family’ and we take your concerns as our own. Every person is different and this goes for businesses as well. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and no plug-and-play method when it comes to promoting businesses. Our long years of experience have taught us that.


Every relationship begins with trust and an appreciation for the common goals. In our interactions with our clients, partners, and families our commitment is to always do the right thing. When we’re entrusted with a client’s business, we take it very seriously. We will always take the long-term view, even if it’s not the most popular approach. In the end, the golden rule guides our business and we like it that way.


Whether the project is large or small, we believe in our clients having complete visibility as with which they are investing for their business. As we start-up an engagement, and on an ongoing basis as we continue our relationship, we ensure a fully understanding of accounts. We thoughtfully communicate any and all relationships between our company and others that may be involved in a solution, to ensure our clients understand how their solution is being developed and delivered.


Why make things more complicated than they need to be? We know that our clients have a hard time navigating the alphabet soup of Internet-speak. Marketing is still marketing, whether it’s online or off. It’s all about putting your product or service in front of the people who are hungry for it. We focus on keeping things as simple as possible so that you understand what we’re doing to advance your online presence.

Results Driven

Our methods focus on results. We measure our successes not by what we tried to do, but by what succeeded. Our approach is to start with the results you want for your business and work our way back to develop the concrete methods that will get you there.


When you hire a company to handle your marketing, you want to be actively involved in what they’re doing. That’s why at Right Stuff Media, we see each project as a collaboration. Our methods are transparent and we fully explain them to you in layman’s terms so that you can be a part of the process. After all, it’s your business. You should be in control.

Data-Based Decisions

👋 Free Online Tool for Teamwork - Status Platform

The devil is in the details, or many times hiding within the numbers. In God we trust, all others bring data. Our value to our clients is to help demystify the data that pertains to their project or campaign, whether its a simple goal funnel, or Facebook’s latest “insights” term, which has yet to be accepted into the English language.


The world of Internet marketing changes in the blink of an eye. There are always new traffic methods, changes to search engine algorithms, and cutting edge technology and trends. Yesterday’s methods no longer get results. We stay current on these changing trends online, so that you get the return on investment.

Spirit of Fun

You’ll find that the team at Right Stuff Media are friendly and laid back. We love what we do and it shows. Helping your business succeed is not only fun for us, it’s also one of the most rewarding feelings we could ask for.

Dentsu Aegis Network

Our values define what is important to us and how we do business. They are a shared set of beliefs, which drive our behaviour and bind us together beyond individual brands and geographies. As Dentsu Network and Aegis Media came together to create Dentsu Aegis Network, we engaged with our people to identify the values which made sure we retained the best of our collective heritages, created the opportunities to collaborate with Dentsu Inc. and would be critical to the successful delivery of our new vision. Our values are:

Agilewe need to be nimble, quick and flexible, thinking and acting differently
Pioneeringwe’re innovative, risk-taking self starters, building an industry legacy
Ambitiouswe have a trail-blazing and inquisitive culture where relentlessness and hunger are rewarded
Responsiblewe take individual and collective responsibility for our thoughts and actions
Collaborativewe work together globally to deliver a consistent brand experience and partner together locally to provide the best client solution

Our values permeate Dentsu Aegis through our behaviour both as individuals and companies. They determine how we work in partnership and through wider collaboration, how we approach our relationships internally, with existing clients and how we win new business. They also influence the way we hire new people, develop employees, review performance, evaluate reward and achieve promotion.



Performing above expectations, taking initiative and constantly working in line with Yara´s ambitions and personal goals.


Asking bold, brave questions; curiosity is the lifeblood of our culture. It is curiosity that builds knowledge and it’s the power of inquiry that led Yara’s three remarkable founders to head off an impending famine in the early 20th century.


Working together with mutual respect, partnership, and appreciation of all perspectives and approaches. The art of collaboration – both internally within Yara and externally with the rest of the world – amplifies our collective knowledge.


Being reliable, taking responsibility and always having Yara´s and society´s interests in mind when faced with tough decisions. Through accountability trust is earned.


Our people enjoy a personal stake in your continued success and take pride in what we do.

We’re here to serve our clients.

Our commitment to our clients is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture – and we go above and beyond every day to prove it. It’s in our DNA.

We get to know your business.

We keep abreast of what’s going on in your business and ours — so we can deliver the best marketing solutions possible.

We’re passionate about what we do.

We never lose sight of what matters most: our relationship with the client. We only succeed when our clients succeed.

We’re great to work with.

We like to have fun, but we’re serious about results. We have strong opinions, but no attitude. We know our craft, but are open minded and all ideas are welcome.

We are creative, but smart too.

We produce clever work, but always keep the objective of each campaign top of mind.

We do the right thing.

We recommend tactics that make sense, even if it means less money in our pocket. We find the most cost-effective means to achieve your goals.

We are results-oriented.

Pure and simple, that’s what we and our clients care about most – the bottom line! Cool, award-winning creative is great – but tangible results are even better. We strive for both.


Be Great

We bring it! We have an unrelenting drive to be great. We reach for awesome results, take pride in high-quality work, and deliver amazing customer service.


Our people are authentic and adhere to the highest level of ethics and integrity. We believe in doing what is right for our colleagues, customers, and shareholders, and we have the courage to address any issue in an honest and open manner.


We believe in transparency. We are committed to promoting open, two–way communication, so that every stakeholder knows here we stand and where we need to focus our energies to improve the company.

Take Action

We take action! We won’t wait. “That’s not my job” is never uttered. We jump on opportunities or challenges and are never afraid of unexpected outcomes.

Thought Leadership

We are passionate about thought leadership. As a go-to source for expertise in internet marketing, we like to turn confusion into understanding and complexity into a clear direction.

Winning Together

Our people have ambition for shared success. Everyone contributes and everyone is valued. Winning together transcends all aspects of WordStream.

Part 2
Social Networks and eCommerce


1. Focus on impact
2. Move fast
3. Be bold
4. Be open
5. Build social value


1. Focus on the user and all else will follow.
2. It’s best to do one thing really, really well.
3. Fast is better than slow.
4. Democracy on the web works.
5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer.
6. You can make money without doing evil.
7. There’s always more information out there.
8. The need for information crosses all borders.
9. You can be serious without a suit.
10. Great just isn’t good enough.


1. Grow our business in a way that makes us proud.
2. Recognize that passion and personality matter.
3. Communicate fearlessly to build trust.
4. Defend and respect the user’s voice.
5. Reach every person on the planet.
6. Innovate through experimentation.
7. Seek diverse perspectives.
8. Be rigorous. Get it right.
9. Simplify.
10. Ship it.


1. Excellence
2. Innovation
3. Customer Fixation
4. Teamwork
5. Community
6. Fun


1. Deliver WOW Through Service
2. Embrace and Drive Change
3. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness
4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
5. Pursue Growth and Learning
6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication
7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
8. Do More With Less
9. Be Passionate and Determined
10. Be Humble


1. Open company, no bullshit
2. Build with heart and balance
3. Don’t #@!% the customer
4. Play, as a team
5. Be the change you seek


1. Customer Obsession
2. Ownership
3. Invent and Simplify
4. Are Right, A Lot
5. Learn and Be Curious
6. Hire and Develop The Best
7. Insist on the Highest Standards
8. Think Big
9. Bias for Action
10. Frugality
11. Earn Trust
12. Dive Deep
13. Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit
14. Deliver Results


1. Our Members Come First
2. Relationships Matter
3. Be Open, Honest and Constructive
4. Demand Excellence
5. Take Intelligent Risks
6. Act Like an Owner


1. Innovative
2. Collaborative
3. Sincere
4. Passionate
5. Playful


1. We empower entrepreneurs.
2. We listen, we care, we serve.
3. We do what we say we’ll do.
4. We practice open, real communication.
5. We face challenges with optimism.
6. We check our egos at the door.
7. We innovate and constantly improve.
8. We do the right thing.
9. We believe in people and their dreams.


1. Deliver great customer service
2. Embrace and drive change
3. Create fun, be different
4. Be adventurous, open-minded, creative
5. Pursue growth and learning
6. Build open and honest relationships
7. Communicate!
8. Positive team
9. Family spirit
10. Do more stress less
11. Passion and determination
12. Be humble
13. Be respectful and grateful


Part 3


1. Genuine.
2. Exceptional.
3. Innovative.
4. Involved.


1. Passion means we use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others.
2. Courage means we are entrepreneurial and thus take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment.
3. Integrity means we are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.


1. Fanatical Support in all we do.
2. Results first, substance over flash.
3. Committed to Greatness.
4. Full Disclosure and Transparency.
5. Passion for our Work.
6. Treat fellow Rackers like Friends and Family.


1. Open company, no bullshit
2. Build with heart and balance
3. Don’t #@!% the customer
4. Play, as a team
5. Be the change you seek


1. Employees
2. Customer Service
3. Innovation
4. Integrity
5. Fun
6. Profitability


1. Innovation
2. Diversity and inclusion
3. Corporate social responsibility
4. Philanthropies
5. Environment
6. Trustworthy Computing


1. Respect for the Individual
2. Service to the Customer
3. Excellence Must Be a Way of Life
4. Managers Must Lead Effectively
5. Obligations to Stockholders
6. Fair Deal for the Supplier

Cirrus Logic

1. Continuous Improvement
2. Innovation
3. Integrity
4. Communication
5. Job Satisfaction


1. Fairness and generosity
2. Ethics and corporate citizenship
3. Communication
4. Collaboration
5. Respect, integrity and honesty
6. Innovation/thinking big and compliance


1. Ownership
2. Simplicity
3. Courage
4. Selectivity
5. Collaboration




Flexibility – customer-centric

We provide a flexible and practical approach to customer requirements.

Collaboration – build one team

We actively communicate to achieve the best results. Respect and acknowledge all stakeholders’ inputs and experiences by working together.

Innovation – challenge status quo

We believe that meaningful and productive deviations are the result of observing challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising our curiosity.

Respect – honour relationships

We treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognising the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and cultures and value their contributions in all aspects of the business.

Accountability – everyone is accountable

We accept responsibility for our actions and deliver on our promises. We make and support business decisions through vast experiences, good judgement, and ownership of outcomes.

NEC Australia Pty Ltd

We have six core values that guide the way we operate our business and interact with each other:

Customer focus

Our commitment to our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Our ability to genuinely listen, understand and meet our customers’ needs is a key differentiator and a critical success factor for our business.

Profitability and commercial outcomes

We must be profitable to provide the employment and development opportunities we all want.


To be a successful company, we recognise that leadership is a collective responsibility, not just the job of a few individuals.


We recognise that the integrity of our personal and business interactions affects our staff, customers, partners, shareholders and the community. It also defines how we think about ourselves, and ultimately how others see us.


Teamwork, respect, and open, honest communications define the way we work with our colleagues, customers and partners.


NEC is built on a foundation of innovation. It is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)


We facilitate collaboration that maximizes synergy.
We understand the needs of our stakeholders and are proactive in orchestrating partnerships that drive growths.


We embrace an enterprising spirit.
We think big and are bold in driving towards new horizons.
We are innovative in fostering entrepreneurs to develop products and services that will benefit our society.


We drive for excellence in our operation.
We execute with focus and agility to drive for sustainable growth and development; and we put safety and quality as our highest priorities.


We run our operation with integrity.
We always act ethically, treating everyone with honesty and respect, and we follow through on commitments we make.


We are proactive in engaging our stakeholders.
We understand their needs and will take the initiative to better serve them to create a brighter future for all.

Akzo Nobel N.V.

Customer focused
Deliver on commitments
Passion for excellence
Winning together

Bloomberg BNA

Our five values provide a framework for what we do and how we go about our work. They are:

Know your Customer
Work Hard and Smart
Do the right thing

Elbit Systems Ltd.

All employees are encouraged to demonstrate the Elbit Systems values in all they do and receive training and support to ensure complete understanding and alignment.

The following are Elbit System’s’ core values:

Customer Focused

We are attuned to our customers’ needs and respond to them with affordable, operationally proven, comprehensive solutions that offer a qualitative performance advantage.

Employee Excellence

Excellent people are the key to achieving our vision. We employ a world-class, motivated, team-spirited workforce, and create a dynamic atmosphere in which employees may flourish and reach their highest potential.

Innovation, Creativity and Technological Leadership

We foster an environment that nurtures innovation, creativity and technological leadership.

Teamwork and Synergy

Personal interaction and mutual trust form the basis for achieving our goals. In our complex world, cooperation and teamwork lead to synergy.

Leadership, Personal Responsibility and Accountability

We are committed to the success of our company through personal responsibility and leadership.

Honesty and Ethics

Honesty, respect and integrity are the key principles that guide us.

Social Sustainability

We contribute to the enhancement of quality of life and the environment of the communities in which we live and work through a variety of educational, social welfare and green activities.

DXC Technology Company

Our CLEAR Values guide our instincts and inform our actions.



Boundarylessness: We embrace the global nature of our business and encourage people to work collaboratively across business units, hierarchy and functions.

Customer focus: We have a passion for understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Innovation: We constantly look for new ideas and value “out-of-the-box” thinking.

Passion for winning: We are a high-energy, fast-moving, decisive organization, determined to outperform the competition.

Valuing our people: We put the highest priority on recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding people.


The values that drive our business and our people forward every day are:

Integrity: We mean what we say, we respect others and we do business the right way.

Empathy: We listen and see the world through the eyes of the customer.

Ingenuity: We find smart ways to make things work better and leverage technology in unique ways to solve our customers’ toughest challenges.

Collaboration: With each other, our customers and our suppliers, we put our heads together to get the job done.

Objectivity: We work with open minds and no bias – other than making our customers successful.

Know-how: Our technical and market expertise runs deep.


Our values help to ensure a consistent set of standards and behaviours throughout the Group. This is particularly important given the Group’s decentralised structure.

Our core values are:

Customer Satisfaction

SailPoint Technologies, Inc.

SailPoint’s success is directly tied to our Core Values, also known as the “Four I’s”: Innovation, Integrity, Impact, and Individuals. These are cornerstones to our corporate culture, and because they are independent of scale, they have served us well from our early days as a startup through today as a fast-growing global company.

Developing creative solutions to real challenges.

Our products and services deliver unique, compelling value to our customers and partners. In fact, we expect to have a significant, positive impact on the bottom line. We passionately strive to help our customers run their companies better and faster. Their success breeds our success.

Delivering on the commitments we make.

We understand what is expected of us and ensure that we have the resources to meet or beat that expectation. Because we empower our employees to do the right thing and place a high value on open communications, every person who works in or with our company knows they can depend on us to do what we say we’ll do.

Measuring and rewarding results, not activity.

We believe effort should not be confused with progress. We ensure that every person in our company understands what success looks like and how to get there. People succeed here based on the delivery of measurable results. And we expect people on our team to deliver those great results with a great attitude.

Valuing every person at SailPoint.

We believe that the single greatest asset of a software company is people. By treating everyone in our company as a person, not a number, we create a work environment that is responsive to needs both on and off the job. We take our business very seriously, but maintain a healthy sense of balance in our lives.


Our Values:

Shaping the Difference

Integrity – In our words and actions.

We never compromise our values in pursuit of business performance and success.

Excellence – In everything we do.

We work relentlessly to obtain the highest quality results through continuous improvement and flawless execution.

Customers – Exceeding expectations.

We are passionate about our customers’ success and strive to exceed their expectations every day.

Results – Focused on driving business growth and shareholder returns and rewarding performance.

We succeed as individuals and as a company when we grow our businesses and create shareholder value.

Innovation – Demonstrating initiative and creative thinking.

We challenge the status quo, embrace change and solve problems through innovation, agility and creative thinking.

Inclusion – Embracing diverse ideas and talent.

We realize that success comes from diverse ideas and talent working together to achieve our goals.

JDA Software

Our core values unite us. They make us unique and set us apart from our competitors. Our core values are what bind us together as one JDA. They are what we wake up in the morning believing in, and what carry us through our days. They are what drive our success – and the success of our customers.

RESULTS – We are obsessed with delivering customer value.

RELENTLESS – We relentlessly drive new learning and innovation.

TEAMWORK – We candidly and respectfully collaborate.

The Fujitsu Group

The Fujitsu Group’s “Corporate Values” contains a set of value statements for achieving our Corporate Vision.

What we value:


We respect diversity and support individual growth.


We seek to be their valued and trusted partner.

Business Partners

We build mutually beneficial relationships.


We seek to create new value through innovation.


We enhance the reputation of our customers and the reliability of social infrastructure.


Singtel’s Core Values underpin our desire to create a unity of purpose across the Group. They reflect our common aspiration to foster a performance-based culture that is open and innovative, and that promotes mutual trust and engagement.

Customer Focus

Our success is based upon our customer focus. We listen to, and connect with, customers and treat them with dignity and respect. By understanding and anticipating their needs, we make it easy for our customers to do business with us. We aim to offer them value and quality services to enrich lives and enhance business success.

Challenger Spirit

The creativity and innovation of our people set us apart. We look for better ways of doing business and share a passion for making a difference. When faced with challenges and opportunities, we do not say “Cannot” but ask “Why not?”. We are tenacious and we compete fairly.


By working as one team with shared goals, we believe we can achieve great things. We value ideas and contributions from everyone. We recognise, respect and value diversity in the team. We develop strong bonds by communicating and sharing knowledge. We encourage open discussion and commit to an agreed position. All of us have a part to play.


Our reputation is based upon our ability to fulfill promises to shareholders, customers and employees. We do so by being honest in our dealings, taking responsibility and being accountable for our actions. We treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. We are proactive in identifying issues and coming up with solutions. We ensure that the highest ethical standards guide us in making decisions.

Personal Excellence

Leadership and superior performance are achieved through the pursuit of personal excellence. We are committed to doing and being the best. We seek continuous improvement and take pride in what we do. We do things to the highest possible standards. We acknowledge the potential of the individual and create opportunities for all to grow and excel. Together, we celebrate our success and achievements.


Passion, innovation, integrity, accountability and an unflagging commitment to excellence are the core values that we carry into our work with our clients and reflect in our interactions, our brand and our leadership.

Raytheon Company

Raytheon’s Vision and Values are the foundation of our company. They serve as the roadmap for our accomplishments and the benchmark by which we measure our performance each year.

Our employees are so dedicated to our core values that many wear them with their badge cards.


DataCore Software is dedicated to creativity and innovation. We strongly believe in the concepts of Teamwork, Innovation, Fun, and Profit.

SPI Global


I uphold the highest standards of work ethic, honesty and morality;
I strive to conduct business with transparency and without thought of personal gain.
I stand by what is right and fair at all times.


I am responsible for my actions and all its outcomes.
I hold myself answerable to my superiors, as well as to my subordinates.
I take care of all that has been entrusted me, be it resources, talent or finances.


I care for the business and contribute to its success.
I genuinely empathize and care for the predicament, feelings, and motives of others.
I always make sure that I see the view from the other side of the fence.


I acknowledge that every individual, including myself, deserves to be treated based on competency and ability.
I celebrate successes and objectively recognize those that contribute to them.
I believe in equal opportunity and equitable recognition.


I recognize and celebrate diversity, similarities, differences in the organization
I accept that people have beliefs, rights, convictions, worth, contribution, and significance
I accept the opinion of others while working at a shared goal.

Johnson Matthey

Our values highlight what’s important to us, what makes us distinctive and they explain what it’s like to work at Johnson Matthey.

Health and safety is our priority
Ability and innovation
Recognition and development
Freedom to act
The best of big and small

Deltapath Inc.

Enterprises built to endure stand on a foundation of core values. Our values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.

Live our values

At Deltapath, we follow a set of core values to guide our actions toward one another and our stakeholders, and to serve as a guidepost in our ongoing quest for market position, growth, and profitability. We embrace these values as we strive to challenge the status quo and build the data centers of the future.

Here’s what we believe matters most:

Performance-driven: Relentless pursuit to win in the marketplace.
Differentiated innovation: We have meaningful impact on our customers’ businesses.
Collaboration: We value the contributions and development of our colleagues and customers.
Integrity: We lead from a position of trust, openness, and transparency.


Our values are integral to everything we do. Our values guide our business operations and reinforce our commitment to our customers and help us maximize the returns on our stakeholders’ investments. We stick to our core values: Innovation, Teamwork, Commitment, Excellence, Accountability and Respect.

Moravia IT

When you work with Moravia, you’ll notice that there we all share the same values. As a Moravia employee, you are:

Human: Down to earth, Respectful, Engaging

You treat your colleagues, partners and customers with respect, regardless of hierarchy or difference in opinion.
You are practical in your decision-making and engage in problem-solving.

Creative: Pro-active, Inventive, Active minds

You learn fast and eagerly.
You seek to understand the business we operate in, our strategy and our customers’ needs.
You have an open mind for improvements and generate ideas that can benefit our service delivery.

Reliable: Experienced, Transparent, Steady

You gain and share knowledge and information openly and proactively.
You deliver what you promise so your colleagues and customers can rely on you.

Determined: Focused, Passionate, Winning mentality

You inspire others with your drive and focus on excellence in delivery. You never give up.
You care about Moravia’s success and you celebrate wins.


Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.

Leadership: Transform and encourage to build a better & sustainable future
Collaboration: Leverage the power of collective thought
Integrity: Be real and truthful
Accountability: Make it your own task
Passion: Committed in heart and mind
Diversity: Keep it as inclusive & open as possible
Quality: Promise yourself that you are the consumer


The right combination of elements produces something powerful. Take what happens when talented people link together: individual minds react with each other and create knowledge, insight, expertise. The bonds are stable, the results predictable and reliable.

It’s called chemistry and it defines who we are.

Leadership – We guide our clients and colleagues to reach their fullest potential.
Accountability – We own our commitments and exceed expectations.
Passion – We accomplish extraordinary results through determination.
Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest standards and keep our promises.
Service – We support our community to leave a lasting legacy.


Honesty and integrity
Innovation and continuous improvement
Mutual trust and respect
Open communication
Ownership and accountability
Think: customer, company, individual


We have operated under the guidance of six core values:

We succeed through satisfied customers.
We deliver quality and excellence in all we do.
We require premium return on assets.
We use technology to develop market leadership.
We value and empower employees.
We behave responsibly as a corporate citizen.


Customer Focused: We exceed expectations through great discipline and ensure a world class customer experience.

Employee Satisfaction: Our greatest asset. We love and support our colleagues and operate without hierarchy.

Speed: Fast is better than slow but we will not compromise on quality.

Passionate: We strive for excellence, go the extra mile and have fun in what we do.

Humble: We constantly look to improve and never forget the importance of our customers and colleagues.

Integrity: We are consistent, honest and fair and always do what is right.

Discipline: In everything we do. We accept responsibility and deliver on all of our commitments.


Since its inception, NFF has been governed by its core values. They shape our culture and define the character of our company, and they guide how we behave and make decisions. Our values are:

Integrity: We act with honesty and integrity, never compromising the truth. We communicate openly and our actions are consistent with our words.

Respect: We treat our team members, customers, partners, and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions.

Unity: We are one company, one team. We believe that succeeding as one enterprise is as important as succeeding independently. Balancing empowerment and interdependence makes us strong. We will work together, building relationships to create ever-greater value for the customers we serve.

Open Communication: All team members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views. We are flexible, helping team members strike a healthy work and life balance.

Accountability: We accept our individual and team responsibilities and we meet our commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.

CXtec Inc.

Our Core Values define who we are and how we do business. These are the beliefs by which we guide our actions, set direction, and plan for our future every day.

We all believe…

…in the importance of honesty and integrity.

We must foster an ethical, direct, and honest relationship with all our stakeholders.
A trusting relationship with each other is a necessity.
We treat each other with respect, as we wish to be treated.
We will honor our commitments to each other, our customers and vendor partners.

…in the benefits of teamwork.

Every team member is an important asset; therefore, we continually strive to provide opportunities for growth and development of individual potential.
Partnering with and supporting our related companies will always be our first choice.
Partnerships with our customers and vendors are key to our mutual success.
We encourage employee participation in the growth, execution and improvement of our business.
We openly and continuously communicate our vision, mission and our progress.

…in the entrepreneurial spirit.

We foster an environment that is conducive to innovation and change.
We believe that growth and profits are the commitments that we have to our team and shareholders.
We believe in responsible risk-taking.
We accept mistakes as an important part of learning.
Work should be enjoyable and rewarding.

…in the benefits of investing in our future.

Continual learning is critical to our success.
We use our ingenuity and problem-solving skills to add value to the business
We make every effort to find the best overall value and return in all our investments
We will maximize technology to increase our productivity, delivering the best customer experience.
Creating an enjoyable work environment is key to our success.

…in the importance of being committed to our community.

.We will provide support to community organizations important to our teammates.
We recognize the importance of balance between family, work and community.
We encourage a sense of community within our organization, as well.


How we treat others…

Practice Good Stewardship – Be faithful and diligent with the investments and responsibilities we have been given
Treat All People with Respect – Every person has dignity and worth regardless of status or company affiliation
Benefit the Customer – Understand the customers’ needs and help them reach their goals
Benefit the Company – Others rely on you to do your part just as you rely on them

How we conduct ourselves…

Practice Humility – Don’t be arrogant; much of our success is rooted outside ourselves
Exercise Self-Control – Use wisdom and discretion in all words and conduct
Accept Responsibility – Take ownership of fixing the problem, not placing the blame
Act with Integrity – Protect the trust that others have placed in us and preserve their confidentiality
Tell the Truth – Speak only the truth regardless of who, what, when, or where

How we work together…

Acknowledge the Contribution of Others – Share the podium with those who played a part in your success
Work as a Team – Individual successes only count if they make the team and the company successful also
Uphold Leadership – Leaders are to be honored as servants to others and examples of our values
Speak the Truth in Love – Resolve issues with the other person honestly and directly, while always seeking their good
Help Others Accomplish Their Goals – Have the same ambition for others’ goals as you do for your own

Oasys Water

The team at Oasys Water is passionately committed to developing sustainable solutions that transform the world’s most challenging waters into valuable resources. This sense of purpose is deeply reflected in our core values. As a team and as individuals, we strive to always:

Think Forward
Be Excellent
Execute Safely
Create Value
Win Together


Quality – Our passion for impeccable, stellar products and services

Leadership – Our courage and determination to shape our future

Adaptability – To quickly and effectively change and grow with the global and regional market

Integrity – In our service and trustworthiness as a company

Accountability – Accomplishing what we promise

Nexus Group

To make this happen, we have created a common set of values and clear guiding principles, that allow us to follow our company compass and jointly strive for the same goal.

We care

At Nexus, we want to be trustworthy. We are humble, act with a long-term perspective and take responsibility. Our ambition is to understand our customers and colleagues needs in order to help out in the best way. Caring builds trust and confidence for us as individuals and our company.

This is how we care:

We always listen, trying to understand and being ready to help.
We trust each other, show confidence and act with integrity.
We have a genuine interest in people and respect everyone around us, both within and outside the company.
We show empathy in all situations and in every relationship with our colleagues and customers.
We strive to protect the environment and save the earth’s resources.
We aim to share joy as well as challenges and setbacks.

We innovate

We operate in a changing world, where technology development is extremely fast and where our customers are constantly experiencing new challenges. With this follows high demands and expectations for constant innovation. This matches our high ambitions to understand and keep up with existing needs. But we want more, we will challenge the conventional and already known. We will continue to deliver cutting edge technology and stay ahead of competition.

This is how we innovate:

We are proactive and foresee future challenges to anticipate how technology will affect our customers’ needs.
We challenge existing ideas and ourselves in order to solve business needs in new innovative ways.
We analyze and adopt new technology to innovate new products and solutions.
We are open minded and dare to be creative.
We are steadily striving to improve.
We push ourselves in order to search for creative solutions to any problem.

We are committed

To meet and exceed expectations are important prerequisites when success is created. Therefore, we are always prepared to go the extra mile when required. For us, responsibility is inspiring and challenges are natural driving forces that gives us energy and fuel to continuous improvement and to the appreciated deliveries.

This is how we are committed:

We take personal responsibility for our common success.
We keep our promises.
We are loyal and always there to do what needs to be done.
We believe in what we do – in short and long term.
We always deliver and reach our targets.
With focus and passion, we manage beyond expectations.


Here at Telstra, we have five core values.

Show we care
Work better; together
Trust each other to deliver
Make the complex simple
Find our courage

These are the values we stand for—the values by which we measure all of our actions.

And our values demand action. Being a values-led organisation means we must have the:

Willingness to take responsibility
Determination to never think, ‘I have no choice’
Desire to learn
Courage to challenge ourselves and others when values are not met

We know that we will not achieve our strategy unless we get our values right.

By putting those values into action, we will create a new kind of company — and create a brilliant connected future for everyone.


Act with integrity
Do it right the 1st time
Pursue best practices
Earn customer loyalty
Improve service levels
Be reliable & responsive
Increase flexibility for IT
Communicate with customers & partners
Enable customers to better manage costs
Provide fair & equitable treatment to transitioned employees
Minimize risks associated with outsourcing
Adapt to varying business demands


Safety and Health Stewardship…

Safety and health are an integral part of all our business activities. We believe that all safety incidents are preventable and our goal for them is zero.

Customer Satisfaction…

We ensure that the highest level of quality service and product conformance are delivered flawlessly to our customers knowing that this is key to the success of our business.


We will continue to be the leading “one source” provider of technology enabled asset protection solutions. We practice leadership and integrity in all areas of our business including diversity in our people and sophistication in our products, services and software.

Our Employees…

We understand that our people are key to our success and everything we do reflects on their integrity, skills, ethics and commitment, and in return, they deserve to be treated fairly and with trust and respect.

Enhancing Shareholder Value…

By meeting our core values, we will be able to increase and maintain profitable growth and enhanced shareholder returns.

SPX Corporation


Do what’s right, the right way. Both the “what” and the “how” matter.


Take ownership. Create understanding and develop solutions by communicating with data and transparency.


Exceed customer expectations through active engagement, relentless focus, and a passion for innovative solutions. Drive constant improvement in everything we do.

Team Work

Engage. Have fun. Make others successful. Our strongest asset is the power of “we”.


Make an impact. Focus on what matters. Deliver on commitments.


Treat ourselves and our customers with respect.
Be creative and resourceful.
Respect data and make human decisions.
Be open to change and maintain flexibility.
Celebrate and enjoy the journey.


Part 4
Travel & Accomodation

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

1. Supporting Sustainability
2. Building Communities
3. Advancing Cancer Research

Southwest Airlines

1. Work Hard
2. Desire to be the best
3. Be courageous
4. Display urgency
5. Persevere
6. Innovate
7. Follow The Golden Rule
8. Adhere to the Principles
9. Treat others with respect
10. Put others first
11. Be egalitarian
12. Demonstrate proactive Customer Service
13. Embrace the SWA Family
14. Have FUN
15. Don’t take yourself too seriously
16. Maintain perspective
17. Celebrate successes
18. Enjoy your work
19. Be a passionate Teamplayer
20. Safety and Reliability
21. Friendly Customer Service
22. Low Cost

Virgin Airlines

1. We think customer
2. We lead the way
3. We do the right thing
4. We are determined to deliver
5. Together we make the difference

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific

Our values of Integrity, Leadership, Innovation and Growth act as
guiding principles that lead us to achieve our mission of enriching people’s lives through Count On Me! service, great destinations and memorable experiences.

👋 Free Online Tool for Teamwork - Status Platform


Our core values make us who we are. As we change and grow, the beliefs that are most important to us stay the same—putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and serving our world. Being part of Marriott International means being part of a proud history and a thriving culture.

– We Put People First

“Take care of associates and they will take care of the customers.”

– We Pursue Excellence

Our dedication to the customer shows in everything we do.

– We Embrace Change

Innovation has always been part of the Marriott story.

– We Act with Integrity

How we do business is as important as the business we do.

– We Serve Our World

Our “spirit to serve” makes our company stronger.


Part 5
Finance and Insurance


1. Stewardship
2. The Best People
3. Client Value Creation
4. One Global Network
5. Respect for the Individual
6. Integrity

Pinnacle Financial Partners

1. Integrity
2. Fairness
3. Learning
4. Partnership
5. Results
6. Balance
7. Discipline


1. Integrity and ethical values
2. Direct, open, and honest communication
3. Commitment to clients
4. Product quality and reliability
5. Continual self-improvement / self renewal
6. Having fun
7. People as the source of our strength
8. Team-orientation / commitment to each other
9. Creativity / innovation / risk-taking
10. Strong work ethic

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P.

KKR’s founders established a culture based on their own partnership and lifelong friendship. We partner with whom we do business and maintain a shared sense of ownership across the firm. Today these core values remain ingrained in every aspect of our organization. They are also reflected by the values we live by:


Teamwork is at the heart of how we operate. We take enormous pride in our one-firm approach, operating proactively and collaboratively across businesses and geographies to achieve the best possible results. We continually look to help one another and work together towards common goals. We know from experience that we can achieve much more collectively than any of us could individually. In keeping with this approach, every employee at the firm has an equity interest in KKR and shares in our success.


We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do. Our reputation — as individuals and as a firm — is paramount. Our word is our bond – “we say what we mean and we do what we say.” As a learning organization, we are self-critical — acknowledging our mistakes and trying always to learn from them.


People do business with people they like and trust. As a relationship-driven firm, we are deeply committed to building and sustaining long-term internal and external partnerships, grounded in trust and transparency. We know it takes years to build a strong partnership and reputation, while they can be ruined in just a few minutes. We seek continually to understand and align the interests of all stakeholders, and we treat everyone with fairness, compassion, and respect. We believe that “arrogance kills” and has no place at KKR.


We readily accept accountability for our actions, inactions and decisions, both individually and as a firm. We also embrace the implied responsibilities of our one-firm approach: the obligation to speak up and say what we think and to respect and listen to our colleagues. We have the institutional and personal fortitude to say “no,” even at the eleventh hour. We deliver on our commitments — to our stakeholders, our partners, and one another.


We are determined to be innovative: questioning accepted wisdom, creating new ideas, offering new approaches, and never resting on our laurels. We are self-starters with a willingness to take prudent risks and find creative solutions to our stakeholders’ needs. We work passionately to retain the entrepreneurial spirit that created our firm and to fight against organizational politics and bureaucracy.


We aspire to be the best at what we do and to lead by example. We set high personal and company standards, and then consistently try to exceed them. We attract self-motivated, highly capable, results-oriented people and invest heavily in their development. Our focus on impact and results creates a vibrant and meritocratic environment, directly linking individual performance with the firm’s success.


We see tremendous value in and are strongly committed to having a well-rounded, inclusive workplace – one that is reflective of the investors we serve, the companies and other stakeholders with whom we partner, and the communities in which we live and conduct business. We strive to attract, develop, retain, and promote the best possible talent – women and men of all ethnicities and sexual orientations. We believe a team comprised more fully of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and insights will make us a stronger and more effective organization.

Cytonn Investments

Cytonn exists to serve the interest of our clients. We do this by creating innovative and differentiated financial solutions that speak very directly to the needs of our clients. To do this well, we hold the following dear:


We go to great lengths to identify, train, motivate and retain the very best people we can get. To deliver the best service and the best return to our clients, we have to attract the best people who are drawn to tackling challenging issues and excel.


We demand excellence in all that we do and we are always looking for better and faster ways of serving our client. When clients experience collaborating with us, we want them to feel the difference and get uncommon solutions and results.

Client Focus

In order to do well in the long-term, we have to do what is in the best interest of the client, always. This requires a firm commitment to integrity and adhering to our business standards.

High Performing Culture

Once we have the best people, we continuously design our culture to bring out the best in each individual in order for them to reach their full potential from both an individual and team perspective. We give enormous opportunity and responsibility, but equally demand accountability.


We are never content with the tried and tested approach to serving our clients. We are always curious about how to better serve clients and deliver the best returns through innovation and creativity.

Societe Generale

Team spirit, innovation, responsibility and commitment are the core values shared by all Societe Generale employees. These values are central to our vision of a relationship-focused bank committed to serving its customers.

Intact Financial Corporation

Living Our Values, as approved by our Board of Directors in November 2009, sets out our commitment to acting with integrity and with the highest of ethical standards. It replaces our previous Code of Conduct.

Living Our Values is organized according to five core values: integrity, respect, customer driven, excellence and socially responsible.

We behave with integrity

We demonstrate the highest ethical standards of personal conduct.
We behave with honesty, integrity, openness and fairness when dealing with each other, customers, partners and governments.

We respect each other

We value the diversity of our people and their dreams.
We foster an environment conducive to personal growth and development and to new opportunities.
We recognize and value the contribution each of us and our teams are making to our success.

We are customer driven

We listen to customers, understand their needs, offer the best solutions and deliver on our promises.
We make it easy for customers to deal with us.
We go beyond expectations and always deliver an outstanding experience.

We strive for excellence

We are disciplined in our approaches and our actions, which is why we excel in all of our businesses.
We embrace change and the opportunities it creates, encourage innovative thinking and always seek to improve.
We value and reward high performance and success.
We provide high value to our shareholders.

We are socially responsible

We respect the environment and its finite resources.
We believe in making the communities where we live and work safer, healthier and happier.
We encourage the involvement and citizenship of all our employees.

Hong Leong Group


To consistently provide goods and services of the highest quality at affordable prices


To pursue management vision and foster entrepreneurship


To nurture and be committed to innovation


To conduct business with honour

Human Resource

To enhance the quality of human resources as the essence of management excellence


To ensure oneness in purpose, harmony and friendship in the pursuit of prosperity for all


To improve existing operations and to position for expansion and new opportunities

Social Responsibility

To create wealth for the betterment of society


Our shared values are timeless. They succinctly describe the core principles that distinguish the Deloitte culture.


We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation, and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are. We demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable, responsible business practices.

Outstanding value to markets & clients

We play a critical role in helping both the capital markets and our member firm clients operate more effectively. We consider this role a privilege, and we know it requires constant vigilance and unrelenting commitment.

Commitment to each other

We believe that our culture of borderless collegiality is a competitive advantage for us, and we go to great lengths to nurture it and preserve it. We go to extraordinary lengths to support our people.

Strength from cultural diversity

Our member firm clients’ business challenges are complex and benefit from multidimensional thinking. We believe that working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps our people grow into better professionals and leaders.

CDC Pakistan

Our corporate values represent the core priorities in the organization’s culture. Adherence to these values makes it possible for us to continue on the road to sustainable development. Dispensing with our corporate responsibility, we are able to honour our commitments to clients, partners & shareholders and; to our most valuable resource, our employees.


Reliable & trustworthy for all our stakeholders.
Ensure integrity and security of information.


Fair & honest in all our dealings.
Take responsibility for our actions.
Strive to perform to the best of our abilities.


Policies & procedures are clearly defined, well communicated and applied equally to all.
Make adequate disclosure of company information.
Strong adherences to the best practices of Corporate Governance.


Build strong relationships within and across functions.
Share ideas / best practices and value diversity.
Communicate candidly and on an ongoing basis within team.

Capital Impact Partners

As a mission-driven lender, our core values are the foundation of the work we do each and every day. They shape our culture. They underlie our decisions and actions. They guide our relationships with borrowers, partners, investors, staff and the communities we serve. Simply put, our values inspire us to do our best every day to achieve our mission and vision.


We speak with candor even when our position may be uncomfortable


We look beyond the obvious to meet challenges head on.


We seek out and actively listen to different perspectives.


We are tireless advocates for our mission.


Create and Maintain a Positive Environment

Our Team Members are committed to an inclusive, fun and balanced environment, which is expressed through a profound sense of purpose and passion for Customer Service.

Creative Solutions

We strive to find solutions to the diverse needs of our stakeholders, including Team Members, Customers, Bankers, and Vendors. We accomplish this by constantly investing in new systems, optimizing technology and challenging our staff to think outside the box, while never forgetting the lessons learned from our vast experiences.

Keep It Short and Simple

We embrace clarity and simplicity. We focus on what matters. We separate ourselves from traditional lenders and other Factoring Companies by eliminating the red tape that is common in the finance industry.

Move It Forward

We minimize “wheel spinning” and focus on resolution.

Help Our Customers Succeed

We believe in getting our customers paid for the hard work they do.

McKinsey & Company

Adhere to the highest professional standards

put client interests ahead of the firm’s
observe high ethical standards
preserve client confidences
maintain an independent perspective
manage client and firm resources cost-effectively

Improve our clients’ performance significantly

follow the top-management approach
use our global network to deliver the best of the firm to all clients
bring innovations in management practice to clients
build client capabilities to sustain improvement
build enduring relationships based on trust

Create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people

be nonhierarchical and inclusive
sustain a caring meritocracy
develop one another through apprenticeship and mentoring
uphold the obligation to dissent


In PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems.


KPMG’s global values define us as a firm for ourselves, for our clients, and for the marketplace. Our values describe who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Our values also help us attract and keep quality people, develop relationships with the appropriate clients, and protect and enhance our reputation. We aim to incorporate them into our relationships with our clients and colleagues so that they are reflected in the work we do every day and in the relationships we have with each other and with our clients.

The PNC Financial Services Group

Performance: We strive for excellence in all that we do.

Customer Focus: We understand our customers’ needs, seek to deliver an exceptional experience and provide insight to help them achieve their financial goals.

Respect: We trust the capabilities, character and judgment of our colleagues and empower them to make decisions.

Integrity: We are honest and conduct business with the highest ethical standards.

Diversity: We recognize the value of our differences and endeavor to create an environment where every employee is engaged and has the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the success of the company.

Teamwork: We work together to achieve our goals and to celebrate our successes.

Quality of Life: We advocate for the physical, financial and personal well-being of our employees, customers and communities, and we support the pursuit of work-life balance.


1. Being honest
2. Collaborating
3. Treating everyone with respect and dignity
4. Delivering on our promises
5. Always exceeding expectations

The Progressive Group


We revere honesty. We adhere to high ethical standards, provide timely, accurate and complete financial reporting, encourage disclosing bad news and welcome disagreement.

Golden Rule

We respect all people, value the differences among them and deal with them in the way we want to be dealt with. This requires us to know ourselves and to try to understand others.


We strive to communicate clearly Progressive’s ambitious objectives and our people’s personal and team objectives. We evaluate performance against all these objectives.


We strive constantly to improve in order to meet and exceed the highest expectations of our customers, agents, shareholders, and people. We teach and encourage our people to improve performance and to reduce the costs of what they do for customers. We base their rewards on results and promotion on ability.


We seek to earn a profit by offering consumers products and services they want. Profit is how the free-enterprise system motivates investment and rewards companies that consistently create value.


Part 6
Food & Beverage

Ben and Jerry’s Ice-Cream

1. We strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

2. We strive to show a deep respect for human beings inside and outside our company and for the communities in which they live.

3. We seek and support nonviolent ways to achieve peace and justice. We believe government resources are more productively used in meeting human needs than in building and maintaining weapons systems.

4. We strive to create economic opportunities for those who have been denied them and to advance new models of economic justice that are sustainable and replicable.

5. We support sustainable and safe methods of food production that reduce environmental degradation, maintain the productivity of the land over time, and support the economic viability of family farms and rural communities.


1. Leadership: The courage to shape a better future
2. Collaboration: Leverage collective genius
3. Integrity: Be real
4. Accountability: If it is to be, it’s up to me
5. Passion: Committed in heart and mind
6. Diversity: As inclusive as our brands
7. Quality: What we do, we do well


1. Integrity
2. Accountability
3. Passion
4. Humility
5. Simplicity
6. A focus on success


1. It is our nature to innovate.
2. Nike is a company.
3. Nike is a brand.
4. Simplify and go.
5. The consumer decides.
6. Be a sponge.
7. Evolve immediately.
8. Do the right thing.
9. Master the fundamentals.
10. We are on the offense – always.
11. Remember the man. (The late Bill Bowerman, Nike co-founder)”

Starbucks Coffee

1. Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.
2. Acting with courage, challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and each other.
3. Being present, connecting with transparency, dignity and respect.
4. Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.

Clif Bar


Fan Milk Limited

Our core values are:

• Socially responsible
• Pioneering and innovative
• Developing a high calibre and motivated staff
• Providing nutritious and refreshing products
• We stand for quality

Compass Group

These set out what we collectively believe in and guide our behaviours

Openness, Trust and Integrity

We set the highest ethical and professional standards at all times. We want all our relationships to be based on honesty, respect, fairness and a commitment to open dialogue and transparency.

Passion for Quality

We are passionate about delivering superior food and service and take pride in achieving this. We look to replicate success, learn from mistakes and develop the ideas, innovation and practices that will help us improve and lead our market.

Win Through Teamwork

We encourage individual ownership, but work as a team. We value the expertise, individuality and contribution of all colleagues, working in support of each other and readily sharing good practice, in pursuit of shared goals.


We take responsibility for our actions, individually and as a Group. Every day, everywhere we look to make a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of our customers, the communities we work in and the world we live in.

Can-do Safely

We take a positive and commercially aware “can-do” approach to the opportunities and challenges we face.

McCain Foods

As a global business, McCain operates to Core Values that guide behaviour and business interactions:

Authentic – be real, open and informal.

Committed – have the courage and standard for a better company, a better world, a better you.

Trusted – do the right thing. Build genuine relationships with our customers, stakeholders and each other.




In 100 years, AVEVE has succeeded in creating the AVEVE spirit, a corporate culture with unique and solid values. AVEVE people are customer-oriented, supply quality products and services, work with sustainability in mind, think innovatively and act with integrity. Day after day they contribute to maintain the AVEVE spirit by implementing AVEVE’s core values effectively.

Customer orientation

AVEVE is customer-focused, knows its customers’ needs and meets them with the appropriate attitude, products and services.


AVEVE meets its customers’ expectations by providing optimum products and services.


AVEVE innovates by permanently updating and improving knowledge and expertise and by sharing them with its customers.


AVEVE thinks long term, operates carefully with a sound balance between man, environment and economic yield.


AVEVE is honest and reliable. As a loyal partner it is highly committed to thoroughness and correctness.

The Original Cakerie

Our company Values guide how we work with our customers, each other and are the foundation for shaping our company culture. The Original Cakerie’s Values are:


We assume personal responsibility for our actions and for shaping our workplace.


One company, one team, one vision.


Our integrity has no room for error and our actions will demonstrate trust, respect and pride.

Continuous Improvement

We have the courage and determination to be innovative. We take risks in the pursuit of excellence.

Passion & Drive

Our passion fuels the pursuit of change and our desire to be the very best.

Customer Service

We exceed the expectations of those we serve. We work together to produce extraordinary results.

Delaware North

In over 100 years of operation, we’ve seen our share of changes. But at least one thing is constant: our integrity, the value our clients mention most often when speaking about Delaware North. Add a few other old-fashioned qualities like hard work, determination, service, generosity and honesty, and you begin to get the picture.

From the beginning, we’ve embraced our clients, our customers and our dedicated associates, who continually achieve new levels of success in delivering hospitality across the globe.

Our founders figured out early on not only is it possible to be ethical and successful, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Every generation of the Jacobs family has embodied the ideal of our founders and inspired us to do the same.

That’s our heritage. Our corporate values. And the Delaware North difference


Part 7
Construction and Production

Tetra Pak

Our core values define our culture and ‘the way we do things around here’. They inform our behaviour internally and externally; uniting people from different cultures, countries and backgrounds; enabling us to treat each other with mutual respect, and helping us work harmoniously together at Tetra Pak.

Our core values consist of four pairs:

Customer Focus & Long-Term View

We ensure we add value and inspire our customers because we recognise that they come to us by choice. We dare to lead with a focus beyond tomorrow and take opportunities to learn and grow.

Quality & Innovation

We do not compromise on quality. We relentlessly drive for better, fit-for-purpose solutions and breakthrough innovations.

Freedom & Responsibility

We have the freedom to take initiative and act decisively in the best interests of Tetra Pak and our customers. We take responsibility for our actions and contribute to the communities in which we operate.

Partnership & Fun

We respect and rely on one another and all our stakeholders for exceptional results. We enjoy working together and celebrating our achievements.

Dilawri Group of Companies

Dilawri Group of Companies and its employees are guided every day by a set of values that serve as the foundation for how we operate.

Passion for Excellence

To be the best, all the time.

Customer Focused

We ensure every customer is satisfied.


We promote an environment of collaboration and respect.


We are professional, ethical, honest and accountable.

Willingness to Grow

We continuously innovate and improve.

Make a Difference

We support the communities we serve.

The Auto Dealer CPAs

Members of the Executive Committee have identified the following organizational values:

Knowledge & Information
Automotive Dealership Industry Expertise
Valuable Resources
Integrity Among Members
Reciprocal Networking
Participation and Contributions
A Reputation of Excellence


A value statement identifies a field of play in which an organization must operate to allow it to move quickly toward its vision.

Trust and Respect: Our greatest asset is our team members. Open and honest communication will build trust and allow the contribution of individual strengths to the improvement of the team.

Commitment: We are committed to being the best. There is no place for half-hearted efforts. We will choose measurable goals and work diligently to achieve them and celebrate our successes.

Supportive Environment: In our environment everyone, team members and Customers, are cared for, supported, and treated in a fair and reasonable manner.

Safety: Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of our Customers and team members. If an unsafe condition is noticed it is each and every team member’s responsibility to see it is resolved.

Personal Responsibility: Team members take ownership of their actions. We accept the responsibility, accountability, and authority to overcome obstacles and reach beyond the best. We will work objectively to resolve issues quickly and completely. We will contribute to the solution.


Today, we’re still as focused as ever on our three core values: safety, quality and care for the environment.

Protecting what’s important. Making people feel special. And taking pride in helping the world become a better place for all.


Our core values are the pillars that support our Mission statement. They form the rock solid foundation that guides our individual and collective actions. These core values are intertwined so that each supports the other.


We always strive to do the right thing. Our commitment to the truth is unwavering, both in actions and in words.


We only exist to serve our internal and external customers, so their concerns are always at the forefront of our business. We will serve our clients with a genuine humility that leaves no doubt that they are the sole focus of all of our endeavors.


A personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving key results: to See it, Own it, Solve it, and Do it. Doing it right the first time is not our goal, but our standard. We will hold ourselves responsible for this attention to detail in all of our duties.


We are a dynamic organization that constantly seeks areas of growth and innovation. This growth starts at the personal level and continues into all aspects of our business.


Teamwork is our individual actions, brought together for our common purpose, which subordinates our individual needs to the needs of the group. We put aside our individual needs to work towards and accomplish the larger group objective. We cooperate, using our individual skills, and provide constructive feedback despite any personal conflict between individuals.


Fun is key to an enjoyable workplace. It encourages energetic contributions from our team members and creates an upbeat environment for our internal and external customers that helps differentiate us from our competition!

Johnson Electric

Johnson Electric prides itself on a set of shared core values and commitments that together form the foundation to everything we do. The first initial of each of these values together spell the word “MARBLE” which is the acronym Johnson Electric employees use internally when referring to our values statement.

” M A R B L E “

Make customers successful

Delivering what our customers need, when they need it, is the primary goal of Johnson Electric. We are committed to make our customers successful in their business, as the basis for long-term success in our business.

Attract and develop great people

Johnson Electric aims to offer its people a superior career development experience that rewards results, enterprise, coaching and teamwork. We employ more than 40,000 worldwide and recognize that our business thrives on the diversity of our people and their ideas.

Reach higher

Johnson Electric people set stretched goals for themselves to drive business growth and personal career fulfillment. We know from experience that bold thinking and bold action will bring about extraordinary results.

Believe in practical solutions

Johnson Electric is driven by shop-floor practicality and a positive “can do” mindset. We seek to turn innovative ideas into cash flow by working quickly as a team and refusing to be stalled by complexity.

Lead by example

Johnson Electric believes that good corporate citizenship requires uncompromising standards of integrity, openness, and fairness. We are committed to demonstrating leadership wherever we do business through the promotion of a safe and healthy environment for our people and the local community.

Excel in execution

Johnson Electric’s customers expect the highest standards of quality and performance. We work not only to meet those expectations but also to exceed them through continuous cycles of learning.


Core Values:

Openness to feedback and criticism
Being a team player


Core value of Nissan’s R&D programs: “Trusted driving pleasure

Nissan’s orchard has four areas: the environment, safety, dynamic performance and life on board*. We create original value in each of these four areas in order to provide our customers with “trusted driving pleasure.” Life on board refers to all things that take place in a vehicle, from the time a user enters the vehicle, prepares to drive, actually drives, and until the user exits the vehicle.


World class production quality
Achieving the ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction
Being seen as the best employer
Fostering the spirit of teamwork
Inculcating ethical and honest practices

Group 1 Automotive, Inc.

Integrity – We conduct ourselves with the highest level of ethics both personally and professionally when we sell to and perform service for our customers without compromising our honesty.

Transparency – We promote open and honest communication between each other and our customers.

Professionalism – We set our standards high so that we can exceed expectations and strive for perfection in everything we do.

Teamwork – We put the interest of the group first, before our individual interests, as we know that success only comes when we work together.

Car Service City

In a service business, we are only the company we aspire to be with dedicated and talented people.

Company culture is an important characteristic of Car Service City.

We are a customer orientated business
We act with integrity and are honest about our work in order to be fair and ethical

Accountability to our customers, franchisees and employees, is clear.

Our passion and commitment from our staff set us apart, and therefore we select employees for the long term
Skills development, performance rewards and participation in a safe and healthy working environment is offered to all employees
Continuous improvement at the branch level from a hands-on involved head office



You can always rely on us and our network.


Always evolving with your needs.


All our actions are open and transparent.


Expertise that ensures utmost efficiency.


Your safety is our number one priority.


The core values Prestman Auto are those values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves. Core values are not descriptions of the work we do or the strategies we employ to accomplish our mission. These values underlie our work, how interact with each other, and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. These core values are the basic elements of how we go about our work. They are the practices we use every day in everything we do at Prestman Auto:

We beleive in the

AUDACITY to reject mediocrity
INSTINCT to protect what matters
VISION to consider every detail
FORESIGHT to take responsibility
DRIVE to outperfrom expectations


The core values comprise the code of conduct for employees and the organization at large. They also represent the corporate culture we strive for and the promise we make to ourselves and stakeholders. We become one by sharing the same values and applying them consistently in our decision making processes. Kia Motors will tackle challenges head on through mutual cooperation and respect while fulfilling our pledges and embracing talent and diversity to build a distinct corporate culture.

CUSTOMER We promote a customer-driven corporate culture by providing the best quality and impeccable service with all values centered on our customers.

CHALLENGE We refuse to be complacent, embrace every opportunity for greater challenge, and are confident in achieving our goals with unwavering passion and ingenious thinking.

COLLABORATION We create synergy through a sense of “togetherness” that is fostered by mutual communication and cooperation within the company and with our business partners.

PEOPLE We believe the future of our organization lies in the hearts and capabilities of individual members, and will help them develop their potential by creating a corporate culture that respects talent.

GLOBALITY We respect the diversity of cultures and customs, aspire to be the world’s best at what we do, and strive to become a respected global corporate citizen.



We believe that business should be done in a fair, honest and transparent way. Everything we do must stand the test of public scrutiny.


Respect, compassion and humanity: we care about our customers and colleagues all over the world.


‘Good enough’ is never good enough. We aim for the highest standards possible in the way we work and in the quality of our cars, products and services.


Success is a result of building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our colleagues, partners and customers all over the world.


We are always responsible to the countries, communities and places we work. Our aim is to ensure everyone benefits from working with us.

Hendrick Automotive Group

Hendrick Automotive‘s mission is to be the premier quality vehicle retailer in the world, providing the best opportunities for our team members, customers, communities and the manufacturers we represent.

Hendrick Automotive Group has achieved its mission and remains the industry’s leader by following the Hendrick Advantage, a set of core values which the company stands by.

The Hendrick Advantage

Servant Leadership

Servant Leaders consciously put the needs of others before their own, because to serve people is value them.

Teamwork through Trust & Respect

Diversity is strength, and when we trust and respect one another, we can work as a team to achieve at a high level.


Being honest and transparent with people, in an effort to do the right thing within the letter and spirit of the law, drives every action we take and every decision we make.

Commitment to Customer Enthusiasm

Every day we recommit ourselves to the customer experience, and we are empowered to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Passion for Winning

Hendrick’s tradition of winning is based on the idea of striving to be the best, not the biggest, and is therefore defined by how we treat our people.

Accountability at All Levels

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Taking ownership of our actions and our decisions allows us to grow as individuals, and support each other as a team.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Every day we soften our hearts as well as our egos, in order to seek out and improve upon areas of opportunity within ourselves and our team.


There are core values on which we at BioHorizons pride ourselves. These values are the driving forces of our business and the standards that we live up to in all facets of our culture.

We hold respect for the individual as a cornerstone of our culture. We are committed to treating each employee with dignity and we value each opinion. This makes communication a two-way street and ensures that we attract a special kind of person who is willing to grow, contribute and live our values.

We believe that providing service to our customers is central to our success. We aim to respond to the expectations of all of our customers by aligning our business appropriately and fairly. Ultimately, our goal is to exceed those expectations by upholding strong relationships, executing in a timely manner and using our independent professional judgment to advance the objectives of our customers consistent with the highest standards of our industry.

Efficiency and profitability are other driving factors for our company. Responsibility to our investors to spend our resources wisely is critical to our business. These resources are not limited to money, but also time, skills and knowledge of our staff.

The pursuit of excellence is both an internal and external value motivating our Company. We strive for the highest standards in order to achieve exceptional results. For our team, goals are set, measured and rewarded on an ongoing basis. Most importantly, however, superior results are expected for our investors to whom we are committed to achieving attractive returns on a consistent basis.

The integrity of any company is only as strong as the integrity of the individuals within the company. Embracing sound moral principles, uprightness and honesty, we not only ensure strict compliance with policies, laws and regulations, but we commit to always “do the right thing.” It is our goal to maintain and enhance our reputation as well as the respect we earn by acting ethically at all times.


Our Skanska values are expected behaviors, anchored in our beliefs and priorities, guiding us in our actions. They serve as a moral foundation and compass.

Care for Life

We care for the lives of people and the environment
We work safely, or not at all
We never walk by if we notice unsafe actions
We support health and wellbeing
We promote green solutions and we run our operations in a green way
We are accountable to future generations

Act Ethically & Transparently

We do business with a high degree of integrity and transparency
We live by our Code of Conduct and never accept shortcuts
We foster a working climate where everyone can speak their mind

Be Better – Together

We always strive to be better in all we do
We are a learning organisation and generously share our expertise
We take pride in quality and innovation
We build One Skanska teams together with customers, partners and communities
We leverage diversity to deliver the best solutions

Commit to Customers

We help our customers to be successful in their business
We strive to understand their needs and their customers’ needs
We are here to help our customers turn their visions into reality
We foster an inclusive culture where we are open and fair, showing trust and respect for each other.

Deere & Company


The original John Deere values, strong as ever.

Bechtel Corporation

Ethics. We are uncompromising in our integrity, honesty, and fairness.

Safety & Health. We are relentless in keeping people safe from harm, and we provide a healthy work environment.

Quality. We are passionate about excellence and doing our work right the first time. Our reputation depends on our delivered value in the eyes of every customer and community.

People. We inspire each other with important work full of purpose, challenging development opportunities, and rewarding careers. We aspire to be the employer of choice in our industry.

Culture. We actively build a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment where all views are welcomed, openness is encouraged, and teamwork and merit are cornerstones. We are proud of what we do and how we do it—and we enjoy doing it!

Relationships. We build positive, long-term relationships with our customers, joint-venture partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and colleagues that are built on trust, respect, and collaboration.

Innovation. We develop and apply world-class technology. We listen, learn, and seek out the best ideas. We attack complacency and continually improve.

Sustainability. We improve the quality of life in communities where we work by respecting local cultures, engaging local people, and protecting the environment.

AGCO Corporation

AGCO’s core values guide us in how we conduct ourselves—personally and professionally. In this ever-changing world of agriculture, our core values are constant. Our values underlie our work, how we interact with each other and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. Our core values are the practices we use every day, in everything we do.


We will take responsibility for our area of influence as if this were our enterprise. We will commit to excellence.


We will walk the talk. We will be committed to a consistent, honest and reliable way of action.


We appreciate other individuals with their own cultural identities. We embrace differences.

Team Spirit

We actively contribute to overcoming challenges as a team.


We will provide the full information required. We will communicate openly and sincerely. We appreciate feedback.

Bosch Limited

Bosch has always been a value-driven company. Many of our values can be traced back to our founder Robert Bosch, other values have changed or have arisen over the decades. Our values reflect the manner in which we run our business: Our professional ethics in dealing with our business partners, investors, employees and society.

Future and result focus

Our actions are result-focused. This allows us to secure our future. It also creates a sound basis for the social initiatives of the company and the foundation.

Responsibility and sustainability

We act responsibly in the interest of our company, also taking the social and ecological impact of our actions into consideration.

Initiative and determination

We act on our own initiative, take entrepreneurial responsibility, and pursue our goals with determination.

Openness and trust

We communicate important company matters in a timely and open fashion. This is the best foundation for a relationship built on trust.


We deal fairly with our colleagues and business partners, and view this fairness as a cornerstone of our corporate success.

Reliability, credibility, legality

We promise only what we can deliver, accept agreements as binding, and respect and observe the law in all our business transactions.


We appreciate and encourage diversity for the enrichment it brings, and see it as essential for our success.

Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS (KGJS)

We regard our core values as the building blocks of our company culture. These are as follows:


We will strive to deliver our services with a quality- and professional standard. We need highly competent and knowledgeable people to achieve operational excellence.


We will act responsibly, ethically and trustworthy in all activities we do whether it be towards colleagues, customers, suppliers, the society or the environment. Our people need to be accountable for the decisions that are made.

Open minded

We are doing business in a fast changing environment and we need to be constantly open minded to consider new opportunities and ideas. We shall not be stuck in ”old” ways of doing things and we need to have this in mind when we evaluate new opportunities, ourselves, our processes and actions.


We are working together to reach our common goals. This applies within the Kristian G. Jebsen Group, within each business and each department. We also need to work with our customers and suppliers to provide high quality value added services. As a team/group we can achieve more than we can do individually.


We want to encourage the development of new business ideas and ventures, and be open minded and have courage to assume the risk of a new business, concept or enterprise.


We are dynamic and will strive to improve and develop better products and services to the benefit of our customers so that we continually create value. We cannot stand still. We must always try to do better and improve.


Our values describe how Schindler, as a company, and its employees behave, and are the principles upon which our business relationships are based. Our values define not only what we do, but also what we are not prepared to do.

Create value for the customer
Commitment to people development
Integrity & trust

De Beers

We have five values – be passionate, pull together, build trust, show we care, and shape the future. They were developed by our employees in 2006 and remain the values we live by today.

These values keep us focused on our purpose: to turn diamond dreams into lasting reality for the benefit of our customers and our stakeholders. It’s this purpose that drives us to achieve our vision of unlocking the value of our leadership position across the diamond pipeline to create a better diamond industry for all.


Constant Care

Take care of today, actively prepare for tomorrow. What it means as a core value: Forward thinking, planning and execution. Being informed, innovative and seeking out new ideas. Looking for changes in the environment.


Listen, learn, share, and give space to others. What it means as a core value: Showing trust and giving empowerment. Having an attitude of continuous learning. Never underestimating our competitors or other stakeholders.


Our word is our bond. What it means as a core value: Honesty and accountability. Openness about the good and the bad. Speaking your mind in the debate, but backing the decision.

Our Employees

The right environment for the right people. What it means as a core value: Attracting and retaining the right people, building the right team. Providing opportunities for continual development. Rewarding performance, promoting for potential.

Our Name

The sum of our Values: passionately striving higher. What it means as a core value: The embodiment of our values. Passion and pride for what we do and how we do it. Our image in the eyes of our customers and the external world.


At Damen we stand for the following:

– We are proud to work for Damen and operate as one family.
– Teamwork is key to success.
– We are committed to our work and show our professionalism every day.
– We trust our colleagues and partners and are open about what we do and how we do it.
– We show integrity and responsibility in our behavior.
– We give safety our highest priority.
– We have respect for our customers, employees, suppliers, other stakeholders and the environment.
– And we have fun!

These Core Values drive us to be the best at what we do; they guide us in doing business and set the business standard for our operations.

PCL Constructors


PCL employees are open, candid, and truthful.


PCL employees’ word is their bond. They do what they say, and live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior.


PCL employees work hard to earn business partners’ trust and respect on every project they undertake.

Dynamic Culture

PCL employees constantly seek new opportunities to learn, to improve, to teach, and to add value.


PCL employees love what they do, taking the lead, and leading by example.


How We Will Do It: Our Values

INTEGRITY – Doing what you say you will do and doing what is right

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION – Valuing and including our differences in decision making is our competitive advantage

CARING – Demonstrating awareness and consideration for the wellbeing of others

EXCELLENCE – Always delivering superior results

TEAMWORK – Collaborating across teams, functions, businesses and borders to deliver the best work

TPI Composites

Operational Excellence

The Austin Company

Act with Honesty and Integrity – It is expected of all employees to take personal responsibility for their standard of behavior and for the decisions they make every day. Honesty and Integrity must always be at the core of those decisions. Both of these attributes are held in the highest regard at Austin and will always guide us to “Do the Right Thing.”

Constantly Focus on Safety and Quality – Safety is paramount to our Company. Ensuring a safe work environment for our employees, clients and partners is the expectation. We believe that a focus on Safety contributes to overall Quality. All Austin employees work toward producing the highest quality work, both in the field and within our offices.

Provide Professional and Technical Excellence – Providing Professional and Technical Excellence to our clients is at the root of what we do. Continually improving our employees’ skills allows us to deliver on this core value. By constantly providing professional and technical excellence and continually improving our abilities, we create the opportunity for our employees to grow and advance within our Company.

Promote a Cooperative Team Environment – Austin’s goal is to collaborate with all team members associated with our projects including clients, partners, subcontractors, sub-consultants, vendors, regulatory authorities and employees throughout all levels of our Company. Working in such an environment allows the Company to make informed and efficient resolutions to even the most complex issues.

Respect for our Employees, Clients, Partners, Vendors and Subcontractors – Treating others with respect allows us to demonstrate the professionalism that is expected by co-workers and clients. Respect helps to facilitate and encourage a cooperative team environment and collaboration that is necessary to provide excellent service to our clients.

Cultivate Long-Term Relationships with our Clients – We believe that every project is an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with our clients. By constantly delivering what we sell and adhering to our core values, we forge long-term relationships that provide ongoing work throughout time.


At Brandt, we stress four core values that guide our professional and personal behavior:

1. Care.

Care is at the core of everything we do. Our reliable, consistent customer service is the cornerstone of our work.
However, our dedication to care isn’t only related to our customers. Our employees are the foundation of our company, and we protect one another at every turn. Safety is our top priority on the job, and we work hard to help those who trust us with their careers to find plenty of time for life outside the workplace.

2. Integrity.

Our relationships with customers, vendors and employees are based on respect and honesty. It is our unwavering policy to do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. From design to construction to service, , integrity is what we demand of ourselves and our team members.

3. Perseverance.

We do whatever it takes to live up to our commitments. Over the course of a long and complex project, that means fostering a culture of adaptability and creativity. We understand that construction and working in fully operational facilities can be hard and demanding. We understand that it takes resilience and drive to meet the changing demands of our clients, and we are focused on successfully making it to the finish line.

4. Agility.

To respond to ever changing conditions, businesses must be able to adapt quickly and easily. Using leading-edge technologies, we proactively manage our work to help us identify problems early and fix them fast. We can’t always predict what will happen, but we are always ready for the challenges that come our way.

The Brandt Companies’ core values are the foundation on which we have built our business. They guide how we conduct ourselves daily and keep us on course in an ever-changing world. They underlie our work, our interactions and our strategic decisions. At Brandt, a spirit of care, integrity, perseverance and agility has guided us to more than 60 years of success.

Gregory Construction

Gregory Construction is committed to excellence in everything we do. Our core values are focused on workplace safety, integrity, community and environment, quality construction, outstanding customer service as well as innovation and creativity.


A solid safety record reflects quality management, supervision and workers. Our team constantly strives to improve accident prevention and awareness through training and extensive planning programs. Our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of .77 is well below the national average. In addition, our organization is the proud recipient of the US Army Corps of Engineers Quarterly Safety Award for a project performed in 2015 as well an Associated Builders and Contractors STEP Platinum Award recipient for consecutive years.


In the business world, integrity must underline all company relationships, including those with customers, suppliers, communities and employees. Gregory Construction is a Christian principled company driven to be the best contractor in our service area, never compromising our integrity. Our word is our promise.


Gregory Construction strives to provide a friendly employee work environment that encourages productivity and giving back to the communities that support our business and foster our families. Our employees exhibit strong team spirit and a sense of pride that is usually found only in small companies.


Gregory Construction takes pride in quality workmanship, quality people and quality materials. Utilizing the latest technologies, our employees are able to do their work effectively and efficiently. Gregory Construction maintains our own inventory of high-end equipment, enabling our team to control project speed, meet deadlines and reduce costs.


Construction services from Gregory Construction are designed to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our team strives to provide the best quality, value, and overall experience throughout all project stages. Working in partnership with our clients, subcontractors and suppliers, Gregory Construction promotes teamwork on every level while serving with excellent people, processes, products and knowledge.


Gregory Construction works hard to deliver respectful, observant and dynamic communication with our customers across all project stages.


Gregory Construction is a problem solver. Our management team has over 40 years of experience in all types of construction. This experience enables us to deliver creative solutions to the most challenging construction projects. We take a forward-looking approach to technology and innovation in the construction industry. Gregory Construction management drives our company to always seek a better, faster, safer approach to improving the construction process using advancements in the industry.

Saltel Industries

Our company values provide the basis for behavior and cooperation between employees, and serve as a guide for client and partner relations.

Client Satisfaction
Technology Excellence
Satisfied Employees
Honesty & Respect for Others
Financial Partners Fulfilment

Doosan Corporation

Doosan People practice the nine core values of the Doosan Credo everywhere we operate, every day, to build a “Proud Global Doosan”. These values guide the way we do business, the way we treat each other and the way we work with all of our partners. The nine core values of the

Doosan Credo are as follows:

Cultivating People
Integrity and Transparency
World-class Technology and Innovation
Social Responsibility
Safety and Environment


Part 8
Real Estate

Cushman & Wakefield

Integrity & respect

Our foremost standards of conduct

Collaboration & trust

A culture of collaboration, trust and sharing of information


Confidence in each other to deliver the most creative and innovative services to our clients


Attract and develop the most talented professionals


Customer + Focus

Be closer to the customer’s world and their changing needs.

Our customers lead the business. We believe in sharing success through strong, long-term relationships with our customers, investors and partners. We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver a better experience than our competitors.

Performance + Drive

Do what we say we will do and make things happen.

We have a determination to make things happen and be the best at what we do. We’re passionate about providing the highest quality product and service for our customers, investors and capital partners. It’s about getting on and getting it done – completing the transaction and then delivering the quality and value for our customers and partners.

Innovative + Dynamic

Be more creative in our thinking and more effective in our actions.

We’ve always tried to be different, a different approach to business, a different approach to customer service, a different attitude, a different culture. We’ll always believe in the importance of fresh thinking – in being green, not beige – and approaching things in new and different ways. “We call it Business outside the square”, and it’s central to who we are and what we stand for – it’s why our logo looks the way it does!

Open + Fair

Be adaptable and considerate in our dealings inside and outside our business.

We strongly believe in the concept of fairness – in creating value and in shared success. We believe in balancing the needs of our customers and investors with the needs of our company. We are transparent, honest and engaging. We don’t boast or brag – we show people, we don’t tell people. We work together to solve problems that need to be solved.

Team + Respect

Recognise the worth in each other and collaborate for better results.

We’re inclusive and collaborative. We treat people with respect. Everyone is important, everyone has something to offer and if we work together, collaborate and proactively share ideas, we’ll be more successful. Anyone who is willing to put their hand up to do things can add to our story and our success. We value diversity of views, ideas and culture.

Steadfast Companies

Steadfast’s five Core Values — Proceed with Integrity, Value People, Embrace Opportunities, Pursue Excellence and Do Good as We Do Well — have been the cornerstone upon which the company has built a 20-year track record focused on capitalizing on real estate investment opportunities for its own account and on behalf of institutional partners. Steadfast Companies’ investment philosophy and Core Values have allowed it to develop strong relationships with lending institutions, national tenants, institutional investors and industry partners.


Honesty and Integrity: We always do what is right, fair, and ethical.

Communication: We share appropriate information in an honest and open manner.

Respect: We are considerate of others through the use of appropriate behavior.

Teamwork: We encourage and reward teamwork.

Quality: We strive for professional excellence to the highest standards possible consistent with the goals of the project.

Attitude: We are positive, enthusiastic, and have a vibrant spirit.

Entrepreneurial: We encourage creativity, flexibility, and innovative approaches to our work.

Leadership/Initiative: We lead by example. Our actions speak louder than words.

Professional Development and Personal Skills: We advance our talents and skills to their fullest potential (as individuals, as professionals and as managers of others.)

Accountability: We are responsible for our actions and understand their impact on others.

Customer Satisfaction: We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers (internally and externally) by anticipating, understanding and responding appropriately to their needs.


Part 9
Consumer Services and Products

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

1. Customer Service
2. Quality
3. Empathy
4. Respect
5. Integrity
6. Responsibility
7. Teamwork

The Honest Company

1. Create a Culture of Honesty
2. Make Beauty
3. Outperform
4. Service Matters
5. Sustain Life
6. Be Accessible
7. Pay it Forward
8. Fun!


1. Humbleness and willpower.
2. Leadership by example.
3. Daring to be different.
4. Togetherness and enthusiasm.
5. Cost-consciousness.
6. Constant desire for renewal.
7. Accept and delegate responsibility.

Procter & Gamble

1. Integrity
2. Leadership
3. Ownership
4. Passion for Winning
5. Trust


1. Passion
2. Innovation
3. Entrepreneurial spirit
4. Open-mindedness
5. Quest for Excellence
6. Responsibility

The Estée Lauder

We are a values-driven organization. Our actions are rooted in the Lauder Family values of respect for the individual, uncompromising ethics and integrity, generosity of spirit and fearless persistence. Building on these core values we also abide by the following principles:

Unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. From exceptional and breakthrough products to High Touch services and experiences delivered by our prestige brands.

Infusing creativity and innovation throughout all aspects of the business, from product development to packaging, sampling to selling, marketing to merchandising.

Nurturing and developing world-class talent. We look for ways to identify and harness the strengths of our talented employees. Continuous learning happens throughout the organization and “leadership from every chair” is expected and encouraged.

Cultivating an inclusive and diverse workplace reflects our belief that no one person, group or culture has all the knowledge, skills or information necessary for success. Embracing diversity helps sharpen our focus on cultural relevance — ensuring that our products, messaging and in-store experiences reflect the aspirations and desires of consumers in local markets.

Acting responsibly and caring for the communities we serve translates into sustainable sourcing practices, efficient operations, green chemistry and bringing awareness and resources to global causes around health, the environments and education.

At The Estée Lauder Companies, family values run deep, inspiring how we care for each other, and for the individuals and communities we serve.

Shiseido Group

Our Values defines the values that must be held and shared by each and every employee of the Shiseido Group aiming to realize Our Mission. Our Values sets the values we should keep in mind when we conduct business.

In Heritage, Excellence
In Diversity, Strength
In Innovation, Growth

AFRODITA Professional

Our business operation is guided by the following values:



Time and again, Avon’s five values and guiding principles have served as sources of strength for the company and still do today. Avon’s values date back to its founding in 1886 and grew from BIRTH.

The Avon Values

Belief is the cornerstone of empowering Associates to assume responsibilities and be the very best they can be. Believe in someone — and show it — and that person will move mountains to prove you’re right.

Integrity should be the hallmark of every Avon Associate. In setting and observing the highest ethical standards and doing the right thing, we fulfill a duty of care, not only to our Representatives and customers in the communities we serve, but to our colleagues and ourselves.

Respect helps us to value differences, to appreciate each person for her or his unique qualities. Through respect, we help bring out the full potential of each person.

Trust means we want to live and work in an environment where communications are open — where people feel free to take risks, to share their points of view and to speak the truth as they see it. Trust people to do the right thing — and help them to understand your underlying reasoning and philosophy — and they won’t disappoint.

Humility simply means we’re not always right — we don’t have all the answers — and we know it. We’re no less human than the people who work for us, and we’re not afraid to ask for help.


Togetherness, Spirit and Passion are the three fundamental values of Oriflame. Trusting these values we feel confident that we can succeed in a competitive business while at the same time help make the world a better place.


Our values are at the core of everything we do. From ethically sourcing the ingredients we use to creating fresh, vegetarian cosmetics by hand, you’ll find each value in every product we create.


As a company, ADA relies upon shared values that guide our business operations worldwide. These values, as well as the principles established in our code of ethics, are the basis for our success. They are the essence of our thoughts and our actions, both now and in the future.


The “Kao Way”


We define “Yoki-Monozukuri” as “a strong commitment by all members to provide products and brands of excellent value for consumer satisfaction”. It consists of the following core concepts, which distinguishes us from all others. In Japanese, “Yoki” literally means “good/excellent”, “Monozukuri” means “development/manufacturing of products”.




Our core values are ingrained in our corporate culture and in the way we do business, and we strive to showcase our values within all of our interactions.

Safety & Wellness
Customer Focus
Performance Driven Team
Diversity & Inclusion
Honesty & Integrity


We believe the life force of plants and the essence of nature help balance all of us into harmony. We believe that when we are in balance, our skin glows, our eyes shine, and our vitality returns. From infancy to adulthood, we believe that beauty lies in that balance. We see beauty in the soil, flowers, plants and the fair-trade partnerships we build that honor the human spirit and respect the natural world. And, of course, we see it in you. Our purpose is to cultivate beauty. We are committed to supporting your overall wellbeing and beauty, and that of every living being. We strive for each of us to be empowered to cultivate beauty in the world, for ourselves, for our children and the future of our planet.


Our values describe the attitude and the cooperation to which we commit ourselves at Symrise. They give us guidance and explain how we achieve our goals. Using specified guidelines they determine our thinking and action in everyday business.


Is our driver of innovations with which we bring our claim of always inspiring more to life


Outstanding performance for customers, consumers and markets: Profitability, entrepreneurial vision and uncompromising quality ensure our success.


We are individually and collectively aware of our responsibility we owe society as a company. That’s why sustainability is one of our core principles guiding our actions.


Our employees are the key to the success of Symrise. We stimulate our employees with challenges, encourage them to take on responsibility and help them develop.


Trust and honesty serve as the foundation of our teamwork. This is as true in working with fellow employees as it is with all of our stakeholders, and it represents a core element of our code of conduct.

Added Value

Intelligent added benefits and integrated services for our customers, enjoyable and rewarding experiences for the customer and strategic growth for Symrise.

Pierre Fabre


Independence has always been a priority for the company’s founder, and to preserve this independence, Mr. Pierre Fabre transferred all his shares from the company to a government-recognized publicinterest foundation bearing his name: the Pierre Fabre Foundation.


The Pierre Fabre group enjoys long-lasting partnerships with health care professionals. A culture of providing evidence, a sense of detail and strict safety requirements are at the heart of our quality culture.


The Pierre Fabre group bases their approach on the complementarity of their activity fields : drugs, health products and dermo-cosmetic products. They respect and value the plurality of skills and capabilities in each function.


The Pierre Fabre group combines a social and an economic project. They pay particular attention to the social standing of their employees and have developed several forms of welfare commitments.


The Pierre Fabre innovation constitutes an exercise in transforming science into a marketable product. Our competitive advantage is the speed with which we interpret our scientific, technical and commercial expertise into products and services that meet the expectations of our customers.


The Pierre Fabre group takes into account the impact of their activities on the environment and has adopted a socially responsible approach. Their botanical expertise is fully integrated into the company’s mission.


The Pierre Fabre group is relentlessly “customer-oriented”. Attentiveness translates into a pragmatic way of solving problems and organizing work.


The Pierre Fabre group undertakes ambitious development projects. Management promotes creativity and contributes to developing employees’ initiative in performing their roles.


The Pierre Fabre group makes use of a management method focused on the evaluation of individual and collective results. This performance culture is based on the development of professional skills and the affirmation of the autonomy of its employees.


AsiaInspection promotes a corporate culture based on the following 8 values.


Our aim is to make our clients more successful in what they do. We decide and act first and foremost to earn the respect and satisfaction of our clients. We seek and listen carefully to their feedback.


We sell trust. We make no compromise on integrity and honesty, and maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do.


Our wealth is our people. We value talent and strive to attract and retain the best people. We grow each individual through peer-to-peer training whilst encouraging each of them to develop a personal sense of accountability.


We strive to make our clients’ experience easier by proposing intuitive and simple solutions.


We embrace change. By focusing on new technologies and benchmarking, we find efficient solutions to maintain our high standard of success.


We measure our performance and deliverables analytically and do not hide when we fail. We confront issues openly and act swiftly to tackle them. We do not look at the past or for excuses, we look ahead and find solutions.


We embrace our different cultures and take the best of what each of them has to offer. This is our treasure.


We are proud to bring trust to trade globally, help improve consumer safety and working conditions and train local experts to global standards.

Johnson & Johnson

“Caring for the world, one person at a time” inspires and unites the people at Johnson & Johnson. This culture of caring is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy, which, in turn, is based on our Caring Statement. Employees of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies work hand-in-hand with our partners in the health care industry.

Adhering to the highest quality standards, the innovative products we develop, manufacture and sell are oriented to our customers’ needs.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Our values are the very cornerstones of what makes Enterprise successful, and you’ll find them being brought to life by our people, day in, day out. If they strike a chord with you, then there’s every chance you’ll fit in perfectly with us.


Avis Rent A Car System


We will honor all commitments to our customers, employees and shareholders.
We will conduct business with unwavering high standards of honesty, trust, professionalism and ethical behavior.
We will communicate openly and frequently, sharing what we know, when we know it.

Respect for the Individual

We will treat each person with whom we work with respect, professionalism and dignity.
We will communicate expectations to employees, and provide honest and timely feedback on performance.
We will embrace a diversity of ideas, cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds to enhance our promise and value to customers.
We will provide career development opportunities for employees who show initiative, and performance results to help them individually manage their careers to maximize their potential.


We will place the interests of our customers first.
We will be dedicated to providing an individualized rental experience that assures customer satisfaction and earns the unwavering loyalty of our customers
We will ensure that the “”We Try Harder®”” philosophy underlies everything we do and shines through in our service to customers.


We will work as one cohesive team from the smallest unit to the organization as a whole.
We will develop and retain leaders who continually raise the bar, provide direction, remove barriers and empower people to successfully accomplish goals.
We will maintain a caring and supportive work environment that fosters a sharing of ideas, skills and resources.

Growth and Profitability

We will be dedicated to continuous innovation and pursue new ideas and opportunities to accelerate profitable growth.
We will deliver value in all we do to assure consistently high returns to our shareholders.
We will recognize and reward excellent performance, which drives superior results.

Community Responsibility

We will be active participants in our communities and encourage employee involvement in civic and charitable activities.
We will be role model business leaders in the countries and communities in which we operate.
We will develop and implement business practices consistent with safeguarding the environment.


1. obsess about the member experience

Build trust and confidence among our member community by delivering leading convenience, dependability and service excellence

2. be the best we can be

Support personal growth, impact, and excellence

3. deliver results

Create enduring value through growth

4. keep it simple

Win through simplicity and continuous innovation

5. have an impact

Change the world through urban and environmental transformation



Performing above expectations, taking initiative and constantly working in line with Yara´s ambitions and personal goals.


Asking bold, brave questions; curiosity is the lifeblood of our culture. It is curiosity that builds knowledge and it’s the power of inquiry that led Yara’s three remarkable founders to head off an impending famine in the early 20th century.


Working together with mutual respect, partnership, and appreciation of all perspectives and approaches. The art of collaboration – both internally within Yara and externally with the rest of the world – amplifies our collective knowledge.


Being reliable, taking responsibility and always having Yara´s and society´s interests in mind when faced with tough decisions. Through accountability trust is earned.

Amer Sports

Amer Sports people represent a number of nationalities and different cultures. Our shared values support and guide our operations around the world. Success in competition requires the determination to win, team spirit, fair play and innovation.

Determined to win

Strong performance is our core value. Financial success enables continuous development of our brands and products. The determination to win encourages a strong work ethic and high-level performance.

Team spirit

We believe in team spirit and teamwork. We want our team to consist of strong individuals who support our common goals.

Fair play

We play by the rules and we recognize and seek to remedy our faults.


The prerequisite for development is innovation, and the prime mover for innovation is to always question the way we do things.


Our four Core Values have shaped our corporate culture since the very beginning and they are still relevant today. Together with our Blue Agenda strategy, they act as our guiding light, our daily benchmark, ensuring we speak and act consistently across our business at all times.


We act responsibly towards our colleagues, consumers, brands, our society and our environment.


We strive for clarity and consistency, make decisions quickly and pragmatically and focus on what’s essential.


We are committed to bold objectives, take initiative, learn from our mistakes and see change as an opportunity.


We say what we mean, keep our promises and treat others with respect.

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Our values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, customers and consumers. Our four core values are integrity, responsibility, respect and pioneering. As we expand into new markets, recruit new talent and face new challenges, these guide our people in the decisions and actions they take every day.

Always working with integrity

Doing business with integrity has always been at the heart of our corporate responsibility commitments. Integrity defines how we behave, wherever we are. It guides us to do the right thing for the long-term success of Unilever.

Positive impact and continuous improvement

We aim to make a positive impact through our brands, our commercial operations and relationships, voluntary contributions and various other ways in which we engage with business partners and society at large. We’re also committed to continuously improving the way we manage our impacts and our longer-term goal of developing a sustainable business.

Setting out our aspirations

Our Corporate Purpose sets out our aspirations in running our business. It’s underpinned by our values and, equally importantly, our Code of Business Principles, which since 1995 describes the operational standards everyone at Unilever must follow, wherever they are in the world.

The Code of Business Principles is supported by 24 internal Code Policies that provide a framework of simple Musts and Must Nots that apply to all employees and others working for Unilever.

Working with others

We want to work with suppliers, agents, distributors and other business partners who have values similar to ours and uphold the same standards as we do. Our Responsible Sourcing Policy and Responsible Business Partner Policy, aligned to Unilever’s Code of Business Principles, seek to uphold twelve fundamental principles covering business integrity including specific responsibilities relating to employees, consumers and the environment.

Unilever’s reputation for doing business with integrity and with respect for the interests of those our activities can affect is an asset, just as real as our people and brands. Our first priority is to be a successful business: that means investing for growth and balancing short term and long term interests. It also means caring about our consumers, employees and shareholders, our business partners and the world in which we live.

To succeed requires the highest standards of behaviour from all of us. We want our Code of Business Principles, related Code Policies and third party compliance programme to have a positive impact in day-to-day business: each one of us must uphold these at all times.


Our five core values are the principles by which we work and live. They help us in the decisions we make every day. They also help us educate stakeholders about what the company is about and what it represents. Every day our employees live by this set of values, which are the cornerstones of our business culture.


Our first core value is Safety. Safety isn’t just a priority, strategy, or goal at American Water; those things can change over time. Our values don’t change, and neither will our commitment to safety.


You know what it feels like to trust someone. Our customers put their trust in us every day,
and each of us trusts that the person working with us will do his or her job in the right way and be there when needed.


We see teamwork exemplified across our business. We promote and support a diverse culture, which works together to meet common goals. We hold each other accountable and challenge each other to reach the best decisions, in order to ensure we meet our commitments to the communities we serve and deliver the high-quality service that our customers have come to expect.

Environmental Leadership

What we do makes a difference in people’s lives; we provide a life-sustaining product and service. Being responsible for water and water services means that we have to ensure the sustainability of these critical services. Going back to our vision, clean water does not happen without environmental leadership. From those in the field who help ensure water quality to those in our offices who committed to using less paper or using less energy, each of us plays a role.

High Performance

We know what high performance looks like too. A great example is the quality of the water we provide. When it comes to complying with strict federal regulations for delivering clean, quality drinking water, we’ve consistently scored among the highest of all water providers, public or private. Also, we know that we are the best water and wastewater utility in the country and that we deliver clean, safe, reliable, and affordable water and water services.

American Express

Customer Commitment: We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives.

Quality: We deliver premium value to our customers.

Integrity: We uphold the highest standards in all our actions.

Teamwork: We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers.

Respect for People: We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.

Good Citizenship: We’re good citizens in the communities in which we live and work.

A Will to Win: We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business.

Personal Accountability: We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.


1. We believe in people
2. We are one team
3. Straightforward and open-minded
4. Keep it simple
5. Entrepreneurial spirit
6. Constant improvement
7. Cost-consciousness

Starbucks Coffee

1. Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.
2. Acting with courage, challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and each other.
3. Being present, connecting with transparency, dignity and respect.
4. Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.

Warby Parker

1. Treat customers the way we’d like to be treated.
2. Create an environment where employees can think big, have fun, and do good.
3. Get out there.
4. Green is good.

Ruirui industrial ltd

1. Customers
2. Employee
3. Society


Our core values are the cornerstone of who we are, what we stand for and what we do. DuPont businesses help provide safe, sufficient food; ample, sustainable energy; and protection for people and the environment. Even as our company grows and the Earth’s population surges, we have never changed the commitment we share to our core values:

Safety and Health

We share a personal and professional commitment to protecting the safety and health of our employees, our contractors, our customers and the people of the communities in which we operate.

Environmental Stewardship

We find science-enabled, sustainable solutions for our customers, always managing our businesses to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources, both for today and for generations into the future.

Respect for People

We treat our employees and all our partners with professionalism, dignity and respect, fostering an environment where people can contribute, innovate and excel.

Highest Ethical Behavior

We conduct ourselves and our business affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and in compliance with all applicable laws, striving always to be a respected corporate citizen worldwide.

Alibaba Group

Our values are fundamental to the way we operate and how we recruit,
evaluate and compensate our people. Our six values are:


The interests of our community of consumers and merchants must be our first priority.


We believe teamwork enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.


In this fast-changing world, we must be flexible, innovative and ready to adapt to new business conditions in order to survive.


We expect our people to uphold the highest standards of honesty and to deliver on their commitments.


We expect our people to approach everything with fire in their belly and never give up on doing what they believe is right.


Employees who demonstrate perseverance and excellence are richly rewarded. Nothing should be taken lightly as we encourage our people to “work happily and live seriously.”


Excellence in all we do.
High standards of ethics and integrity.
Caring and responsible corporate citizenship for Kansas City and for each community in which we operate.

These beliefs and values guide our business strategies, our corporate behavior, and our relationships with business partners, suppliers, customers, communities and each other.

Ipsos Retail Performance

Engrained in our identity and culture are eight core values as put forward by the team who strive to achieve them every day; our employees. Central to all we do is the customer; this ideology underpins our entire work place philosophy.

1. Accountability – for the actions and activities we undertake each day
2. Pride – in the way we work, the results we produce and the outcomes they influence
3. Bravery – to challenge accepted norms and find innovative new solutions
4. Continuous development – continually learning and adapting alongside our clients
5. Quality – results and insights which are both reliable and actionable
6. Team work & respect – transparency and support is the secret to our team work
7. Fun – whether you work for us or with us there is always an element of fun involved
8. Customer centric – everything flows into the commitment we provide to our clients, placing them at the forefront of retail insight, technology and our relationships.

Super Retail Group Limited

Super Retail Group is committed to the development of a culture that engages and inspires its team members to live their passions and that underpins a successful customer and team member centric retail organisation. Our culture is built around a set of five values that not only help to define who we are, but help guide us in the way we behave. We commit to living these values every day.


We create an environment in which we share our passion for what we do, and our contributions and successes are recognised.

This means we:

Show enthusiasm and take pride in all that we do.
Recognise others’ contribution and celebrate success.
Strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.
Are results oriented and care intensely about our Company’s success.
Embrace and drive the change necessary to be successful.


We are committed to open and constructive communication.

This means we:

Share information and collaborate for better solutions.
Listen openly and respect others’ opinions.
Have the hard conversations and offer constructive solutions.
Explain expectations and confirm understanding.
Value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our diverse team.


We act with honesty and we deliver on our commitments.

This means we:

Maintain confidentiality.
Always give 100%.
Accept responsibility for our actions.
Maintain the highest ethical standards.
Respect each other and work together.


We value our team, our customers, our trade partners and the communities in which we operate.

This means we:

Ensure our business is safe for everyone.
Are supportive of each other and treat everyone fairly.
Consider the impacts of our actions.
Foster personal growth.
Demonstrate trust in and empowerment of the team.


We commit to the plan, resource effectively and follow the agreed processes and standards.

This means we:

Act on opportunities and take calculated risks.
Make decisions based on facts and experience.
Focus on the agreed priorities.
Monitor progress, learn from our mistakes and take action.
Focus on value and practical solutions.

Whole Foods Market

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture.

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture.

– We Satisfy, Delight and Nourish Our Customers
– We Support Team Member Excellence and Happiness
– We Support Team Member Excellence and Happiness
– We Serve and Support Our Local and Global Communities
– We Practice and Advance Environmental Stewardship
– We Create Ongoing Win-Win Partnerships with Our Suppliers
– We Create Ongoing Win-Win Partnerships with Our Suppliers


A Commitment To Excellence

We seek out, advance and reward employees who embrace our commitment to quality and the highest standards of excellence in all we do, both individually and as a company. We are committed to delivering superior results for our customers, communities, and shareholders.


We conduct our business with the highest standard of ethics. We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.


We are passionate about Simon Property Group – our history, our successes, and our future. We show pride, enthusiasm, and dedication to the company in everything we do.

Responsible Citizenship

Our shopping centers are more than places to shop. We strive to make them a source of pride in the community. We are committed to being a responsible and contributing corporate citizen in every community in which we operate. We are environmentally conscious and dedicated to maintaining lasting, mutually beneficial relationships in all aspects of our business.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We embrace the creativity, flexibility, innovation and sense of ownership our founders instilled in our corporate culture, inspiring us to approach each day with passion and enthusiasm.


1. Performance: Sport is the foundation for all we do and executional excellence is a core value of our Group.
2. Passion: Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.
3. Integrity: We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.
4. Diversity: We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion.


1. It is our nature to innovate.
2. Nike is a company.
3. Nike is a brand.
4. Simplify and go.
5. The consumer decides.
6. Be a sponge.
7. Evolve immediately.
8. Do the right thing.
9. Master the fundamentals.
10. We are on the offense – always.
11. Remember the man. (The late Bill Bowerman, Nike co-founder)


Part 10
B2B Products and Services

Wolters Kluwer

1. Focus on customer success
2. Make it better
3. Aim high and deliver
4. Win as a team

CMU College of Makeup Art & Design




We seek to be characterized by our passion, integrity, entrepreneurialism and innovative spirit, as we continually strive to fulfill our vision. These values guide us in all that we do and are the bedrock upon which our organization is built.

Our industries
Our employees
Our customers
Our investors
Our communities
Our partners

Christian Faith at Work


We do what is right even when no one is watching.

This core value comes first for a reason. Without integrity, we will not have the impact that we desire. We take this very seriously. We will extend grace when it comes to mistakes and errors, giving people a chance to grow and improve in their jobs. We are not as tolerant of violations in this area. We need to know we can trust our coworkers without question.


We are constantly redefining our goals, expectations, boundaries, and potential.

Our team’s talents and performance vary from person to person. That is normal. We simply believe that regardless of your talent or performance today, you should want to be better tomorrow. We want teammates that are constantly striving to learn and grow, improving every day!

Employee Development

We strive to create an atmosphere that inspires and enables people to reach their full potential.

As a company, we want to meet our employees where they are as they strive for excellence. Our goal is to provide the resources and inspiration required to “move” them forward on their path. Sometimes this means they advance within our company and sometimes it means they move on to other opportunities. Either way, we want to help!

Spiritual Growth

We provide the opportunity for all to know God and make Him known.

No one who works in our company is required to believe what we believe. However, we make it clear early on that God is the owner of our company. Therefore, all that we do centers around Him. This includes many efforts to sow seeds of faith all around through various efforts. We will not force anyone to believe, but they will certainly have opportunities to hear.

Community Impact

We use our talents and treasures to make a difference in those who need it most.

We believe we are part of the community in which we work and therefore have the responsibility to give back to that community. Whether through benevolence or sponsorships, community service or fundraising, we are going to take the time and energy to give to those who need it.


We hold our Core Values close to our hearts. They are the foundation of who we are and how we conduct ourselves. They play out in all of our interactions; with customers, in Amcor workplaces and with our other important stakeholders. They guide us and act as our moral compass.


We take care of each other and we take care of our stakeholders


We build trust in our relationships through honest and ethical behaviour


We work together to make a difference

Social Responsibility

We respond to the needs of our communities and the environment


If there is a better way, we will find it together


ITC’s Core Values are aimed at developing a customer-focused, high-performance organisation which creates value for all its stakeholders:


As professional managers, we are conscious that ITC has been given to us in “”trust”” by all our stakeholders. We will actualise stakeholder value and interest on a long term sustainable basis.

Customer Focus

We are always customer focused and will deliver what the customer needs in terms of value, quality and satisfaction.

Respect For People

We are result oriented, setting high performance standards for ourselves as individuals and teams.
We will simultaneously respect and value people and uphold humanness and human dignity.
We acknowledge that every individual brings different perspectives and capabilities to the team and that a strong team is founded on a variety of perspectives.
We want individuals to dream, value differences, create and experiment in pursuit of opportunities and achieve leadership through teamwork.


We do what is right, do it well and win. We will strive for excellence in whatever we do.


We will constantly pursue newer and better processes, products, services and management practices.

Nation Orientation

We are aware of our responsibility to generate economic value for the Nation. In pursuit of our goals, we will make no compromise in complying with applicable laws and regulations at all levels.

Parsons Corporation

Our Core Values Embody Who We Are

Our six core values are the foundation of our culture, our brand, and our business strategy.


As an industry-leading provider of high-value technical and management solutions, we are firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment in all our offices and on each of our projects.


We are committed to providing high-quality services and products. We meet the mutually agreed-to requirements the first time and strive for continuous improvement of our work processes.


We uphold our reputation for integrity in the marketplace and provide an ethical work environment for all our employees. We do the right thing each time we face a tough decision.


We pursue diversity in our workforce, our markets, and our services because we recognize that optimum solutions require different backgrounds, new perspectives, and open minds. We leverage diversity through inclusion of employees, empowering them to shape the future of the corporation through collaboration and innovation.


Through inventive processes and unique solutions, we provide unmatched value to our customers. We foster creative work environments where we always challenge ourselves to improve our processes and procedures.


In all that we do, we are conscious of the impact that our work has on the environment. We help our customers do the same by providing clean, efficient, healthy, and effective solutions on all of our projects.



We respect and value those we work with, and the contribution that they make.
Build trust with the colleagues and partners we work with
Seek out alternative perspectives and put our shared interests ahead of any individual or team
Collaborate proactively with colleagues across all of Barclays to get the best results
Embrace, and seek to increase, the diversity of our organisation.


We act fairly, ethically and openly in all we do.
Show the courage to do and say the right thing
Act in private as I do in public, and honour my commitments
Challenge things I believe to be wrong and be open to challenge from others
Be accountable for failure as well as success, and not allocate blame.


We put our clients and customers at the centre of what we do.
Take the time to understand clients’ and customers’ needs, regardless of my role
Always strive to surpass clients’ and customers’ expectations
Create and provide solutions for clients and customers that balance the short and long term
In serving my clients and customers, incorporate the perspectives of all our stakeholders.


We use our energy, skills and resources to deliver the best, sustainable results.
Aim for flawless delivery and learn from my mistakes
Take pride in both my own work and that of the team
Actively contribute to the performance, development and engagement of my colleagues
Create the environment to attract and keep the best people who share our values.


We are passionate about leaving things better than we found them.
Pioneer innovative and better ways to do things
Protect and enhance our reputation and legacy at all times
Find ways to positively impact all of the communities we interact with
Value sustainable progress as much as immediate achievements.

Hyperlinks Media

The Hyperlinks Media brand and core values relates to the company and how we behave as individuals on a day-to-day basis towards each other and to our clients or anyone who has a stake in our company.

Trust & Integrity

The most important of our core values is Trust & Integrity. Trust is the foundation of our success. We trust in ourselves and in each other. We are trustworthy, loyal and respectful to one another and our clients.

Our clients’ trust in our capabilities. Therefore, we believe in complete honesty, consistency, and reliability under any circumstance. Our trust creates integrity.

Ethics and Compliance

We align our actions with ethical principles and criteria. We orient ourselves on the principles of common moral responsibility and respect applicable laws, standards and rules. We conduct ourselves with professionalism with our team members and our clients at all times.


Competence is prerequisite for excellence. Technical competence is the basis of our company. Creative competence is our door to innovation. Social competence assures our long-term success.


Personally Committed: we achieve our goals through everybody’s strong commitment, by continuously developing our personal capabilities and by acting as entrepreneurs within the company. Having the drive to want to succeed and grow.

Team Oriented: we trust in the power of working as a team. Teamwork helps us use synergies and potentials in the company. Teamwork does not release from personal responsibility, instead it strengthens it, by knowing others are relying on you just and much as you are relying on them.


An idea, an invention, a new product or a new service alone is not an innovation. A new service or a new product becomes an innovation as soon as it is successful on the market and is profitable. We apply our total know-how and experience efficiently and effectively within the entire company in order to continuously bring new services or enhanced existing services to our clients.


Communication and information are necessary for company coordination as well as project coordination and are prerequisites for all of our actions. Communication is one of the most effective and valuable actions within our company. Communication allows projects to move along efficiently and correctly. We prefer direct personal communication, however emails are also an essential communication channel. The more the communication, the better.

Client Orientation

We concentrate on the individual requirements of our clients. We help our clients enhance their competitiveness and their strengths. We contribute to the success of our clients. We are committed to deliver excellent services. We combine our unique capabilities in customer care and the development of our services with advanced technologies and innovations. We are close to our clients, whenever and wherever we are needed.


We employ people from different countries and cultures and appreciate and learn from the differences in our cultures. No matter our backgrounds, we come together as one team to help create a successful company together. By doing so, we all succeed.

Voya Financial

The heart of our vision and strategy is building a company with value — and with values. We believe that profitability and integrity are inextricably connected. Our values define us. They are our compass and filter through which we make every decision. The following are the Voya Financial corporate values:

We Have Customer Passion

We empower our customers to achieve a secure financial future. We provide the best customer service, providing objective advice, listening to our customers and responding with a sense of urgency.

We Do the Right Thing

It’s simple: We tell the truth. We uphold both the letter and the spirit of the law. We treat everyone with respect. And we say what we mean and mean what we say.

We Are the We

We are one team, accountable — individually and collectively. We act as owners, creating value through profitable growth.

We Have a Winning Spirit

We operate with an optimistic attitude. We are agile and adapt to meet our stakeholders’ needs. We are focused, and we never settle.

We Care

We take care of our people. We positively impact our communities and our planet. We make products and services that add value to people’s lives. We are inclusive and incorporate diverse perspectives in all that we do.


We build trust and confidence
We never compromise on quality or integrity
We are committed to teamwork and innovation
We care for our customers and each other
We embrace change and deliver results

Adecco Group


We change the world of work, one job at a time
We are passionate about people: our colleagues, associates and clients
We make a difference for millions of people every year
We find people work, give them experience and the opportunity to build their futures
Quite simply, what we do is not a job, it’s our passion


We constantly take initiatives to empower people, fuel economies, and enrich societies
We take ownership and stand by our own results
We act upon opportunities
We learn fast from success and failure
We inspire others and continuously seek innovative solutions


We are the industry leader; our goal is to provide more work opportunities for more people
Work is a basic need and a basic right: by finding people the right job we provide them and their family with an income, status and a future
We promote diversity, equality and inclusivity in the workforce
We lead by example, we act with integrity and respect
We volunteer personal time and contribute to our communities

Team Spirit

We work together as one team
We share clients and associates across branches, business units and countries
We share ideas and best practises
We help our colleagues to grow personally and professionally
We work hard and have fun in what we do

Customer Focus

We live by and for our customers’ success, we want to be their top-of-mind and top-of-heart choice
We build lasting relationships with our clients and associates
We create value for our clients
We provide them with the best talent on time
We help them to be competitive through flexibility
We partner with our associates in their career development
We find them the best jobs to fit with their personal and professional life
We advise them in their career progression and support their learning


Kabbage’s culture is the result of a shared dedication to our core values. Through this collective commitment, our team members become passionately engaged in our business and are poised for great achievements.

Care Deeply – Everything we do respects and supports our team members, customers, investors and communities. It’s not enough just to care; we’re committed to helping each other succeed, dedicated to our customers and partners and focused on investing in our community.

Inspire Innovation – Innovation is our core. We determine where the industry needs to be, and we go there first. We encourage big dreams and figure out how to achieve them. By embracing an anti-herd mentality, we can change the way the world thinks.

Win – At Kabbage, winning means building the best product, creating the best culture and being first in the minds of potential customers, investors and partners. We are not interested in simply succeeding; we want to set the standard and be the envy of the industry.

Create Holy Shit Moments – With a customer-first mindset, we create truly extraordinary experiences. We focus on turning negatives into positives, thinking outside the box to deliver solutions and going to exceptional lengths to engage with and amaze our customers, partners and team members.

Unconditional Commitment – We don’t point fingers or play the blame game. We all take responsibility for what Kabbage is and what it becomes.

Stay Connected – Staying connected is a mutual responsibility, whether that is between two team members internally, or with a customer via a persistent data connection; we are all responsible for sharing and requesting information—for staying connected.


Our culture is based on a set of four values – Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride – that shape our individual behaviours and hence the way the company behaves. They ensure we are all working from a commonly understood base that can be consistently applied across our organisation.

Our values need to be lived every day, used to help us work through any challenges we may face and help us recognise and celebrate our achievements. They guide us in our dealings with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and the communities we serve.

It is important that we hold ourselves and others accountable for our values every day and have defined a set of behaviours that are expected from all of us. They describe how our behaviours bring Serco’s values to life.

Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd

To be one global company, we must care about people, our profession, our society, and our planet. We must dedicate our winning spirit, innovation and teamwork to sharpen our customer centric focus, and we must also commit to the highest standards of ethics & integrity.

Winning Spirit – Ricoh must lead the world in every endeavour it undertakes.
Each Ricoh person is constantly challenged to passionately pursue innovation.

Innovation – We strive to identify the most demanding needs of the market and to provide customers the highest level of experience.
We devote our resources to improving quality and exceeding customer expectations.

Teamwork – All Ricoh people are part of a global team, learning from, and respecting each other.
Our team is dedicated to continuously improving Ricoh products, services and processes by cooperating with, learning from, and respecting each other.

Customer Centric – Although we are a global company, we must not lose sight of our entrepreneurial spirit to understand each customer’s needs from their “eye-level”, which brings new value to those we serve.

Ethics & Integrity – Each one of us commits to act with integrity and honesty in all situations, and we will take personal responsibility for our actions.

Stanley Consultants

Stanley Consultants is a values-based organization. Our Core Values serve as the governing foundation of our organization. They are important philosophies we use to guide us in making decisions.

Mutually-Beneficial Relationships
Listen, respect, and value diversity
Build long-term relationships of trust
Commitment and Accountability
Fulfill responsibilities
Achieve profitable growth
Celebrate our successes
Do the right thing, every time
Learning and Development
Constant development of our capabilities and talents
Create opportunities for career growth
Participate in our professional organizations
Excellence in All We Do
Enhance quality and sustainability
Deliver innovative solutions
Encourage new ideas and diverse ways of thinking


Capgemini’s business objectives and shared standards are designed to benefit not only shareholders and employees, but also every other participant in the value chain. It is our firm belief that these objectives can only be achieved through mutual respect and cooperation

Seven Values

Seven shared values have been at the heart of Capgemini since our formation. These values influence the way we meet client needs while respecting the regulatory requirements of each country in which we operate, and the way we promote ethically sound practices within Capgemini and in our partnerships.

Team Spirit

Tata Steel



We must conduct our business fairly, with honesty and transparency. Everything we do must stand the test of public scrutiny.


We must constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the goods and services we provide.


We must work cohesively with our colleagues across the group and with our customers and partners, to build strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation.


We must be responsible and responsive to the countries, communities and environments in which we work, always ensuring that what comes from the people goes back to the people many times over.


We will be bold and agile, courageously taking on challenges, using deep customer insight to develop innovativeness.


Our organisational values underpin our strategy:

Be safe

We strive to keep our people, customers and the environment safe and always take action when we see danger

Be innovative

We will continuously improve our processes to ensure we are efficient, deliver value, and are easy to do business with

Be customer focused

We will provide value for money, leading market propositions and deliver the best customer service and experience

Be a team player

We will actively engage our people, and our stakeholders to build pride in Biffa and our Brand

Be accountable

We will take responsibility for everything we do, and deliver what we say we will

GrowthX, Inc.

We are building long-term, healthy relationships. We are doing this by being transparent and intentional, knowing that everything communicates. We think of this as living in congruence with our community.

People first

Innovative products, disruptive technology, big ideas, and massive addressable markets all come second. People come first. We are drawn to the human connection. Building and maintaining those relationships far outweighs the returns of any single transaction.

Professional Will

Our professional will fortifies us and drives our resolve to build an enduring company and to be of lasting service to our community.

Exponential Thinking

Take 30 linear steps and you end up 30 meters away; take 30 exponential steps and you end circling the planet 26 times! This is the impact we are trying to make. We want the step that we take together with our community to have an impact that is double the previous generation.


Trust is the foundation of all of our relationships. We earn trust through each interaction, both interpersonally and as members of a community. We hug elephants because we want to foster an environment of open communications, risk taking, a diversity of perspectives and the willingness to share out.

Respectful and Inclusive

Everyone should have equal opportunity to actively contribute and participate to their fullest potential. We take everyone seriously. We are aware of the pitfalls of an echo chamber. We listen respectfully and challenge disrespectful behaviors.


We treat every interaction as an opportunity. Therefore, we are grateful and we express our gratitude. By doing so, we remain mindful of our good fortune. Gratefulness reinforces our other core values and helps us stay true to them, even during challenging times.


We are open and obvious with each other and in all of our interactions, and we invite everyone to carefully consider whether we are congruous with their values, beliefs and professional goals. We are building long-term, healthy relationships by consistently communicating not only our decisions, but also our reasoning. In the process, we hope to be helpful. Transparency fosters continuously healthy relationships, even through periods of incongruity.


We acknowledge that we are owed nothing. Therefore, we are thankful for what we have. We are self-reflective and know our limitations. Humility fosters our growth mindset and helps us to recognize and appreciate that feedback is a gift. We are living in extraordinary times and we are humbled to play a role in each other’s lives and in the success of those we meet.

CBE companies

At CBE, not only do we have a clear purpose and mission, but our core values bleed into every team and each interaction our employees have with our clients. They are our daily inspiration and support our purpose: Making lives better one call at time, by connecting people to solutions.


We develop leaders…

We foster trust and collaboration to develop leaders focused on sustainable, superior performance. We set positive examples and invest in others so that they can follow the guidelines of leadership.


We do the right thing…

We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, consumers, vendors and the public.


We treat others as we expect to be treated…

We embrace each individual’s unique talents and honor diverse life and work styles. We operate in a spirit of cooperation and value human dignity.


We anticipate change and shape it to fit our purposes…

We acknowledge the weaknesses within our industry and create ethical, forward thinking solutions to overcome them. We identify, develop and deploy leading edge technology, employee development programs and process improvement tools.


to know

We are experts. We know our clients, their companies, our candidates and our business. In our business, it is often the details that count.

to serve

We succeed through a spirit of excellent service, exceeding the core requirements of our industry.

to trust

We are respectful. We value our relationships and treat people well.

striving for perfection

We always seek to improve and innovate. We are here to delight our clients and candidates in everything we do. This gives us the edge.

simultaneous promotion of all interests

We see the bigger picture and take our social responsibility seriously. Our business must always benefit society as a whole.


Diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of Aerotek’s core values and core pillars of our business.

Aerotek provides equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service and upholding our values and ethical standards in all of our company activities.

Alvarez & Marsal Holdings

While A&M continues to grow and change, living our core values remains constant. These are our core truths by which we work and hire.


Never let financial gain compromise integrity.


Always value quality people and quality work.


Do your homework before you form conclusions.


Like what you do and with whom you do it.

Personal Reward

Perform interesting work with interesting people and achieve results that matter.


Part 11
Energy and Chemicals

American Transmission Co.

1. Employees
2. Customers
3. Environment
4. Safety
5. Teamwork
6. Diversity
7. Community Interaction
8. Competitive Spirit
9. Improvement & innovation
10. Compliance
11. Fun

Akzo Nobel N.V.

Customer focused
Deliver on commitments
Passion for excellence
Winning together



Expect top performance and innovation;
Seek relentless improvement in all facets;
Drive to succeed with a sense of urgency;
Safety is not negotiable and will not be compromised;
Invest in our greatest asset: our people;
Foster a contrarian spirit;
Treat our stakeholders with respect and dignity;
We derive benefit from the Earth and take our environmental responsibility seriously; and
Conduct our business with honesty and integrity.

AES Corporation

Our values are at the heart of our operations and we believe these values set us apart from others in our industry. Every day, our people and businesses around the world are guided by the following core


We will always put safety first–for our people, contractors and communities.
Safety comes before everything at AES. We harness one of the world’s most powerful forces: electricity. Our people put their lives on the line when they come to work each day and ensuring safe operations at our facilities around the world so each person can return home safely is the cornerstone of our daily activities and decisions. We always put safety first, and we measure our success by how safely we achieve our goals.


We are honest, trustworthy and dependable. Integrity is at the core of all we do–how we conduct ourselves and interact with all of our stakeholders.
When we act with integrity, we earn the trust of our customers, business partners, shareholders and the people who live in the communities where we operate. We honor our commitments by doing what we say and by not making promises that we cannot keep. Maintaining our reputation requires a continuous commitment from all of us to act with the highest standard of integrity in all of our business decisions.


We move with vision, speed and flexibility to adapt to our dynamic and rapidly changing world.
Our world and our industry are changing at a faster pace than ever. We must be nimble, efficient and continue to evolve our business to succeed. Agility means we create value by moving quickly, anticipating opportunities, avoiding risk and changing direction as necessary to grow in new ways and best serve our customers.


We work because work can be fun, fulfilling and exciting.
We enjoy our work and appreciate the fun of being part of a team that is being innovative, making a difference and winning. Having fun through work means knowing that what we work at each day has a positive impact and being inspired by what we do. We believe a workplace that supports respect for one another, teamwork and diversity of backgrounds and views is a fun workplace.


We strive to be the best in all that we do and to perform at world-class levels.
Excellence is both a goal in itself and the way to achieve that goal. Striving for excellence means continually working to improve ourselves and our business operations.


Petrofac is a culturally diverse, international company, united by shared values.

Our six values are at the heart of everything we do; they guide our decisions and behaviours.

Petrofac people are:


Safety is our first and our most important value; from our people, clients and the communities we work in, to the integrity of the assets and facilities we build, maintain and run.


We aspire to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. This means doing the right thing for our clients, employees, communities and the environment in which we operate.


It’s in our nature to think differently, use our initiative, and positively challenge convention. From the commercial to the technical, we seek out new ways to add value.


We take time to understand what our clients want and tailor our services to meet those needs. We are quick to respond when challenges arise and do everything in our power to overcome them.

Quality and Cost Conscious

We work to optimise value for our clients, without compromising quality and integrity.

Driven to deliver

We have a relentless focus on delivery and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Indian Oil Corporation

IndianOil nurtures the core values of Care, Innovation, Passion & Trust across the organisation in order to deliver value to its stakeholders.

Aditya Birla Management Corporation

Integrity : Acting and taking decisions in a manner that is fair and honest. Following the highest standards of professionalism and being recognised for doing so. Integrity for us means not only financial and intellectual integrity, but encompasses all other forms as are generally understood.

Commitment : On the foundation of Integrity, doing all that is needed to deliver value to all stakeholders. In the process, being accountable for our own actions and decisions, those of our team and those in the part of the organisation for which we are responsible.

Passion : An energetic, intuitive zeal that arises from emotional engagement with the organisation that makes work joyful and inspires each one to give his or her best. A voluntary, spontaneous and relentless pursuit of goals and objectives with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm.

Seamlessness : Thinking and working together across functional groups, hierarchies, businesses and geographies. Leveraging diverse competencies and perspectives to garner the benefits of synergy while promoting organisational unity through sharing and collaborative efforts.

Speed : Responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. Continuously striving to finish before deadlines and choosing the best rhythm to optimise organisational efficiencies.

Pakistan State Oil (PSO)


We believe that excellence in our core activities emerges from a passion for satisfying our customers’ needs in terms of total quality management. Our foremost goal is to retain our corporate leadership.

We endeavor to achieve higher collective and individual goals through team. This is inculcated in the organization through effective communication.


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer attracting and recruiting the finest people from around the country. We value contribution of individuals and teams. Individual contributions are recognized through our reward and recognition program.


We uphold our values and Business Ethics principles in every action and decision. Professional and personal honesty, dedication and commitment are the landmarks of our success. Open and transparent business practices are based on ethical values and respect for employees, communities and the environment.


We are committed to continuous improvement, both in New Product and Processes as well as those existing already. We encourage Creative Ideas from all stakeholders.

Corporate Responsibility

We promote Health, Safety and Environment culture both internally and externally. We emphasize on Community Development and aspire to make society a better place to live in.

Occidental Petroleum Corporation

At Occidental, what we do is important — and how we do it is even more so. Guided by our values of integrity, innovation and investment, we work hard to earn the high regard of our partners, investors and other stakeholders around the world.


We demand integrity and personal accountability at every level of the company with an unwavering commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.


We promote innovation that improves processes and results. Setting high standards for everyone who works at Occidental, we reward top performance and ingenuity.


We strategically invest in our assets around the world, and we invest in our employees to ensure they have every opportunity to grow professionally and excel.


We meet these challenges by means of our continuous commitment in introducing our VALUES:


All employees must conduct themselves in a professional manner by, among others:

Competent in one’s area of expertise;
Possessing a “”champion spirit””;
Continously seeking self-improvement;
Having professional ability and knowing one’s limit.


All employees must conduct themselves in an ethical manner by, among others:

Conducting business fairly with high moral integrity;
Applying the highest ethival standards ar all time;
Understanding and following the Company’s ethics and Good Corporate Governance policies.


All employees must make efforts to promote transparency by, among others:

Encouraging informality and opennes in communication at all levels;
Building an environment of trust among the employees and management in MedcoEnergi;
Behaving with respect, open mind and highest work ethics


All employees must cultivate the spirit of innovation by, among others:

Building a culture of trail-blazers;
Continuously search for innovative solutions to achieve better, safer, more cost-effective, and faster outcomes;
Possessing intellectual maturity.

Baker Hughes

The Baker Hughes Core Values are the basis for establishing a common culture for the company. Our Core Values are: Integrity, Teamwork, Performance, Learning, and Courage.


We believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and corporate actions that drives an organization of which we are proud.
We are a responsible corporate citizen committed to the health and safety of people, protection of the environment, and compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies
We are honest, trustworthy, respectful, and ethical in our actions
We honor our commitments
We are accountable for our actions, successes, and failures


We believe teamwork leverages our individual strengths.
We are committed to common goals
We expect everyone to actively participate on the Baker Hughes team
We openly communicate up, down, and across the organization
We value the diversity of our workforce
We willingly share our resources


We believe performance excellence will drive the results that differentiate us from our competitors.
We focus on what is important
We establish and communicate clear expectations
We relentlessly pursue success
We strive for flawless execution
We work hard, celebrate our successes, and learn from our failures
We continuously look for new ways to improve our products, services, and processes


We believe a learning environment is the way to achieve the full potential of each individual and the company.
We expect development throughout each individual’s career by a combination of individual and company commitment
We learn from sharing past decisions and actions, both good and bad, to continuously improve performance
We improve by benchmarking and adopting best practices


We believe courage empowers us to lead boldly and act decisively.
We stand for what is right and support others who do so
We imagine and pursue new possibilities for our future
We take ownership of challenges, even those that appear insurmountable
We embrace change, both collectively and individually

Aura Light International AB

Aura Light’s values are based on our Code of Conduct and are the basic elements and practices that we use in our every day work:


At Aura Light we keep our promises and provide products with guaranteed quality. We are committed to our customers with an excellent customer service and sales force with a high knowledge in lighting. As a cleantech company Aura Light contribute to a sustainable future in a caring and professional way, offering our customers solutions that make them more sustainable.


Aura Light is an industry challenger and innovative in finding new solutions using both current and new technology. We are a business oriented cleantech company giving our customers value by helping them save money, energy and the environment. Through making the customers minimize costs by doing the right thing we can make a real change. Our beacon is that we contribute to a sustainable future by offering lighting solutions that help our customers become sustainable.


At Aura Light we are open minded and flexible to adapt to our customers’ needs enabling us to provide tailored solutions that are right for the specific customer. Our size allows us to be fast from idea to market. The customers should feel that we are fast and responsive in a way that is superior to our competitors.

Shell Singapore

Our core values are honesty, integrity and respect for people. The Shell General Business Principles, Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics help everyone at Shell to act in line with these values and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Emirates Global Aluminium

EGA’s vision is underpinned by our three core values:


Safety first and always.
Act with integrity, transparency and fairness to safeguard our business.
Protect the environment wherever we operate.


Ensure rewarding career and development opportunities for all our people.
Sustain relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners build on mutual trust.
Contribute meaningfully to the communities where we operate.


Promote a performance-based work culture where individuals are empowered through ownership, accountability, and team support.
Excel in operations through continuous improvement and innovation.
Grow profitably across the globe.

The Linde Group

Empowering people – People are given the space to contribute and grow.

Innovating for customer – We relentlessly pursue new ways to add value to external customers.

Thriving through diversity – Diversity results in enriched collaboration and enhanced solutions.

Passion to excel – We have the commitment and drive to pursue ever higher standards of excellence and we celebrate success.


Four core values built on our rich heritage support Sandvik’s ambitions for the future:

Customer Focus

We constantly strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and enable them to excel in their business.


We shape the future by creating pioneering solutions throughout our operations.

Fair Play

We conduct business in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Passion to Win

We are passionate about making our company number one.

The Williams Companies, Inc.

Integrity. Integrity must not be compromised. Honest relationships and trust are essential for long-term business success. We deal fairly in all our business relations.

Safety and Environmental Stewardship. We are fully committed to the health and safety of our workforce and on the protection of our neighbors, the environment and our assets.

Investors. We are committed to providing our investors an attractive return over the long term.

Customers. We exist to help our external customers achieve their business objectives. To succeed, we must understand our customers’ businesses and dependably deliver what they value most.

Employees. People are the Company’s most valuable resource. We possess immense powers of innovation, imagination, skill – and a desire to accomplish something of significance. Working as a team allows all of us to realize our full potential.

Communities. We recognize and enthusiastically accept our responsibility to the communities we serve, through acting as a good neighbor and through involvement and support for community activities.

Entrepreneurial Spirit. We maintain a corporate culture that values originality, invention and creativity, and that nurtures these qualities through openness and reverence for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Tolerance for Risk. The Company’s willingness to take risks in deploying new technology and investing in large capital projects is central to our culture and our success.

Efficiency and Effectiveness. We continuously collaborate with our customers and within our teams to discover and apply safer, better, faster and more cost-efficient ways to provide the services our customers value.

Change. We welcome change for the opportunities it offers.


Our corporate culture embodies a number of core values. We have made five of these explicit to enable us to make good decisions. These values are fundamental to our identity and cannot be compromised.

Safety conscious

We look out for each other
We don’t want anyone to get hurt at work
We plan thoroughly so what we do is executed safely
We follow our processes and procedures according to our management system
We respond immediately to unsafe or unsatisfactory conditions


We display integrity in everything we do
We operate correctly first time, and deliver what we promise
We constantly challenge ourselves and others to find smarter ways of working
We work diligently to achieve best practice


We share knowledge, ideas and information with each other – and our customers
We listen to our customers and our colleagues and act on what they say
We build enthusiasm around us
We reward great performance and use it as an example to be followed
We set the standard in operational and safety performance


We act in accordance with Seadrill’s values
We respect decisions once they’ve been made
We are Seadrill’s biggest advocates


We are innovative and inventive, and are continually on the lookout for better solutions
We embrace change; we don’t resist it
We are creative and use our initiative but stay within Seadrill’s policies and procedures
We seek out new opportunities

NRG Energy

At NRG, our core values provide a framework for all corporate strategy and decision making. They are the standards by which we STRIVE to conduct our daily business, work with one another and interact with our communities.


At NRG, safety always comes first. We embrace safety with an ultimate goal of zero injuries and a focus on preventative safety practices.


In our complex business, it is essential that we work together as a team, harnessing the power of our combined skills, outlooks and efforts to address business opportunities and solve problems.


We listen closely to one another and treat each other with respect. We create value for every customer. We respect our local communities and strive to be a good neighbor. We respect the environment and work continuously to improve it.


We say what we mean, and we honor our word. Integrity is central to our open and honest communications with colleagues, investors, regulators, customers and the communities in which we do business.

Value Creation

As individuals, as teams and as a company, our goal is always to create value. The company’s capital resources, physical assets and professional expertise must be applied in a manner that creates maximum value.

Exemplary Leadership

Regardless of our positions within the company, we are all leaders. We exercise leadership by developing well-thought-out plans, effectively communicating them to everyone who would be affected and then acting decisively to implement those plans.

KIC InnoEnergy

Pan-European: We cover and capitalise the fascinating diversity of Europe.

Integrative: We ceaselessly co-operate, integrate, synthesise, melt, merge.

Entrepreneurial: It’s in InnoEnergy’s DNA to be entrepreneurs for sustainability.

Impact-oriented: Everything we do is directed to create the maximum impact.

Excellence-driven: We thrive to be the best, work with and create the best ones.

Visionary: We dare to be visionary, to think beyond boundaries, to scrutinise rules.

Passionate: We are bursting to develop cutting-edge-solutions & optimum results.

Sustainable: We are here to stay. We care and work for the energy-future of Europe.

National Grid USA Service Company

Respect others and value their diversity
Take ownership for driving performance
Demonstrate integrity and openness in all relationships
Work as one team, one National Grid

Dixie Chemical Company


Conduct business safely, ethically and with integrity. Meet or exceed regulatory and legal requirements. Strengthen the company through diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Practice Principled Entrepreneurship™

Continual Improvement

Set plans and take actions to continually improve our business through robust integrated (HSEQ) management systems measured with balanced scorecards.

Employee Engagement and Empowerment

Take ownership and value team work. Actively seek and share the best knowledge and perspective.

Customer Focus

Commit to profitably meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations for performance chemical products. Verify satisfaction though planned customer engagement.

Productivity and Eco Efficiency

Systematically enable profitable growth while reducing energy and water use. Eliminate waste and emissions related to our operations.

Open Innovation

Anticipate and drive change with urgency. Grow though key business partners.

Clean Technology

Align products with societal challenges. Reduce our business risk and environmental footprint.

Shell Global

Shell’s core values are honesty, integrity and respect for people. The Shell General Business Principles, Code of Conduct, and Code of Ethics help everyone at Shell act in line with these values and comply with relevant laws and regulations. We also strive to maintain a diverse and inclusive culture within our company.


Part 12


When it comes to our people and the way we work, we possess seven core values. We demand the highest ethics and integrity from our professionals. We operate using sound scientific principles. We respect and care for each other. We promote personal and professional growth. We foster innovation and creativity. We demonstrate social and environmental responsibility. And finally, we are committed to winning and being the best.



We believe in honesty, openness, trust, respect and reliability in all we do.


We believe we must strive for excellence in everything we do.


We believe that innovations drive our future success.


We believe that by taking ownership and acting with commitment we will achieve sustainable success.


We believe that connecting people and working in global teams is crucial to achieving our ambitious goals.


We are committed to operating sustainably and addressing our social and ethical responsibilities. We also respect the interests of all our stakeholders. Employees with a passion for innovation enjoy excellent development opportunities at Bayer.

In fulfilling our mission, we are guided by our corporate values. Represented by the acronym LIFE. LIFE stands for Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency.

Daiichi Sankyo

Core Values comprise the following: Innovation, Integrity, and Accountability.

Innovation – the introduction of new ideas, methods, or invention

Integrity – the quality of being honest and of always having high moral principles

Accountability – being responsible for the effects of your actions, and being willing to explain or be criticized for them


Our values define our culture and help us fulfill our mission.At Novartis, we have introduced values that describe the professional behaviors we expect from our employees. These values are an integral part of the framework we use to recruit people, develop them, and assess and reward their performance.


We encourage people to experiment and take smart risks. Our aim is to foster creative thinking that leads to practical solutions to healthcare and business challenges.


Our focus on quality excellence includes continuously enhancing our standards, technology and training for our people.


We foster teamwork among our employees to swiftly and efficiently deliver innovative new products to patients and healthcare providers. This capitalizes on the diversity and creativity of our global staff.


Our people are known for their focus on results. We aim to reinforce that focus on personal and collective achievement, while maintaining high ethical standards.


We want our associates to speak out, challenge conventional thinking, and stand up for their ideas. We also want them to have the courage to do the right thing in the face of resistance or moral dilemmas.


While our products may evolve, our values remain timeless.

For more than 140 years, our values have been woven throughout the fabric of our company. The values of authentic, accountable, innovative and caring describe how we work with and are judged by our consumers, business partners, investors and each other.

Authentic: Our heritage is one of honesty, integrity and courageously doing the right thing.

Accountable: We take ownership for our business and our future.

Innovative: Our commitment is to new ideas that add value.

Caring: We respect each other and care for the communities where we live and work.

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Walgreens Boots Alliance takes seriously its aim of inspiring a healthier and happier world, as reflected in our core values:


Respect, integrity and candor guide our actions to do the right thing


Our people and customers inspire us to act with commitment and passion


We cultivate an open and entrepreneurial mind-set in all that we do


We work collaboratively with each other and our partners to win together


We work with rigor, simplicity and agility to deliver exceptional results


Customer Value

We create winning partnerships with our customers, internally & externally

One Team

Our people work as part of a global team, act with integrity, show respect & trust for each other & are empowered to achieve their full potential in a safe working environment

Results Driven

We deliver on our commitments at all times


We pursue excellence in our processes & systems enabling us to achieve best-in-class industry standards


We continuously identify ways to innovate through our products, services & systems to enhance our business


We strive to get it right first time maintaining the highest level of total quality standards in everything that we do.

Anthem, Inc.

Easy-to-Do Business With

Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Our core values are driven by a desire to improve life, achieve scientific excellence, operate with the highest standards of integrity, expand access to our products and employ a diverse workforce that values collaboration.


How to use Status Platform for status updates:

  1. Easily implement daily or weekly status updates for your team members by creating a status feed with questions like “What did you do today?” or “How did you contribute to the team’s goals this week?”.
  2. Peace of mind: No one forgets to fill in their status updates because Status Platform sends timely reminders according to the recurrence schedule you chose.
  3. Increase workplace satisfaction by improving transparency: Each status update has a separate section for comments, which is used by team members to clarify information, including upcoming goals, and by leaders to provide feedback and coordinate better without micromanagement.
  4. Use status updates for future reference and decrease time and efforts spent on monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting thanks to powerful filtering and export features.
  5. Optionally, enrich reports with the latest updates automatically added from web apps your team uses (such as project management tools, version control systems, support systems, financial applications, CRM, etc.) by connecting these apps to your status feed.
  6. Spend less time on meetings by making them more productive because everyone is on the same page at all times.
  7. Sharing: Status updates can be either
    — exported to files and printed, or sent by email;
    — shared with manager online; or
    — shared online as company-wide or team-wide status reports, i.e., all team members share their progress with each other.

How to configure status updates:

Step 1:

  • Create a “Status Report” applet — customize our preset forms or easily create a new form in minutes.
  • Setup reminders if you want your team members to receive automatic reminders when their reports are due.
  • Configure who will submit reports by choosing the “Participants” tab.

Step 2: Users will click the “Open Submission Form” button to fill in and submit the report.

form template

Data such as the report type, date and name will be added automatically.

As soon as a new status report is added, participants with “View” rights can view it in real time.


  • Set the status applet as “Team-wide” if you want all team members to view each other’s status reports.
  • Alternatively, you can make every participant to view his/her own reports only. Manager/stakeholders will view all reports.
  • Add, remove, and assign new team members at any time.

As soon as a new status update is added, participants with “View” rights can view it in real time when they log in to their accounts. They will also automatically receive emails with the full text of status updates.


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