What is Strategic Leadership? [Pros and Cons]

If visionary leaders were given a blueprint for solving a problem and then strived to align all parts of the company with this new objective, then you would have a strategic leader. Strategic leaders have a vision they are moving toward, but unlike visionary leaders, these individuals do care about the meticulous details and move...

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The Power of Consistency: 9 Steps to Create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Definition and Importance of a Standard Operating Procedure Part 1 Creating Standard Operating Procedures Part 2 SOP Best Practices Part 3   Part 1 Definition What Is a Standard Operating Procedure? What does every leader want for their business? The obvious answer would be growth of some kind. However, while many hope for increased revenues,...

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What Is Active Listening? (Examples, How-to’s, Best Practices)

Active listening is when someone fully concentrates what is being said instead of just passively hearing a speaker. It involves all senses to become fully engaged in the messages that are being conveyed by whoever is actively communicating. This term can also be called “effective listening,” and can easily be related to business communications. People...

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