70+ Best Core Values: Examples for Energy and Chemicals Industry

At the core of any successful company are its core values. These values serve as guiding principles that shape the organization’s culture and success. In this article you will find examples of core values for companies that fall into the following industries:

Energy and Chemicals

The energy and chemicals industry is an important sector of the global economy, playing an essential role in the production of a wide range of products we use daily. It encompasses activities related to the production, refining, storage, and distribution of energy sources such as oil, natural gas, and coal. The chemical industry involves the production of chemicals such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents, paints, and more. The energy and chemical industries are major employers globally, with many workers employed in the production of raw materials and the manufacture of goods. The industry also contributes to economic growth through its investments in research and development of new products and technologies.

Common core values for energy and chemicals companies include safety, integrity, sustainability, innovation, customer service, collaboration, responsibility, and efficiency.

  • Safety is of utmost importance in this industry, because energy and chemicals companies prioritize providing a secure working environment for their employees.
  • Integrity: requires employees to act with honesty and respect in all interactions.
  • Sustainability: these companies strive to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Innovation is essential for staying ahead of the competition, so often these companies encourage creativity.
  • Customer service: if your company strives to build strong relationships with their customers.
  • Collaboration is important for achieving success as a team.
  • Efficiency is essential for staying competitive in the fast-paced industry.

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Examples of core values for Energy and Chemicals Industry:

American Transmission Co.

1. Employees
2. Customers
3. Environment
4. Safety
5. Teamwork
6. Diversity
7. Community Interaction
8. Competitive Spirit
9. Improvement & innovation
10. Compliance
11. Fun

Akzo Nobel N.V.

Customer focused
Deliver on commitments
Passion for excellence
Winning together


Our Core Values are:

Expect top performance and innovation;
Seek relentless improvement in all facets;
Drive to succeed with a sense of urgency;
Safety is not negotiable and will not be compromised;
Invest in our greatest asset: our people;
Foster a contrarian spirit;
Treat our stakeholders with respect and dignity;
We derive benefit from the Earth and take our environmental responsibility seriously; and
Conduct our business with honesty and integrity.


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AES Corporation

Our values are at the heart of our operations and we believe these values set us apart from others in our industry. Every day, our people and businesses around the world are guided by the following core


We will always put safety first–for our people, contractors and communities.
Safety comes before everything at AES. We harness one of the world’s most powerful forces: electricity. Our people put their lives on the line when they come to work each day and ensuring safe operations at our facilities around the world so each person can return home safely is the cornerstone of our daily activities and decisions. We always put safety first, and we measure our success by how safely we achieve our goals.


We are honest, trustworthy and dependable. Integrity is at the core of all we do–how we conduct ourselves and interact with all of our stakeholders.
When we act with integrity, we earn the trust of our customers, business partners, shareholders and the people who live in the communities where we operate. We honor our commitments by doing what we say and by not making promises that we cannot keep. Maintaining our reputation requires a continuous commitment from all of us to act with the highest standard of integrity in all of our business decisions.


We move with vision, speed and flexibility to adapt to our dynamic and rapidly changing world.
Our world and our industry are changing at a faster pace than ever. We must be nimble, efficient and continue to evolve our business to succeed. Agility means we create value by moving quickly, anticipating opportunities, avoiding risk and changing direction as necessary to grow in new ways and best serve our customers.


We work because work can be fun, fulfilling and exciting.
We enjoy our work and appreciate the fun of being part of a team that is being innovative, making a difference and winning. Having fun through work means knowing that what we work at each day has a positive impact and being inspired by what we do. We believe a workplace that supports respect for one another, teamwork and diversity of backgrounds and views is a fun workplace.


We strive to be the best in all that we do and to perform at world-class levels.
Excellence is both a goal in itself and the way to achieve that goal. Striving for excellence means continually working to improve ourselves and our business operations.


Petrofac is a culturally diverse, international company, united by shared values.

Our six values are at the heart of everything we do; they guide our decisions and behaviours.

Petrofac people are:


Safety is our first and our most important value; from our people, clients and the communities we work in, to the integrity of the assets and facilities we build, maintain and run.

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We aspire to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. This means doing the right thing for our clients, employees, communities and the environment in which we operate.


It’s in our nature to think differently, use our initiative, and positively challenge convention. From the commercial to the technical, we seek out new ways to add value.


We take time to understand what our clients want and tailor our services to meet those needs. We are quick to respond when challenges arise and do everything in our power to overcome them.

Quality and Cost Conscious

We work to optimise value for our clients, without compromising quality and integrity.

Driven to deliver

We have a relentless focus on delivery and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Indian Oil Corporation

IndianOil nurtures the core values of Care, Innovation, Passion & Trust across the organisation in order to deliver value to its stakeholders.

Aditya Birla Management Corporation

Integrity : Acting and taking decisions in a manner that is fair and honest. Following the highest standards of professionalism and being recognised for doing so. Integrity for us means not only financial and intellectual integrity, but encompasses all other forms as are generally understood.

Commitment : On the foundation of Integrity, doing all that is needed to deliver value to all stakeholders. In the process, being accountable for our own actions and decisions, those of our team and those in the part of the organisation for which we are responsible.

Passion : An energetic, intuitive zeal that arises from emotional engagement with the organisation that makes work joyful and inspires each one to give his or her best. A voluntary, spontaneous and relentless pursuit of goals and objectives with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm.

Seamlessness : Thinking and working together across functional groups, hierarchies, businesses and geographies. Leveraging diverse competencies and perspectives to garner the benefits of synergy while promoting organisational unity through sharing and collaborative efforts.

Speed : Responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. Continuously striving to finish before deadlines and choosing the best rhythm to optimise organisational efficiencies.

Pakistan State Oil (PSO)


We believe that excellence in our core activities emerges from a passion for satisfying our customers’ needs in terms of total quality management. Our foremost goal is to retain our corporate leadership.

We endeavor to achieve higher collective and individual goals through team. This is inculcated in the organization through effective communication.


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer attracting and recruiting the finest people from around the country. We value contribution of individuals and teams. Individual contributions are recognized through our reward and recognition program.


We uphold our values and Business Ethics principles in every action and decision. Professional and personal honesty, dedication and commitment are the landmarks of our success. Open and transparent business practices are based on ethical values and respect for employees, communities and the environment.


We are committed to continuous improvement, both in New Product and Processes as well as those existing already. We encourage Creative Ideas from all stakeholders.

Corporate Responsibility

We promote Health, Safety and Environment culture both internally and externally. We emphasize on Community Development and aspire to make society a better place to live in.

Occidental Petroleum Corporation

At Occidental, what we do is important — and how we do it is even more so. Guided by our values of integrity, innovation and investment, we work hard to earn the high regard of our partners, investors and other stakeholders around the world.


We demand integrity and personal accountability at every level of the company with an unwavering commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.


We promote innovation that improves processes and results. Setting high standards for everyone who works at Occidental, we reward top performance and ingenuity.


We strategically invest in our assets around the world, and we invest in our employees to ensure they have every opportunity to grow professionally and excel.


We meet these challenges by means of our continuous commitment in introducing our VALUES:


All employees must conduct themselves in a professional manner by, among others:

Competent in one’s area of expertise;
Possessing a “”champion spirit””;
Continously seeking self-improvement;
Having professional ability and knowing one’s limit.


All employees must conduct themselves in an ethical manner by, among others:

Conducting business fairly with high moral integrity;
Applying the highest ethival standards ar all time;
Understanding and following the Company’s ethics and Good Corporate Governance policies.


All employees must make efforts to promote transparency by, among others:

Encouraging informality and opennes in communication at all levels;
Building an environment of trust among the employees and management in MedcoEnergi;
Behaving with respect, open mind and highest work ethics


All employees must cultivate the spirit of innovation by, among others:

Building a culture of trail-blazers;
Continuously search for innovative solutions to achieve better, safer, more cost-effective, and faster outcomes;
Possessing intellectual maturity.

Baker Hughes

The Baker Hughes Core Values are the basis for establishing a common culture for the company. Our Core Values are: Integrity, Teamwork, Performance, Learning, and Courage.


We believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and corporate actions that drives an organization of which we are proud.
We are a responsible corporate citizen committed to the health and safety of people, protection of the environment, and compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies
We are honest, trustworthy, respectful, and ethical in our actions
We honor our commitments
We are accountable for our actions, successes, and failures

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We believe teamwork leverages our individual strengths.
We are committed to common goals
We expect everyone to actively participate on the Baker Hughes team
We openly communicate up, down, and across the organization
We value the diversity of our workforce
We willingly share our resources


We believe performance excellence will drive the results that differentiate us from our competitors.
We focus on what is important
We establish and communicate clear expectations
We relentlessly pursue success
We strive for flawless execution
We work hard, celebrate our successes, and learn from our failures
We continuously look for new ways to improve our products, services, and processes


We believe a learning environment is the way to achieve the full potential of each individual and the company.
We expect development throughout each individual’s career by a combination of individual and company commitment
We learn from sharing past decisions and actions, both good and bad, to continuously improve performance
We improve by benchmarking and adopting best practices


We believe courage empowers us to lead boldly and act decisively.
We stand for what is right and support others who do so
We imagine and pursue new possibilities for our future
We take ownership of challenges, even those that appear insurmountable
We embrace change, both collectively and individually

Aura Light International AB

Aura Light’s values are based on our Code of Conduct and are the basic elements and practices that we use in our every day work:


At Aura Light we keep our promises and provide products with guaranteed quality. We are committed to our customers with an excellent customer service and sales force with a high knowledge in lighting. As a cleantech company Aura Light contribute to a sustainable future in a caring and professional way, offering our customers solutions that make them more sustainable.


Aura Light is an industry challenger and innovative in finding new solutions using both current and new technology. We are a business oriented cleantech company giving our customers value by helping them save money, energy and the environment. Through making the customers minimize costs by doing the right thing we can make a real change. Our beacon is that we contribute to a sustainable future by offering lighting solutions that help our customers become sustainable.


At Aura Light we are open minded and flexible to adapt to our customers’ needs enabling us to provide tailored solutions that are right for the specific customer. Our size allows us to be fast from idea to market. The customers should feel that we are fast and responsive in a way that is superior to our competitors.

Shell Singapore

Our core values are honesty, integrity and respect for people. The Shell General Business Principles, Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics help everyone at Shell to act in line with these values and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Emirates Global Aluminium

EGA’s vision is underpinned by our three core values:


Safety first and always.
Act with integrity, transparency and fairness to safeguard our business.
Protect the environment wherever we operate.


Ensure rewarding career and development opportunities for all our people.
Sustain relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners build on mutual trust.
Contribute meaningfully to the communities where we operate.


Promote a performance-based work culture where individuals are empowered through ownership, accountability, and team support.
Excel in operations through continuous improvement and innovation.
Grow profitably across the globe.

The Linde Group

Empowering people – People are given the space to contribute and grow.

Innovating for customer – We relentlessly pursue new ways to add value to external customers.

Thriving through diversity – Diversity results in enriched collaboration and enhanced solutions.

Passion to excel – We have the commitment and drive to pursue ever higher standards of excellence and we celebrate success.


Four core values built on our rich heritage support Sandvik’s ambitions for the future:

Customer Focus

We constantly strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and enable them to excel in their business.


We shape the future by creating pioneering solutions throughout our operations.

Fair Play

We conduct business in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Passion to Win

We are passionate about making our company number one.

The Williams Companies, Inc.

Integrity. Integrity must not be compromised. Honest relationships and trust are essential for long-term business success. We deal fairly in all our business relations.

Safety and Environmental Stewardship. We are fully committed to the health and safety of our workforce and on the protection of our neighbors, the environment and our assets.

Investors. We are committed to providing our investors an attractive return over the long term.

Customers. We exist to help our external customers achieve their business objectives. To succeed, we must understand our customers’ businesses and dependably deliver what they value most.

Employees. People are the Company’s most valuable resource. We possess immense powers of innovation, imagination, skill – and a desire to accomplish something of significance. Working as a team allows all of us to realize our full potential.

Communities. We recognize and enthusiastically accept our responsibility to the communities we serve, through acting as a good neighbor and through involvement and support for community activities.

Entrepreneurial Spirit. We maintain a corporate culture that values originality, invention and creativity, and that nurtures these qualities through openness and reverence for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Tolerance for Risk. The Company’s willingness to take risks in deploying new technology and investing in large capital projects is central to our culture and our success.

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Efficiency and Effectiveness. We continuously collaborate with our customers and within our teams to discover and apply safer, better, faster and more cost-efficient ways to provide the services our customers value.

Change. We welcome change for the opportunities it offers.


Our corporate culture embodies a number of core values. We have made five of these explicit to enable us to make good decisions. These values are fundamental to our identity and cannot be compromised.

Safety conscious

We look out for each other
We don’t want anyone to get hurt at work
We plan thoroughly so what we do is executed safely
We follow our processes and procedures according to our management system
We respond immediately to unsafe or unsatisfactory conditions


We display integrity in everything we do
We operate correctly first time, and deliver what we promise
We constantly challenge ourselves and others to find smarter ways of working
We work diligently to achieve best practice


We share knowledge, ideas and information with each other – and our customers
We listen to our customers and our colleagues and act on what they say
We build enthusiasm around us
We reward great performance and use it as an example to be followed
We set the standard in operational and safety performance


We act in accordance with Seadrill’s values
We respect decisions once they’ve been made
We are Seadrill’s biggest advocates


We are innovative and inventive, and are continually on the lookout for better solutions
We embrace change; we don’t resist it
We are creative and use our initiative but stay within Seadrill’s policies and procedures
We seek out new opportunities

NRG Energy

At NRG, our core values provide a framework for all corporate strategy and decision making. They are the standards by which we STRIVE to conduct our daily business, work with one another and interact with our communities.


At NRG, safety always comes first. We embrace safety with an ultimate goal of zero injuries and a focus on preventative safety practices.


In our complex business, it is essential that we work together as a team, harnessing the power of our combined skills, outlooks and efforts to address business opportunities and solve problems.


We listen closely to one another and treat each other with respect. We create value for every customer. We respect our local communities and strive to be a good neighbor. We respect the environment and work continuously to improve it.


We say what we mean, and we honor our word. Integrity is central to our open and honest communications with colleagues, investors, regulators, customers and the communities in which we do business.

Value Creation

As individuals, as teams and as a company, our goal is always to create value. The company’s capital resources, physical assets and professional expertise must be applied in a manner that creates maximum value.

Exemplary Leadership

Regardless of our positions within the company, we are all leaders. We exercise leadership by developing well-thought-out plans, effectively communicating them to everyone who would be affected and then acting decisively to implement those plans.

KIC InnoEnergy

Pan-European: We cover and capitalise the fascinating diversity of Europe.

Integrative: We ceaselessly co-operate, integrate, synthesise, melt, merge.

Entrepreneurial: It’s in InnoEnergy’s DNA to be entrepreneurs for sustainability.

Impact-oriented: Everything we do is directed to create the maximum impact.

Excellence-driven: We thrive to be the best, work with and create the best ones.

Visionary: We dare to be visionary, to think beyond boundaries, to scrutinise rules.

Passionate: We are bursting to develop cutting-edge-solutions & optimum results.

Sustainable: We are here to stay. We care and work for the energy-future of Europe.

National Grid USA Service Company

Respect others and value their diversity
Take ownership for driving performance
Demonstrate integrity and openness in all relationships
Work as one team, one National Grid

Dixie Chemical Company


Conduct business safely, ethically and with integrity. Meet or exceed regulatory and legal requirements. Strengthen the company through diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Practice Principled Entrepreneurship™

Continual Improvement

Set plans and take actions to continually improve our business through robust integrated (HSEQ) management systems measured with balanced scorecards.

Employee Engagement and Empowerment

Take ownership and value team work. Actively seek and share the best knowledge and perspective.

Customer Focus

Commit to profitably meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations for performance chemical products. Verify satisfaction though planned customer engagement.

Productivity and Eco Efficiency

Systematically enable profitable growth while reducing energy and water use. Eliminate waste and emissions related to our operations.

Open Innovation

Anticipate and drive change with urgency. Grow though key business partners.

Clean Technology

Align products with societal challenges. Reduce our business risk and environmental footprint.

Shell Global

Shell’s core values are honesty, integrity and respect for people. The Shell General Business Principles, Code of Conduct, and Code of Ethics help everyone at Shell act in line with these values and comply with relevant laws and regulations. We also strive to maintain a diverse and inclusive culture within our company.

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