4 Key Factors: How to Choose Live Chat Software

In today’s fast-paced digital era, where client convenience and quick results are crucial business aspects, customer service tools are a real game changer. From promoting the customer experience to driving sales and growing retention, live chat software is a perfectly designed tool to interact with and support clients. Live chat solutions provide you with an optimal interacting channel and smart platforms that greatly reduce service delivery costs.

Are you looking for live chat software for your business venture but having trouble choosing the right one? With so many scattered around the market, it happens. However, that should not be an excuse for poor customer service. In this buyer’s guide, we will highlight all the features and functionalities you need to consider to find the best product.



Part 1
What Is Live Chat Software?

In a nutshell, live chat software is a business program that allows you to interact with customers and offer immediate assistance. These tools function just like instant messenger, where your clients can directly communicate with you in real time. With a live chat solution, you can promptly and conveniently provide answers to various customer questions concerning your organization, helping them make better purchase choices. It not only boosts customer satisfaction but also dramatically improves their private lives.

Which Type of Live Chat Software Is the Best Fit for Your Business?

So, how do these tools function? Live chat software works according to your specific requirements and goals. Clients have an accompanying goal of success when asking questions. To ensure complete effectiveness all through the customer support process, you need an intelligent tool that can precisely document individual customer responses.

Regarding collaboration, there are three major types of live chat software.

  1. Live Text Chat Support

    This version offers text-only chat support. You can interact with your customers via texts only. Offering high conversion rates and engagement, this model is a favorite of many clients.

  2. Live Video, Voice, and Text Support

    Designed with additional features to help you virtually see and converse with customers, this model is an advanced version of its predecessor. With video call capability, this solution helps to foster an intimate personal engagement with your clients. This cultivates a sense of integrity between your agents and clients.
    Tip: Ideal for e-commerce vendors, especially when a client is making a large transaction.

  3. Video, Voice, Text, and Co-Browsing

    In addition to the capabilities available in the above two models, this type of live chat software incorporates a co-browsing functionality. This feature enables clients and service agents to simultaneously sail across the app in real time. Unlike screen sharing where only one side has full control of the screen, this software allows both parties to independently but concurrently browse through digital documents.
    Tip: Ideal for an organization that often requires customers to fill out online forms

Part 2
Advantages of Live Chat Software

  1. Provides Convenience to Customers

    Your goal is to provide instantaneous responses to your customers. Customer service agents take an average of 23 to 46 seconds to respond and conclusively solve a typical customer challenge. A live chat tool is the ultimate solution.
    However, depending on the complexity of the query or problem, it may take 10 minutes or even hours for the agent to collaborate with management or run necessary checks to provide a conclusive answer to the customer. Meanwhile, typical live chat software allows clients to engage in other activities like online shopping while they wait for your response. By doing so, your customers don’t slip into a monotonous waiting mode.

  2. Boosting Customer Loyalty and Service

    With live chat software, it is easier for customers to have their questions answered instantly, thus boosting their loyalty.

  3. Increasing Sales

    When making large purchases online, it is common for customers to grow hesitant. With online trading not yet permeating completely into the marketing domain, and clients getting confused while making payments, hesitation is logical. However, with live chat software, customer service agents can have a one-on-one conversation with clients, assuring them that they are not being scammed and also guiding them through complex payment systems. By doing so, you can greatly increase sales for your organization.

  4. Expanding the Market Reach

    With customers not willing to purchase products from companies out of their immediate area, you may find your business confined locally. For a company with growth prospects, this is a dream killer.


    Through your business website, you can reach a global audience. However, this does not guarantee an increase in sales, as most customers can be hesitant to make remote purchases. With live chat software, you can easily contact potential customers, conduct inquiries, and quickly help them make purchases.
    Designed with sophisticated smart tracking and monitoring capabilities, this software autonomously notifies you of new and recurring website visitors. With that, this tool also allows you to automatically or manually send chat requests, thus giving you a chance with potential customers.

  5. Addressing Customer Pain Points

    Live chat software also helps boost client satisfaction by addressing the specific challenges your customers are facing and helping you find conclusive resolutions. While most support tools employ social media platforms like blog content to do this, live chat programs build a personalized interaction between your agents and customers. By doing so, you can individually understand their unique frustrations and provide a solution for it.

Part 3
In-Depth Guide on How to Choose Live Chat Software

Even the most experienced software shoppers find it challenging when selecting live chat software. One of the main reasons for this drag while shopping is the sheer number of tools in the market. Whether you are an amateur or a guru, there are two crucial factors you must consider if you want to find the best live chat software:

  • Usability of the software
  • Features offered by the tool

Usability Factors to Consider in Live Chat Software

1. Easy Customization

For your business to stand out and attract more customers, branding the products or services you offer is essential. Ideally, all the fundamentals of your website must provide a positive visual experience, including live chat interfaces.

An easily customizable tool enables you to cohesively market your brand image through

  • Personalized language
  • Chat banners
  • Colors
  • Styles and designs
  • Fonts and much more

Choosing easily customizable live chat software is a critical game changer.

2. Third-Party Software Integrations

Flawlessly integrating your platform with an already existing business platform is important for the appropriate and stress-free flow of information. With this capability, you will not have to manually key in data into another tool when conducting data migration procedures.

3. Mobile Support

With many people using their smartphones to access your website, it is essential for customer chat support to be mobile-ready. To take care of a diverse range of customers, your platform should support various mobile phone engines like iOS and Android.

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Other Functionalities to Consider Include:

  • Easy onboarding
  • Simple or multichannel support
  • Ensuring security

Key Features to Consider in Live Chat Software

  1. Operator Monitoring

    Of course, your workers are perfectly drilled to provide excellent support for customers. However, as a seasoned investor, you understand how quickly an unmonitored workforce can bring your business to its knees.
    Supervising your agents is vital to the ultimate success of your organization. Designed with sophisticated algorithms, an operation monitor app gives your relevant and insightful reports about the performance of your customer support agents. This information allows you to single out underperforming agents easily. Critically analyzed and exquisitely detailed, you can also employ reports from this feature to constructively criticize your agents, thus helping them improve the quality of your customer support.

  2. Chat Monitoring

    As a dedicated entrepreneur, you should be firmly in control of all the activities in your company, including knowing the number of customer supports currently engaged. However, despite how informative it may look, tracking the engaged staff in real time is both costly and time-consuming, especially if you are doing it manually.
    Meticulously designed with cutting-edge technology, chat monitoring software lets you know in real time, who among your customer support agents are offering their services. It not only gives you an optimal avenue to control but also increases your agents’ productivity and efficiency.

  3. Chat Routing

    With this feature, you can hand over chats to any available customer support agent or automatically redirect clients to the most suitable agent. For your customers, this is a real game changer as they will not be kept waiting on one line if there is a rise in chat volumes.
    By choosing a solution with this feature, you guarantee your customers a prompt and quality response. So, chat routing is an integral feature in live chat software which you should seriously consider.

  4. Chat Rating

    This feature allows clients to comment on the quality of the interaction with your support agents. With this, you will know if your agents are churning out quality services or not.

Other Essential Features to Consider Include:

  • Canned responses
  • Mobile optimization
  • Offline forms
  • Smart triggers
  • Proactive chat
  • Visitor tracking

Final Word

Live chat software can positively change the tide in your organization. So choosing one with the above usability factors and features is paramount.


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