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What is Poka-Yoke? [Examples, Principles, Methods]

By Editorial Team on May 18, 2023 — 15 minutes to read

Poka-Yoke Principles Part 1 Poka-Yoke Methods Part 2 Implementation of Poka-Yoke in Manufacturing Part 3 Benefits of Poka-Yoke Part 4 Integrating Poka-Yoke with Other Approaches Part 5 Common Types of Poka-Yoke Devices Part 6 Challenges and Limitations of Poka-Yoke Part 7 Poka-Yoke is a Japanese term that translates to “mistake-proofing.” Developed by the industrial engineer...

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Ishikawa Diagram: Examples and Applications

By Editorial Team on May 18, 2023 — 9 minutes to read

Ishikawa diagrams, also known as Fishbone diagrams or Cause-and-effect diagrams, are essential tools in the world of quality management and problem-solving. Developed by Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa in the 1960s, these diagrams provide a visual representation of factors contributing to a specific outcome. By analyzing the various causes and effects, teams can identify root problems and...

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