How To Breakdown Data Silos: Problems and Solutions

In an age where we collectively generate more information in a day than we used to in a century, the challenge becomes how to identify and avoid one of the most insidious obstacles in the path of every modern company: data silos. What is Data Silos? Part 1 Why Do Data Silos Occur? Part 2 The Hidden...

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8 Main HR Metrics and 5 Tips How to use HR Analytics Effectively

  HR Metrics Definition Part 1 8 Main HR Metrics and Examples of Their Use Part 2 5 Tips How to use HR Analytics Effectively Part 3 Part 1 Definition What Are HR Metrics? HR metrics help companies understand how personnel efforts are optimizing their business, and reveal vulnerabilities that leaders need to address. Do...

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7 Important Marketing Interview Questions (And How to Evaluate Answers)

  The field of marketing has evolved over the years. A professional industry that focused on sales projections and messaging now encompasses a wide range of subtopics that include digital marketing, social media expertise, segmentation, email marketing, and various innovative new topics. Marketers have to potentially be comfortable with leading projects, establishing a new digital...

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