Near Miss Reporting Software


Near Miss Reporting Software increases workplace safety and reduces incident rates in your organization by streamlining near miss reporting and allowing employees to uniformly document each near miss scenario. It also acts as an integral tool in ensuring constant safety checkups across your entire organization.


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Near Miss Reporting Software allows you to:

  • Decrease the number and severity of future incidents by collecting information on various root causes of common workplace incidents
  • Get a robust database loaded with insightful facts enhancing a comprehensive workplace analysis
  • Help managers identify hitch spots in workflows
  • Monitor work safety and progress
  • Promote transparency and positivity around workplace safety measures


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Near Miss Reporting Solutions

Forms with predefined fields help your team keep accurate and uniform records.
Use any of these easily customizable form templates (edit it to customize or even create a new one from scratch).

Customizable forms allow you to:

  • Easily edit or create forms with zero coding and no technical expertise
  • Add different types of fields, edit fields, and remove fields
  • Tweak forms easily at any time

Samples of fully customizable forms

near miss report

Edit and use this template


incident near misses hazard alert immediate attention

Edit and use this template


incident report

Edit and use this template



  • Add an unlimited number of attachments (documents, images, photos, videos, audio notes, files) to a record
  • Add, remove, and assign new team members — all with a few clicks, at any time
  • No technical expertise is required


Set up and roll out business software in hours, not months.

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How to start:

  1. Create your account and create a new applet by selecting a customizable template. Set up reminders if you want your team members to receive automatic email reminders.
    Easily configure who will submit entries and who will view them.
  2. Users will click the “Open Submission Form” button to fill it out and submit it. Set the applet as “Team-wide” if you want all team members to view each other’s records.
    Alternatively, you can allow each participant to view his/her own records only and stakeholders to view all entries.

    status form example
  3. As soon as a new record is added, participants with “View” rights will receive an email notification and can view it in real time on the Timeline screen.
    timeline screen
  4. The dashboard screen allows you to save time when you want to check a high-level overview, with quick one-click retrieval of the relevant information.
    status dashboard example



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Status Platform:

  • Collaborative work
  • Easily retrieve data
  • Export data or share it online with configurable access permissions for each member
  • Allow support for different business scenarios with granular permissions for team members and team guests
  • Configure email reminder alerts for your employees
  • View data in real time
  • Access historical data instantly with powerful search and filters
  • Access data from any device with mobile-friendly and easy-to-use interface


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