Status of your

in real time

Status Plus provides a platform for sharing topic-specific updates, with collaborative contributors & granular access permissionsSet up your first topic in 2 mins

Create a feed for

Appoint people to post updates

Choose who can read updates

Granular permissions for every feed

Feed contributors and observers can be changed at any time

Multiple Contributors

Add multiple contributors to a feed
Contributors can be easily assigned and re-assigned at any stage in the feed life-cycle

Unlimited Observers

Allow unlimited observers to view a feed, its updates, and its history
Re-configurable at any time, with quick add/remove function

Internal and External Communication

Flexible communication with people inside and outside the organization/team
Observers can only see feeds and data where access has been granted


Auto-Reminders for Recurrent Updates

Feeds can be set up for recurrent or ad-hoc updates. For recurrent updates, Status sends reminders to contributors when it’s time to post an update.


Email & In-App Updates

Those with access to feed updates will receive an email as soon as an update is published.RocketUpdates can also be viewed on Status.


with Context

Each update offers a section for related comments and discussion, bringing context to the collaboration.Tada


Printable Reports

Filter feed data by contributor and/or date range.
Automatically generate printable reports with flexible filters.


Multiple Workspaces

Use different workspaces to work with multiple teams. Quick 1-click toggling.Tada


Real-Time Data

If you’re on when new data is added, you’ll see it immediately, with no need for a page-refresh.