20 Smart Examples: Thank You Email Subject Line After an Interview

Understanding the Thank You Email

When you’ve had an interview, a thank you email is your chance to reinforce a positive impression. It’s a gesture that can set you apart from other candidates. Here’s what you need to include:

  • A subject line that grabs attention yet remains professional.
  • A greeting addressing the interviewer by name.
  • A short paragraph expressing your gratitude for the interview and the opportunity.
  • Mention of a specific topic or moment from the interview to personalize your message.
  • A concise statement reiterating your interest in the position.
  • A closing line with your name.

For example, your subject line could be “Thank You for the Opportunity, [Interviewer’s Name]!” In the body, you might say, “I really enjoyed our conversation about [specific project or topic] and am excited about the possibility of bringing my [a skill or experience] to your team.”

Crafting Your Subject Line

When crafting your subject line for a thank you email after an interview, it’s important to keep it simple yet effective. Your goal is to remind the interviewer of who you are and show your appreciation.

  • Start with a clear identifier like “Thank You.” This straightforward phrase sets the right tone and purpose of your email.
  • Include the job title or reference number, if any.
  • Mentioning your name can help the interviewer remember you amidst numerous candidates.

For example:

  • “Thank You – Jane Doe for [Job Title] interview”
  • “Thank you for the opportunity – [Your Full Name]”

Personalize your subject line without overdoing it; remember, you are maintaining a professional relationship. If you felt some rapport during the interview, indicating a mutual interest or topic discussed can make your email stand out.

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For example, if you discussed a recent company achievement that excited you, your subject could be:

  • “Inspired by [Company Achievement] – Thank You for [Job Title] Interview”

Also, keep in mind the timing. If you send the email on the same day as the interview, your promptness itself can make an impression, so a simple thank you might suffice. Remember, subject lines are the first impressions of your email, so make it count!

General Best Practices

  • Keep it simple: Your subject line should be straightforward. For example, “Thank You – [Your Name] Interview [Date]”.
  • Personalize it: If possible, include the interviewer’s name, such as “Thank You, [Interviewer’s Name]”. It makes your email stand out and adds a personal feel.
  • Mention the job title: This is especially helpful if the interviewer is handling multiple positions. “Thank You for the [Job Title] Interview” is clear and relevant.
  • Express gratitude: A simple “Thanks for the opportunity” conveys appreciation and maintains a friendly tone.
  • Stay memorable: If you discussed something unique during the interview, mention it briefly. “Enjoyed our conversation on [Topic] – Thank You” can jog the interviewer’s memory.
  • Be timely: Send your email within 24 hours after your interview to ensure timeliness while the discussion is still fresh in their mind.

Example Subject Lines

  • “Thank You for the Opportunity, [Interviewer’s Name]”
  • “Grateful for the Interview Today – [Your Full Name]”
  • “Great Conversation! Looking Forward to Next Steps”
  • “Appreciating the Chance to Interview – [Your Full Name]”
  • “Thanks for Your Time Today, [Interviewer’s Name]”
  • “Enjoyed Our Discussion on [Specific Topic/Job Position]”
  • “Thank You – [Your Full Name], [Job Position] Candidate”
  • “Follow-Up on [Date] Interview – [Your Full Name]”
  • “Thank You & Next Steps Inquiry – [Job Position]”
  • “Appreciate Your Time and Advice, [Interviewer’s Name]”
  • “[Your Full Name] – [Job Position] Interview Follow-Up”
  • “Thank You for the Insightful Interview”
  • “Reflecting on a Great Interview Experience with [Company Name]”
  • “Pleasure Speaking with You, [Interviewer’s Name]”
  • “Eager to Contribute to [Company Name] – Thanks for the Interview”
  • “[Job Position] Candidacy – Thank You for the Interview!”
  • “Impressed by [Company Name] – Thanks for the Opportunity”
  • “Sincere Thanks for the Interview Discussion”
  • “Thankful for the Chance to Interview with [Interviewer’s Name]”
  • “Following Up After a Wonderful Interview Today”

(Personalize each subject line for your specific context to leave a lasting impression.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some effective subject lines for a thank you email after a job interview?

“Thank You – [Your Name] Interview on [Date]” acknowledges the meeting and instantly reminds the recipient of who you are. “Great to discuss [Specific Topic] with you today!” shows enthusiasm and personalization, referencing a memorable part of the conversation.

How can you craft a concise subject line for a thank you email to a potential employer?

Keep it short and personalized. “Thanks, [Interviewer’s Name]!” or “Appreciating the Opportunity, [Your Name]” convey your gratitude without taking up too much space.

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