90 Ways To Say “It Was a Pleasure Working With You” for Every Occasion

Working collaboratively with others often calls for expressing your gratitude and acknowledging their contributions. You might find yourself in various situations where you want to say “It was a pleasure working with you” but in a way that fits the context better.

Professional Farewells

Formal Business Closure

  • “It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and your team.”
  • “Thank you for the opportunity to collaborate on this venture.”
  • “I have greatly enjoyed our partnership and wish you continued success.”
  • “It has been wonderful working together on this project.”
  • “Your professionalism has made this experience truly rewarding.”
  • “I appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in.”
  • “It’s been a highly productive collaboration.”
  • “Best wishes to you and your team in future endeavors.”
  • “Our time working together has been invaluable.”
  • “Let’s keep in touch for any potential future opportunities.”

Project Completion

  • “It was a pleasure working with you on this project.”
  • “Your dedication has been greatly appreciated.”
  • “I look forward to our next project together.”
  • “Thank you for your excellent work and collaboration.”
  • “Your contributions have been essential to our success.”
  • “Working with you has been fulfilling.”
  • “I hope to work with you again soon.”
  • “This project was a success thanks to your efforts.”
  • “I have enjoyed every step of this project.”
  • “Let’s celebrate this success and plan for future projects.”

Post-Interview Regards

  • “Thank you for the chance to discuss this opportunity.”
  • “It was a pleasure meeting with you.”
  • “I appreciate your time and consideration.”
  • “Thank you for the engaging conversation.”
  • “I enjoyed learning about your team and the role.”
  • “I look forward to possibly working together.”
  • “Thank you for this opportunity and your insightful questions.”
  • “I appreciate the warm welcome during the interview.”
  • “It was a pleasure getting to know you.”
  • “I am excited about the potential to join your team.”
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Casual Goodbyes

Last Day at Work

  • “It was great working with you!”
  • “Thanks for all the fun times and collaborative efforts.”
  • “I’ll miss our teamwork.”
  • “I’ve learned so much from you.”
  • “Stay in touch!”
  • “Wishing you all the best in your future projects.”
  • “I appreciated our time together.”
  • “Thanks for the memories!”
  • “Hope our paths cross again.”
  • “Good luck with everything!”

Temporary Leave

  • “I’ll be back soon, but wanted to say thanks for everything.”
  • “See you in a few months!”
  • “I’ll miss you all during my break.”
  • “Thanks for holding the fort while I’m away.”
  • “Looking forward to working together again soon.”
  • “Enjoy the peace and quiet while I’m gone!”
  • “Stay awesome—I’ll be back soon.”
  • “Appreciate all your help and understanding.”
  • “Keep up the great work while I’m on leave.”
  • “Can’t wait to return and catch up.”

Seasonal Employment End

  • “It’s been a pleasure working this season with everyone.”
  • “Thanks for making this season memorable.”
  • “Had a blast working with you!”
  • “Season’s over, but let’s stay in touch.”
  • “Great job, team—we rocked it!”
  • “It’s been a fun season!”
  • “Hope to work together next season.”
  • “Loved being part of the team.”
  • “Enjoyed every moment!”
  • “Until next time!”

Special Occasions


  • “It’s been a genuine pleasure working with you all these years.”
  • “Your dedication and hard work have been inspiring.”
  • “Thank you for being such a wonderful colleague.”
  • “I’ve enjoyed every moment we’ve collaborated.”
  • “Your presence in the office will be greatly missed.”
  • “Wishing you a joyful and fulfilling retirement.”
  • “Your contributions have left a lasting impact.”
  • “It’s been an honor to work alongside you.”
  • “Enjoy this new chapter of your life!”
  • “You’ve taught me so much, and I appreciate everything.”
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Job Promotion

  • “It’s been a pleasure working with you, and I’m thrilled about your promotion.”
  • “Your promotion is well-deserved, and I’m happy for you.”
  • “Congratulations on your new role – it’s been great working together.”
  • “You’ve earned this promotion through hard work and dedication.”
  • “Working with you has been a true pleasure.”
  • “I’m excited to see all the great things you’ll accomplish in your new role.”
  • “Best of luck, and thank you for all your help.”
  • “Your new team is lucky to have you.”
  • “Celebrating your success is a joy for all of us.”
  • “You’ve got such a bright future ahead – keep shining!”

Farewell Party Speech

  • “It has been a pleasure working with you.”
  • “I’ll always remember the great times we’ve had.”
  • “Your departure leaves a huge gap in our team.”
  • “Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors.”
  • “Thank you for the incredible partnership.”
  • “Our team won’t be the same without you.”
  • “I’ve cherished every moment we worked together.”
  • “May your next journey be just as fantastic.”
  • “You’ve been a friend as well as a colleague.”
  • “Farewell and good luck on your new path!”

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Other Occasions


Heartfelt Ways to Convey That You Valued Working with Someone

Try saying, “I truly appreciated your guidance and support during our time together.” Another option is, “Your dedication and passion inspired me every day.”

Writing a Professional Email Indicating You Enjoyed the Working Relationship

Consider writing, “Working with you has been a joy, and I look forward to future opportunities.” Or, “Your professionalism and kindness made our collaboration seamless and enjoyable.”

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Communicating That You’re Looking Forward to Future Collaborations

You could say, “I am excited about the possibility of working together again soon.” Another phrase is, “I look forward to our paths crossing again in the near future.”

Telling a Colleague That Their Partnership Has Been an Honor

You might express it as, “It has been an honor to work alongside you and learn from your expertise.” Or, “I feel privileged to have partnered with you on this project.”

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