8 Powerful Habits of Companies Who Build Great Client Relationships

  Defining Your Company’s Professional Voice Part 1 8 Key Habits for Building Great Client Relationships Part 2 Part 1 Defining your company’s professional voice Your company’s professional voice is how you communicate to showcase your company’s brand and personality. Developing it for ongoing client relations is a very similar process. Here are a few questions to...

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Interdepartmental Communication: Best Strategies and a Case Study

In the 2004 Olympics, the American men’s relay team shocked the crowd for all the wrong reasons. With an average 100-meter sprint time of 9.89 seconds each, they were one of the fastest relay teams ever. Everyone thought they were a sure bet to win gold that year. But they didn’t. The team individually were...

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The Ultimate Guide to Daily and Weekly Status Reports [Case Studies]

  Daily and Weekly Activity Report Fundamentals Part 1 3 Powerful Benefits of Daily and Weekly Status UpdatesPart 2 Bonus Section – Best Practices, Examples and GuidelinesPart 3 Part 1 Daily and Weekly Activity Report Fundamentals Companies we work with reported that simply implementing regular daily and weekly status reports helped motivate their team members...

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