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16 Common Small Business Employee Benefits

By Editorial Team on October 7, 2023 — 11 minutes to read

Small businesses often struggle to attract and retain top talent, especially when competing against larger companies with more resources. One way to stand out and keep employees happy is by offering a comprehensive benefits package. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common employee benefits that small businesses provide to help attract and...

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4 Steps: How to Create a Workforce Analytics System

By Editorial Team on October 4, 2023 — 9 minutes to read

Workforce Analytics System Basics Workforce analytics enables you to gather and evaluate employee-related data to make informed decisions for your business. It helps uncover essential insights about your workforce’s performance, engagement, and productivity. By analyzing data, you can identify areas of improvement, optimize workforce planning, and better understand employee behavior. To effectively utilize workforce analytics,...

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26 Common Exit Interview Questions (with Answers)

By Editorial Team on September 30, 2023 — 14 minutes to read

Understanding Exit Interview Part 1 Company Culture and Work Environment Questions Part 2 Feedback and Communication Exit Interview Questions Part 3 New Job and Reasons for Leaving Exit Interview Questions Part 4 Professionalism and Fair Play Exit Interview Questions Part 5 “What motivated you to start looking for a new job?” Part 6 “How would...

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