Suspected bug in group creation leads to 'nameless' groups.

Suspected bug in group creation leads to 'nameless' groups.

Issue ID:3125
Issue Category:bug
Keywords:patch exists

Does not seem to be happening consistently, but occasionally creating a group can lead to an unnamed shadow group.
You can verify this on your installs with a sql query
select * from local_group where nickname is NULL



some symptoms:

  • on they all seem to have group URL ''
  • following a link (from a user's profile) for such a group (apparently by name) you end up at that URL (where you can find them)
  • from the groups list you can actually join them (by id? - they are listed with id info in the groups list)
  • they all seem to be created by (would-be) spammers, most likely using a faulty group creation script; often there are several similar nameless groups immediately followed by a similar named group


one case outlined here (with screenshots): followed by


This is still happening in version 1.0.1. It is when you get a validation error when creating a group. The database entries still get added even though there was something wrong with the entry.


Is this the same case?
"Group created despite bad nickname"

I posted this solution there, and will make a merge request for Gitorious now:
"I tried adding a return; statement in actions/newgroup.php on line 128 (inside the catch{} for Nickname::normalize, to make it behave just as the rest of the tests below.

This solves the problem and doesn't regress any functionality."


Version:0.9» 1.0

This merge request fixes it without any other messing around:


Merge request with patch for the added return statement is published at


Assigned to:evan» mymmn
Keywords:+patch exists


(Sorry…, this might be solved)

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