Gather Insights Regularly
on Autopilot

Flexibly organize both your internal team updates, as well as engagement with clients, partners, and stakeholders.
Manage multiple contributors and unlimited guests across different communication streams through granular access permissions.
Generate powerful, tailored reports that let you monitor the status of your business in real time.

Make Strong Business Decisions Backed by Data

Gather Insights on a Regular Basis

Status provides you with unique possibilities to automatically gather insights on a regular basis.

Be it daily or weekly status updates, team KPIs, project progress reports, obstacle reports, quarterly goals, or recent customer suggestions; providing and receiving regular updates between team members, departments and stakeholders is key. Processes improve, transparency increases and everyone’s decisions and actions become backed by real data. 👍

Information is Collected Automatically

Create a question, set up a recurrence schedule and appoint people. When it’s time for an update, Status will automatically ask for the answers. Status collects and structures all the information and files gathered for everyone that needs them. It works in real time and information is available for review instantly. Be in the know and enjoy the comfort of smooth collaboration Status provides. 👏

Make Answers Public or Private

Company-wide and team-wide updates, or accessible by selected members only, updates to supervisors, to an executive team, to shareholders only - Status makes it all possible by providing granular access permissions which can be set individually for each feed.
You can even create separate feeds to regularly share information with guests such as external stakeholders, partners, volunteers, clients, contractors, etc.

Run Printable Reports With Flexible Filters

Perhaps you need a file with meeting summaries for a specific date range. Maybe you need to gather and print status reports from a specific person or for a specific project for the past month. No matter what your mission is, Status has got you covered 🌟 with flexible reports and export to PDF or direct print.

Bird’s Eye View of What Is Happening

With Status, you have a bird’s eye view of what is happening without unnecessary distractions. All information is presented by topics and sub-topics, roles and access levels are defined and transparent, everyone has first-hand and up to date information at any point of time. Each feed can be paused, resumed, or archived with a single click, which allows you to effectively manage your information load.