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90 Ways To Say “It Was a Pleasure Working With You” for Every Occasion

By Editorial Team on June 2, 2024 — 4 minutes to read

Working collaboratively with others often calls for expressing your gratitude and acknowledging their contributions. You might find yourself in various situations where you want to say “It was a pleasure working with you” but in a way that fits the context better. Professional Farewells Formal Business Closure “It has been an absolute pleasure working with...

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How to Start a Presentation: 5 Templates and 90 Example Phrases

By Editorial Team on February 27, 2024 — 11 minutes to read

Starting a presentation effectively means capturing your audience’s attention from the very beginning. It’s important because it sets the tone for the entire presentation and establishes your credibility as a speaker. Effective Openers: 5 Templates Your presentation’s beginning sets the stage for everything that follows. So, it’s important to capture your audience’s attention right from...

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