Category: Core Values

Company Mission vs. Values vs. Vision Statements

By Editorial Team on October 4, 2023 — 10 minutes to read

Crafting Your Corporate Identity What is a Mission Statement A mission statement communicates your company’s immediate goals and purposes. It serves as a definite and concise description of what your business aims to accomplish. When writing a mission statement, consider your organization’s key products or services, target customers, and expertise. For example, a fictional restaurant’s...

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Code of Conduct & Ethics (Examples and Best Practices)

By Editorial Team on May 5, 2023 — 7 minutes to read

Code of conduct and ethics is a vital component for organizations, outlining the values, rules, standards, and principles expected from employees by the employers. By implementing a well-defined code of conduct, organizations can minimize misunderstandings, maintain a positive work atmosphere, and promote ethical behavior. In order to create an effective code of conduct, companies must have...

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